How The Other Half Live – Manchester 28th of November 2012

In my 30 something years of watching United, for the first time tonight, I watched the match from an executive box at the top of the 2nd tier of the United road/North/Sir Alex Ferguson stand. In the company of good, time served and now affluent reds who are old friends of mine, it was a real eye opening experience of how the other half live. A three course meal and as much beer, wine or cider to drink as was wanted, it was a pleasant but surreal contrast to the usual experience at Old Trafford. The view was birds eye, the simultaneous height and clarity of our position enhanced the observation significantly. Just in case anything was missed, we got instant action replays on the TV screen directly above our heads or the ability to switch over to SKY Sports News or even watch the Wigan v City match in tandem with the United match unfolding below us if we so wished (we didn’t). From here, it was more obvious watching Javier Henandez constantly flirting with being offside as well as Rafael’s thrilling but frightening playing style.

Within 33 seconds United were 1-0 up with a goal from Robin Van Persie, this goal is at the time of writing, the fastest goal to be scored in the Premier League this season. This goal both calmed any anxiety and also broke United’s very sloppy habit of conceding the first goal in consecutive matches. It was five games up to tonight. Tonights game was a match that United should’ve won with a more comfortable margin. West Ham played throughout the match like an away side in a European knockout tournament, content to keep the score down to 1-0. That said, Kevin Nolan had three good attempts on Uniteds goal, particularly in a heartstopping injury time when Chris Smalling cleared. United were also helped by West Ham fielding a centre forward that Liverpool paid £35,000,000 who couldn’t hit a cows arse with as banjo.

United really like to make hard work of games that should be easily won. Just under a month ago, United beat a good, occasionally brilliant Arsenal side 2-1. The score looked a lot closer than what the game actually was. That day, any other result than a United win would’ve been a travesty. Tonight was the same, for the first 80 minutes, West Ham played without any ambition, purpose or guile. Suddenly in the last ten minutes they’ve realised that they’re not getting annihilated and began bringing the game to United. If United would’ve drawn the game tonight, it would’ve been the most annoying and frustrating result since that dickhead linesman gave a penalty against Rio Ferdinand in the Newcastle match just over a year ago. That day, the linesman was to blame for United not winning the game, tonight if the same result had happened, United would only have themselves to blame. United have to tighten up and see off oponents as mediocre as West Ham with more assurance.

Many thanks to Chris and Bernadette Jamieson for the invite and their kind hosptality tonight in the executive box


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  1. Oh no murph, you ve give in to them after all this time????. Only joking mate ha ha, I ve been in exec seats but still resisted a box. A red mate of mine went in one at Stamford Bridge a few years ago and they pumped generic crowd noises through the speakers in it.

    1. I gave in alright, all my socialist principles gone right out of the window for a night of free beer, United and good company. Even Dennis Skinner would’ve relented under them conditions, you know it mate 😉

      As for the generic crowd noise, oddly enough I got into the ground pretty early on the Saturday just gone to hear Alan Keegan playing some of your Cantona verse along with your choir over the tannoy. I hope you get/got good royalties out of that, it should keep you in Linda McCartney sausages and Low C for a good while.

  2. Murph dont blame you, it was frezing last night so an exec box and freebies is too much to turn down. Didnt go last night, not been going much with me on baby duties – the last 5 lines of that last paragraph really sum it all up. We should be using games like this to bump up the goal difference but it wasnt to be.

    A few plus notes for me about last night – clean sheet, Smalling getting 90 mintues (I think a game like this suits him to get back in the stride of things rather than throw him in an away game after being out injured) and Rafaels performance again. I know smalling has played before this, but this will get him more in the stride of things, having a 90 minute run out at home.

  3. I too had a different view of the game last night. I watched from my favourite pub. The Stretford Ender in Benidorm. Not as refined as your experience, but a good pint at one euro eighty, plus free nose bag at half time makes good sense if you’re near here. Missed the goal tho’ gettin’ the beer in. But consoled myself thinking it would 1 of many. Then someone suggested ‘highlights’ on MOD. But sitting through that case for the trades description act would have been more pain on injury. The same crap as normal was spouted, three points is three points. But how long before we are punished. Wellbeck trying to beat two defenders, when he should be running down the clock, tells us that they all lack common sense. The tripe scoffers soon. Scrape that one, then I will fancy a run at it. Read the Cantona piece. Enjoyed it.

  4. Ha ha our mate Dennis skinner would have gone in and ridiculed the fat cats in there the top man. I only ever attend gigs at MEN arena in mates exec box but never fancy it at a united game, home game anyway.
    Yeah played Eric the king , teary eyed again ha ha

    1. Dennis Skinner or any other socialist could come in our box as a welcome guest but as for ridiculing the fat cat, if you mean me, he would last about 30 seconds before he was turfed over the balcony. All those prawn sandwich socialists spout one thing but given the opportunity love the trappings of the toff, look at Mandleson, Prescott, Blair et al.

      Anyway, it was great to see you Murph, as you know ours is a proper RED box and politics are put aside for the serious stuff of Red Religion.
      The other night was a shit game but good company with a relentless stream of chatter from our Salford mate; my ears have only just stopped ringing. Chris Jamo

      1. Chris, I’m pretty confident that Pete Boyle would know after seconds of meeting you that you are a proper old school red who’s well known to the more famous United fans. We all know who he means and I know he doesn’t mean you.
        We often differ politically but as you correctly pointed out above, when it comes to United, we’re brothers. As for the Salford lad, I went to the doctors this morning and it’s been confirmed that I’ve acquired tinnitus 🙂

      2. Ha ha.

        I wasn’t having a pop and am well aware some time served reds have made cash and decide to watch in luxury and enjoy the riches.
        Still think the concept isn’t good for football to be honest.
        Also aware we all all sorts of reds with different polictial persuasions and it would be boring if we all thought the same.
        Dennis Skinner is far from a champagne socialist and the others mentioned aren’t socialists in the slightest.

        Anyway we re all reds on the football side and that’s good.

  5. Looking back over my second post I realise it was quite mocking but unintentional. I was referring ‘stereotypically ‘ to exec section not your actual box coz I know nothing about the individuals so no offence.
    I m not totally backtracking coz the favouritism shown towards wealthier fans I feel is unfair in my opinion however I wasnt having a pop at you people specifically so again no offence.

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