Clattenburg, Clattenburg running down the wing… Chelsea V Manchester United 31st of October 2012

Let me get one thing straight, United don’t do moral victories. We leave that to big time and small minded clubs like City and tonights opponents, Chelsea. If however United have to lose a match, then the fashion it was lost in tonight is perfectly acceptable to me. It’s obviously disapointing to be knocked out when literally seconds away from winning but find me anybody who would swop Sundays result for tonights outcome.

And that's the end of that: Giggs slots home from the penalty spot in the final seconds of extra time

Ryan Giggs brings the score back to 5-4 in the last minute of Extra time

Both teams came out on the pitch with sides of equal calbre in regards of age and experience. After a lively yet cagey start, Ryan Giggs scored for United on 22 minutes after brilliant work by Anderson who disposessed a dozing Oriol Romeu who’d been given the ball from a short goal kick by Chelsea keeper Petr Cech. When the goal kick was taken, Ryan Giggs was near the halfway line but alert as ever to opportunity, ran upfield to be fed by Anderson for his first goal of the season.

What are you playing at? Oriel Romeu (centre) is dispossessed by Anderson, leading to the opening goal

Anderson mugs Oriol Romeu to set up a waiting Ryan Giggs for United’s first goal

Nine minutes later, Chelsea equalised when Victor Moses forced Alexander Büttner into giving away a definite penalty. United keeper Anders Lindegaard was painfully close to saving the penalty from Chelsea’s poodle headed centre half, David Luiz. Worryingly though, several times tonight, Victor Moses had run Büttner ragged, it was a small mercy when he was taken off at half time. My understanding is that Alexander Büttner is the long term replacememt for the now erratic Patrice Evra. I’m hoping tonight was just one of them nights for him as there are better wingers out there than Victor Moses. Just before half time, Anderson capitalised on a David Luiz mistake to play Javier Hernandez through to put United 2-1 in front. It was a truly brilliant finish from Hernandez.

Deadly: The Mexican striker showed his predatory instincts with a fine finish late in the first half

Javier Hernandez puts United 2-1 in front just before half time

Some naive defending by Scott Wootton and Michael Keane caused the 2nd Chelsea goal when ex Bolton Centre half Gary Cahill was allowed a free header to head home. Rafael headed the ball out but it was definetly over the line. With Chelsea bringing on a trio of senior players in Ramires, Eden Hazard and Oscar in the second half, they were playing their final hand and showing how desperate they were to stay in the competition. United could’ve been overrun with them and Juan Mata in the side but the reds held firm and never really looked in any danger. Six minutes after Cahill’s equaliser Nani scored a beautiful goal, flicking the ball over an oncoming Petr Cech to put United 3-2 in front. United could’ve run riot here, a poor finish from Anderson and Hernandez could’ve put the game to bed before Scott Wooton gave away a daft penalty deep into injury time. With virtually the last kick of the 90 minutes Eden Hazard rolled the ball down the middle to equalise.

Top class: Nani chips the ball into the net over Petr Cech's despairing dive to put United 3-2 in front

Nani flicks the ball over Petr Cech to make the score 3-2

With all the momentum in Chelsea’s favour, I didn’t think extra time boded well. In the end, United gave a performance tonight both on and off the pitch which reminds me why I love the club. Scott Wooton was caught out by a combination of youthful naivety and lethargy to gift body popping City reject Daniel Sturridge a goal in the 7th minute of extra time to put Chelsea in front for the first time on the night. Four minutes before the end of extra time, Ramires, who’d been set up by Eden Hazard danced around Anders Lindergaard to make the score 5-3. In the last minute of extra time Ryan Giggs brought the score back to 5-4 from the penalty spot after a foul on Hernandez by César Azpilicueta. It was too little too late but for me, even though United lost, there were far more positives tonight than anything to get upset about. Danny Welbeck had an awful game which will hopefully be out of his system next time he plays. Scott Wooton made a couple of glaring errors but he’s young and if he has to make them mistakes, a match like tonight is the right time to do it. Ryan Giggs was to my eyes tonight immense. A lad of his age playing the whole 120 minutes against a pretty experienced Chelsea side and only once did I think he looked tired.

Message: Manchester United fans take aim at Chelsea over the race rows that have engulfed the club

Chelsea fans only woke up in extra time and then only when they went in front. With their sudden determination to remind us that they’re the Champions of Europe, that is obviously true but who will remember this Chelsea side in five years time apart from the clueless bigots that follow them ? People of my age will all remember the AC Milan side of the early 90’s, the Ajax side of 1995, theUnited sides of 1999 and 2008 as well as that magical Barcelona side of recent years. Chelsea will be forgotten like the Steaua Bucharest side of 1986 and the Porto side of 2003. The United support was awesome. Relentless encouragement to the players, going through the songbook both old and new, boisterous and mostly good humoured. Of a whole host of great chants tonight, the best one from the travelling reds for me was ‘Clattenburg, Clattenburg running down the wing…’ to the tune of Robin Hood/Ryan Giggs song. The chant aimed at Daniel Sturridge early in the match of ‘are you Torres in disguise’ after he tripped over ball run it a close second. Now fasten your seatbelts for Arsenal on Saturday. After the unbelievable match of theirs at Reading last night and the way both teams play football, I feel we’re on for a classic. Can’t wait


 ‘We want Clattenburg, say, we want Clattenburg’ Chelsea stewards did try confiscating this banner but like their team on Sunday, they failed miserably

9 thoughts on “Clattenburg, Clattenburg running down the wing… Chelsea V Manchester United 31st of October 2012”

  1. More excellent stuff, Murph!

    Could not agree more; if we have to lose, that’s the way to go. Significant, I thought, that in the second half, Chelsea replaced youth with first teamers whilst we just went for more youth.

