Robbed at Anfield, Liverpool, Saturday 28th of January 2012

For the third season in succesion, United have been knocked out of the FA cup by loathed rivals. The previous two defeats against Leeds in January 2010 and City in April 2011 were deserved. This loss at the home of the once mighty, once proud, Liverpool FC was not. United controlled this game almost throughout, yet blew it with poor communication at the end to gift the industrious but mediocre Dirk Kuyt the winner. I understand that Liverpool fans enjoy watching their team beat United as much as I and my fellow reds enjoy seeing United beat, preferably destroy, them but the Liverpool players’ reaction to the final whistle spoke volumes. With all their high fives, hugging and clenched fist gestures to the Anfield Road and Kemlyn Road stands, you would have though they had just won the cup rather than just knocked out their main rivals in the 4th, repeat 4th round. Could you imagine the great Liverpool sides of Souness, Dalglish, Hansen, McDermott et al celebrating a win in the 4th round of the FA Cup in the same manner? Liverpool of that era prided themselves on their business as usual attitude to any victory apart from a cup final or title clincher. I suggest the gleeful Scousers that were watching today’s match at Anfield dig out their Liverpool FC 1970s/1980s DVDs and get all dewy eyed over them as they will never see a team like that again.

United banner for Anfield yesterday (Photo courtesy of Gareth Edwards)

The dirty propoganda forever oozes out of fans of Liverpool Football club when United are about. Today’s rumour, started on Facebook, stated that United fans were spitting on the Hillsborough memorial stone on Anfield Road after the match. The main problem for the lying Scouse bastard who initiated this hearsay was that United fans were still locked in the Anfield road end of the ground when they started this rumour. That didn’t stop a load of self righteous Scousers (is there any other kind), getting on commenting about what scum United fans are. Yesterday, over the tannoy at Anfield, to loud scornful laughter from United fans, it was announced to the crowd that homphobic or racial abuse would not or ever be tolerated at Anfield. This from a club who stoutly and in the face of overwhelming evidence, have continued to support and pay a player of their’s who’s been proven to racially abuse an opponent several times in a match. We’ve all heard racist remarks used in the heat of the moment, it’s wrong in every circumstance, but it happens. Luis Suarez continually racially abused Patrice Evra over a ten minute period yet claims to be victim of a misunderstanding and comically, claims not to be a racist. As United fans sang several times to Liverpool fans and players yesterday to the tune of Sloop John B, “Always’ the victims, it’s never your fault“. The perfectly innocent Patrice Evra was subjected to boo’s from an Anfield crowd who openly and proudly support a proven racist. However, compared to the abuse that Norman Whiteside used to get from Scousers when playing in a United shirt, it was quite tame. In Liverpool in the 1980s, there were children in Liverpool who thought Whitesides’ given name was fuck off. Kenny Dalglish described all the noise as good banter. Evra was blatantly racially abused at Anfield yesterday by Liverpool fans with the clincher being (pictured below) a Liverpool fan making a monkey gesture to him. Presumably Dalglish thought that was just a bit of harmless banter from a lovable Liverpool fan, displaying the wit that they’re forever deluding themselves they’re famous for.

Monkey gesture from Liverpool fan, Phillip Gannon yesterday aimed at Patrice Evra (The link to the subsequent trial outcome added to this page on the 22nd of June 2012)

Having expectedly drawn a blank in the ticket ballot for this match, I was delighted to get a phone call three days before the match from an old pal of mine, Scott, telling me that he had two spares at face price. When we got into the ground it was to our relief that we were under the canopy of the Liverpool fans above, in the upper tier of the Annie Road. Liverpool fans, having been found collectively responsible for the deaths of 39 Italians in Brussels 1985 have, in some sort of Freudian pennance, started behaving like Italians by throwing objects onto visiting fans on the Anfield Road stand below. In Italy, particularly in San Siro, they throw hard fruit, sharpened coins, stones and the coup-de-grace, bottles of urine. Scousers being Scousers naturally have to go one better and in an FA Cup match between Liverpool and United in February 2006, they not only threw bottles of urine onto United fans, in a classic case of Liverpudlian ingenuity they threw a plastic cup onto the United fans that was loaded with excrement.

