1-2 to the Arsenal – Manchester United V Arsenal 3rd of November 2012

What a mad week it’s been. First we see United for the first time in donkeys years get positive contentious decisions at Stamford Bridge. Chelsea themselves make a stand on racism, Chelsea of course are a club who’s supporters are well known for their passionate views on racism. We had Arsenal on Tuesday night taking part in one of the best matches I’ve ever seen as a neutral. I’ve only ever twice seen a match where teams recover from a four goal deficit and both of them games have occured in the last two years and both have involved Arsenal. On the same night as United played Chelsea again at Stamford Bridge in the League cup there was a report of children in Royton, Lancashire instead of being given sherbet dip whilst out trick-or-treating, were given Cocaine. Jack Wilshere’s rehablitation from a fifteen month injury lay off continued and also stagnated today when he was sent off two minutes after Patrice Evra had score what turned out to be the winning goal. Wilshere was given a second yellow card for a tackle I believe was a red card in its own right. Halfway through the second half, Patrice Evra had shown Uniteds wasteful forwards how to put the ball away when he headed United into a 2-0 lead. By that time, United should’ve been out of sight. As  it happened, Arsenal were outclassed and only with literally the last kick of the game did Santi Cazorla give the score a far closer look than merited when he made it 1-2 to the Arsenal

Doubled up: United got the second their performance deserved when Patrice Evra headed homePatrice Evra makes the score 2-0 on 67 minutes

That United weren’t out of sight was down to some sloppy final balls and finishing coupled with the fact that United have now had four penalties missed this season by four different players. Today Wayne Rooney added his name to the list that contains Robin Van Persie at Southampton, Nani at home to Galatasaray and Javier Hernandez at home to Wigan. As luck would have it, United haven’t dropped a single point in games where these penalties have been missed. All said, I have no memory of United missing so many penalties in such a short time.

... but luckily for the Gunners, Wayne Rooney sent his spot kick wide of the postWayne Rooney puts the penalty wide in first half injury time

After Arsenal kicked the game off, United quickly asserted possesion and within three minutes were winning 1-0 after Arsenal skipper Thomas Vermaelen made a mess of clearing a poor cross from United full back Rafael. Robin Van Persie, a man who seems to have the same knack that Ian Rush had of being in the right place at the right time put the ball past grasping Arsenal keeper, Vito Mannone to put United in front.

Robin Van Persie responds in kind to the nearby Arsenal fans greetings to make the score 1-0

You never know which Arsenal side are going to turn up. The superbly organised side that played Liverpool and City off the park in away matches this season or that abject team which were so bad in the first half at Reading four days ago. Today, the latter turned up but as bad as they were, you can never relax against a team of that quality. Whichever Arsenal side turn up, three points against them is always a great three points. All said, Arsenal is not a happy place at the moment. Understandable really, to go to date, seven years without any trophy for a team as good as they consistently are is an anomaly. There were mumblings of discontent about Arsene Wenger when I was sat incognito amongst Arsenal fans at Ashburton Grove in January for Uniteds 2-1 win. Today, whilst not calling for his dismissal, Arsenal fans certainly made their feelings clear at half time when only 1-0 down. Venga, Venga sowt it aart was being chanted by Arsenal fans as the half time whistle blew. When Arsenal went 2-0 down they turned their ire to their Manchester Grammar educated and boyhood City supporting chief executive Ivan Gazidis. Arsenal fans were singing “What the fuck do you do, Ivan Gazidis” and “We want our Arsenal back“. It appears that there’s a similar discontent with Arsenal fans about their clubs ownership as the brooding undercurrent about the present incumbents at Old Trafford. We know long and hard what hard faced bastards we’ve got as custodians, it looks like Arsenal fans are just finding out just how much they matter in the grand scheme of things. Then there was their predictable songs of hostility aimed at Robin Van Persie. Basically they’ve nicked the song Tottenham fans have been singing about him since his incarceration in Rotterdam in 2005 for a charge he was aquitted of. After seven years of stoutly defending Van Persies innocence, Arsenal fans have suddenly uncovered new evidence which satisfies them that he did commit the crime after all. He signed for United, read it and weep suckers

Cheerio: Jack Wilshere was sent off for two yellow cards in only his second game in 17 months

Jack Wilshere rubbing his nose after he was sent off after 69 minutes

4 thoughts on “1-2 to the Arsenal – Manchester United V Arsenal 3rd of November 2012”

  1. You rightly point out that non of our penalty misses, has cost us in a match. Goal average cost us last season. Added to the careless play that gave Arsenal a consolation goal, we should be professional, especially at the penalty spot. There seemed to no plan at the time. More than one pen taker, ok, but nobody seemed to know who was on duty. Sort it Paddy, your the boss on the pitch. Selective recall of match incidents is only acceptable by drunken fools or desperate excuse makers. I know all clubs have them. I frequently have my eyes widely shut. But I am also frequently drunk. Which category is Wenger. He has the expression on his face that he is a recovering pis head, in need of a livener. Does he think the fans really believe him or has he lost all reason. He would an embarrassment to a pub team. Added to the nonsense spouted by those pricks at chelsea and our purple nosed sage, it’s about time these post match interviews were binned. Talk about bringing the game into disrepute. They do nothing but give clueless fucks something to cling to. It also gives TV more shit space between the ads. Anyhow, top of table. How long for? Don’t care. Just keep doing what we’ve done these last two games. It could be for a while. Here’s hoping.

  2. Reason we boo van Persie is because he is a disloyal mercenary scumbag who left the club when we most needed him. Your team’s rubbish, you’ll win nothing this year. You laugh at us over that c… Gazidis and you have the Glazers raping your club. You are nothing more than a load of deluded fuckin muppets. We will always be Arsenal, your ground will always be a theme park for visiting yanks, japs and paddys

  3. Listen wankerboy, you boohoo you like. But don’t wait ’til he goes then start singing songs that your totingham mates have been singing for years. And louder. Thats muppetry. Double standards now. You call him a mercenary. Is that because every player you’ve ever bought must be a dyed in the wool arsole supporter. It doesn’t work like that as you will probably already know. They are all professionals. Which means you ply your trade at the highest bidder. But a wait moment. Didn’t old vinegar face himself say he could have signed for neighbours? For more wages than we could offer, thanks to the blood suckers on the board. He signed for United to try and win some cups, something which your club seems forgotten how. Now Xenophobia.(buy a dictionary you muppet). To call foreign footballer supporters names, is what we have come to expect from people like you who support teams with no foreign players or supporters. If you ever win a trophy you may end up with some interest outside your immediate area. You sound like the parochial cidy fans who all live in the same street, without any concept of an outside world spinning around you. As for winning nothing this year I think you’ll find that all the cups have already been handed out. The end of season, is when the cups are given, which for us usually comes at sometime in may. Not at the beginning of November. Hope that helps.

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