    A few players I’d been writing off – Giggs, Hernandez, Anderson – were terrific last night. How does Giggs at nearly 39 keep going like that for 120 minutes? I think Nani, however, despite a great goal, played like someone who knows his time is up. In that team, he qualified as a ‘senior pro’ and should have been far more influential. Instead, he was rubbish for most of the game, exhibiting poor judgement on numerous occasions – most notably in the lead-up to their equalising penalty.

    Watching the Reserves, my feeling has been that Michael Keane is going to make it all the way whilst Scott Wootton probably won’t and what happened last night tends to confirm that impression. Late on, MK made a number of impressive interceptions and brought the ball forward with great poise. Once his brother is fit again I think we’re looking at the Nevilles and the Greenhoffs all over again.

    Off to get me hearing tested this morning; I though our lot (magnificent support as ever and some hilarious banners) were singing ‘Are you Suarez in disguise?’ to Sturridge when he fell over the ball.

    You’re right; the Arsenal game is shaping up to be a cracker. That’ll be another 0-0, then…..

    1. Anderson was brilliant last night, I say that because I was hoping he’d have been carted in the summer. I’ve never written Giggs and Hernandez off but the one player who I’ve truly lost patience with despite his brilliant goal is Nani. I get the impression that Fergie has too. For the second time in three weeks, Sir Alex has broken his own golden rule of criticising one of his own players. The first time he did it in my eyes was spectacularly misguided, last night he was spot on.

      As for Scott Wooton, I’d give him more time. Sure last night he twice committed a cardinal sin for a centre half but he’s young and I remember a far more experienced Gary Pallister making a right town halls of things when he first turned up at Old Trafford from Middlesborough. As I said in the blog, if he’s gotta make mistakes like that then last night was the perfect time to make them.

  2. All you say is ruined by your lack of courtesy making you sound just like any other terrace bawler. Your Piece will be read by many and each non-united level-headed neutral will see only the raw ignorance and bias. What a shame your Club has you as a spokesman.

    1. Ever so sorry you don’t approve old chap. I regret that my opinions contravene your lovey dovey home counties influenced view of football. As for my bias, the url of the website might give the game away as to who I support and what view Im gonna lean towards. As for none United level headed neutrals (whatever they are), their thoughts of what my views are, to put it gently, not an overriding concern of mine. Tally ho

      1. Typical manu scum. Cant take defeat with any fairness so have to come on here and blame somebody else. You were lucky to get a win on sunday and got what you deserved last night. good on you peter, got it in one. We know what we are, CHAMPIONS OF EUROPE

        1. Ah Mr Whopper…we’ve been expecting you. Any truth in the rumours that there’s some pictures of you in the national press today? Itchy armpits?
          Well done on your victory against a team of kids and first teamers getting some fitness. We’ll console ourselves with the three points.
          Shame Clattenburg was sidelined hope we get him back soon.

    1. Agreed, the sooner that singing section in the Old Trafford paddock gets up and running the better. Get a like minded bunch of fans together making noise and it becomes infectious instead of having them scattered around the ground sat/stood next to tourists who look incredulous when ou try and get an atmosphere going. Christ, it might even wake the much lauded and equally overrated K-Stand top left out of its stupor. Forget about the B stand joining in though, last time they were having it was for the ‘boro league cup semi in ’92.

  3. That support last night was magnificent. Get that crew together in one part of the ground and I guarantee it will spread round the ground, like 60s and 70s etc. Wit on the terrace was one of our best points last night. With the influence of Pete Boyle et al, it gives me new hope that we can reinvigorate our solid but scattered noise makers. Thanks Pete and boys. The other good thing from last nights show, was how well our inexperienced centre back pairing coped until tiredness set in. They were out on their feet when the soon to be gone Nani, decided to go for glory. Why should he care tho’ he’ll be gone when the final is played. The young ones will learn. Over all a very satisfied with the last two games. Can chelsea and their fans claim the same? I think not. The fans first. Where were you, to quote the lovely Delia. Not until a stitched on pen, given by a clearly knackered young boy, did those that were still in the ground realise that it really is a cup worth winning. What they thought before we’ll never know because nobody said any thing. Strange them londoners. If the childlike offerings on here are all they can muster it kinda proves my point. In other words harries chopper, if all you can do is call us sensative Northern supporters names, you’ve no chance. Learn some big words. Then show them to your mummy while she changes your nappy. Then she’ll give you a big hug, and tell you everything is alright. Keep tryin’ knob ed. We would miss your kind on here. Yours in laughter Mussy

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