On 21 minutes from a corner taken by Steven Gerrard, David De Gea, distracted by the world’s most expensive carthorse, Andy Carroll, was caught flapping like a drowning duck for Daniel Agger to head in to an unguarded net to give Liverpool the lead in a game that they’d hardly touched the ball. United had most of the possesion both before and after that goal but were far too cautious with it. Anybody watching the game without knowing the score would have thought United were defending a lead, not attacking a deficit. Patient, calm and controlled play is all well and good in normal circumstances but chasing a deficit at Anfield is not one of those times. Any good oportunities for a devastating counter attack were scuppered by United’s apparent charitable disposition to give Liverpool players time to get back into position. Only once, when Antonio Valencia hit the post on 16 minutes did they look like scoring. On 39 minutes, a brilliant flick from Valencia set up Rafael who refreshingly and for once, threw caution to the wind to cross for Ji Sung Park. The plucky South Korean hit the ball sweetly first time to have Pepe Reina grasping at thin air on his near post for United to equalise in front of the McDonalds sponsored Kop.

Just like the game in the previous round at the Bradford Gasworks stadium, the half time whistle was inconvenient for a United side who had all the momentum. As the second half approached, United fans must’ve looked like a platoon of 5000 American Marines with us using our hands as sun visors to block out the dazzling low sunlight hovering over the roof of the McDonalds Kop. For this reason, the second half boded well for United who were attacking the Anfield Road end of the stadium. Liverpool keeper Pepe Reina was constantly seeking shade in his eighteen yard box and the sunlight was obviously a nuisance to him. As with the first half, United dominated possession without looking threatening. Why United didn’t attempt to exploit Reina’s obvious difficulty and put more pressure on his goal is a mystery to me. The match had replay written all over it until Liverpool scored in the 87th minute from a classic route one move. Reina pumped the ball upfield and Carroll won a header to set up Dirk Kuyt to sprint past a sleeping Patrice Evra to slam the ball past David De Gea’s near post. It was a goal that would have Dave Bassett purring,

If there’s one silver lining on this week’s events it is that it will buy Kenny Dalglish more time to destroy the club, a destruction he started in his first spell. The appointment of Kenny Dalglish a year ago was a knee jerk appointment based on sentimentality. They may win the League Cup, possibly the FA Cup but I’ll show my arse in Debenhams window if he ever wins the title as a manager again. In his first spell, Dalglish inherited the side that Bob Paisley built, the ex Manchester City player Joe Fagan, took care of and then he took all the credit for winning three League titles with a team that he didn’t create. When Dalglish had to build another side, he saw the way the wind was blowing and resigned suddenly in the middle of an FA Cup tie between Liverpool and Everton having just signed David Speedie and the laughable Jimmy Carter. He did a runner citing pressure, left Graeme Souness a complete mess and also the blame. The perfect metaphor for this would be the one about farting then moving away sharply letting somebody else take the blame/credit (in this case, Souness). Even the most Liverpool hating United fan would admit that Dalglish was a great footballer but he has been proven time and again to be a bottler of a manager. I’m just waiting and relishing to see what kind of carnage he leaves behind at Anfield next time he abruptly resigns.

As for us, we can now concentrate on the league and the potentially happy and healthy distractions that a visit to Amsterdam and possibly Bilbao will throw up.

36 thoughts on “Robbed at Anfield, Liverpool, Saturday 28th of January 2012”

  1. I watched it on telly and apart from the inane commentary of Jim Beglin (who’s observations left me wondering if I’d been fleeced by the optician who’d told me my eyes were fine at 10.00am yesterday morning!!) provoking my ire, I never at any point, pre 87 minutes thought we’d get knocked out by our ‘unrivalled rivals’. Suprisingly, even after they scored their second, whilst annoyed that we’d allowed them to score in such a school boy manner, I didn’t feel the sense of revulsion and rising bile I would usually experience after losing to them. They’re crap.. and they know it.
    Whatever changes need to come to the current united squad (some of it is confidence, but we know there is more to it- like a communication training day, or else some one teaching the goalie and defence to start f**king shouting at each other.. oh and maybe a central midfielder) there’s far more likelihood of us reaching 25 titles before they reach 20.. and they know that too!

    1. I try not to think about Jim Goblin too much. I can handle bigoted Liverpool fans, United have enough of them so fair’s fair but when he’s putting his biased drivel out in to the watching masses as balanced opinion, it get’s slightly up my nose. At least Ian St John tried to maintain a veneer of impartiality when analysing on the telly.

  2. i didn’t think it was a great game, I would’ve bet on the draw, there always seems a lot more going on off the field than on it with liverpool and united,rightly so’ somethings need sorting. Liverpool must love manchester at the moment’ city then united, saying that i listened to the first 20 mins on the radio before i noticed it was on the box, so not the sharpest knife in the box, like you stated liverpool seemed to give out a collective sigh of relief on hearing the whistle go.

  3. Could not agree more. How this rancid group of louts can be described by k,.?y Dalglish as ‘magnificent’ and ‘very proud of them’, together with ‘it was a good bit of banter’, tells me how far this once famous club has sunk. If he thinks that baiting a player(s) because of their differences is good fun, it seems to me that the bigotry of his home city is more engrained in him than that is healthy for this league. Not that i want him to leave that capital of introspective self pity, on the contrary, i would love him to be in charge when he leads them to the obscurity that bunch of hypocrites so richly deserve. Could you, who remember the old guard management, imagine Shankly, Paisley and Fagan getting involved with this kind bile. No me neither. To the young slut making airplane shapes, go home, find out who your grandparents were, if they are recorded, tell them what you did, and hear what they have to say about your actions. Tradition, you lot go on about it all the time. YOOOOZ haven’t got a clue. As for the match, Walking the ball into the net against a team that clearly set out to stifle was not working, shooting from outside the box would have drawn that penalty area traffic jam out creating room to play. It worked for us when I played for the Queens Sausage in the Lost and Confused League 4th division. Happy daze. sic

    1. United tried playing the the patient passing game that Arsenal are so good at and occasionally very dangerous from but there is a reason why they haven’t won a trophy in nearly seven years. Liverpools’ defence on Saturday were terrified of Valencia and the pace of United’s attack yet United didn’t exploit it. I remember Paisley & Fagan and I’ve read enough about Shankly to know the score. They were dignified & decent men who, whilst building and maintaining a succesful football club they did so in the right manner and spirit. It’s an insult to the memory and the achievements of these fellas that they have as a legacy, a manager who refuses to criticise a player or his blatantly racist actions and a support whom openly and proudly jeer a victim of racism.

  4. “worlds most expensive carthorse” what does that make De Gea then? Worst keeper in the league. Biggest waist of 20mill ever. Wait till the end of the season when you end up with nothing! Haha. The way LFC celebrated after the whistle was totally justified. Do you remember that ratty looking right back nearly shitting his pants back in 2006 after that druggy centre back scored? That was just a league game!

  5. Now you know I don’t like agreeing with united fans, Tony, but after years of indifference to Liverpool, I really am coming to dislike them (For pretty much all the reasons you give above). This isn’t just annoyance at them knocking us out of the Carling Cup (A cup which means more to me as a fan than it clearly does to Mancini and the city players that just about “turned up” for the semi final) but the fact that As you say Dalglish really is papering over the cracks… Whether you’ll agree or not, I think the issue is more with the American owners who have still to grasp the fact that Football in England (Europe?) is not like any kind of “normal” business. (see also Aston Villa, and yourselves…) to suceed you need to throw money at it, and then you “might” get some success…
    A good read as ever…

    1. I see what you’re saying about American owners due to the fact that Liverpool were taken to the brink by them cowboys that the scousers welcomed with open arms in 2007 and the custodians (i refuse to call them owners, in my book, you can’t own something that you haven’t paid for) at Old Trafford are eventually gonna do the same to United. I may be proved wrong eventually but Randy Lerner at Aston Villa has done alright. He hasn’t ploughed money into the place like Chelsea or City have had but he seems to have brought some stability at Villa Park. Whatever his rights or wrongs are, one thing is for sure, he hasn’t hocked the club to the tune of half a billion.

  6. Dont you realise that writing articles like this is part of the problem. People read this sort of stuff on both the Liverpool and United sides and react against it, it’s part of the problem. Petty points scoring and a constant need to prove who is the bigger team. I suggest a lot of fans need to take a look at themselves and ask is this really the way for grown human beings to behave. Let’s talk about the game of football, all this is just nonsense.

    1. Alex,
      Thanks for your comment. I think you may be giving this article or it’s writer (I.E. me) too much credit for potential influence. One thing I’m confident of is that this article ain’t gonna lead to the mental or physical downfall of anybody. As for the antipathy between Manchester and Liverpool, that’s historic going back to the time when the dockyards in Liverpool tried strangling the Manchester cotton industry with extortionate export taxes and thus, our forefathers arranged for the building/digging of the ship canal.
      As for talking about the football, this website is not and has never claimed to be, a collection of match reports but the opinion of a season ticket holding United fan (me) who shares his experiences and observations of not just the match but what goes on around it too. You can say it’s all nonsense, that’s fair enough if you think so. If you don’t like what you’re reading then do what I’d do and don’t read it

    2. Alex…is that really you Alex? Sounds in the same vain as the post match assessment that there wasn’t a bad tackle in the 90 minutes, which unbelievably was offered up as some sort of thin praise for the way both teams, and at least one set of fans, had controlled themselves. I’d prefer if we still had the Ferguson with the fire and passion to have come out fuming after that tame affair…preferred even still if there were a few bad tackles on those Scouse tw*ts (thats not an i by the way)…they probably would end up booing their blackened shins.

  7. Your Hatred of Liverpool is quite obvious.
    How on earth can you rant about suarez and the “Monkey Man ” when you spurt out such hatred.

    Support your team instead of hating others

  8. Even with these two arrests after the Evra incident do you know Man Utd fans still have more cases of racism coming from their fans? Probably not cause youre bunch of c*nts.

  9. (some) of your lot hate us. (some) of us hate you. fine. everyone’s got their own opinion.
    and yes, munich and hillsborough references are retarded and borderline psychopathic.

    as for “(suarez)…comically, claims not to be a racist”. that’s not only his (and our club’s) stand, it’s also what the report found. and it’s also what Evra testified to.

    we can have our own opinions, but not our own facts.

  10. Brother Jon
    Agree entirely with what you say about the mocking of the Munich & Hillsborough disasters. They should and to most people (myself included) transcend any rivalry or disdain that we have for each others clubs.
    As for what you say about Suarez’s comments, it’s true that Evra did say that he didn’t believe Suarez to be a racist. I’m not sure how well Evra knows Suarez to give qualification to that comment, but I do aknowledge that he said it. This is somewhere where the water of opinion and fact becomes muddy. If you or me had been proven to say what Suarez said to Evra, we’d be correctly stigmatised as racist and we wouldn’t be able to hide behind some pathetic excuse of misunderstanding of dialect. That’s the basis of my previous, present and future labelling of Suarez as a racist.

    1. murph – appreciate your response. especially in re munich and such. so i hope you’ll hear me out when i say that singing “always the victim, it’s never your fault” is seen by many on mersey (and elsewhere, no doubt) as a reference to hillsborough – exactly the kind of thing we’ve agreed is/should be offside.

      as for the racist bit – everyone….opinion. still, i’m not sure what you’re referring to when you say “If you or me had been proven to say what Suarez said to Evra, we’d be correctly stigmatised as racist” – cuz if we consider what that ‘independent’ commission found, and not what Patrice initially thought he heard (remember, he acknowledges misinterpreting the spanish), then landing at ‘Suarez is racist’ is farcical in the extreme. he called him negrito, i.e. black (and small). and he is. and so am i. and the day i let Graham Taylor or Oulsely defend me from not having to be reminded of that fact, will be the day i turn in my status as an adult.

      referring to someone’s race (or color, or nationality) isn’t by itself racist. and scoring cheap PR points **FA**, or boosting egos **mancs** isn’t doing squat to identify, let alone address, real racism. opportunity, lost.

      i’ll spare you the parts about SAF and Blatter and handshakes for some, but not for others. i’ll just say that we’re sticking with Suarez cuz the evidence against him is super weak. and if you lot tell me you’d act different if the roles had been reversed, i wouldn’t believe you.

      cheers, from Oakland, California

      1. Its the hypocrisy of the KKK (King Kenny’s Klan) and their supporters which is the main point here not the specific Evra situation. In fact lets turn the attention to the Oldham player who also had the temerity not to appreciate (allegedly) being racially abused by one maybe two fans out of the whole of the kop. So yes I agree it was another minority case, but how did Anfield respond again to this crime by the Oldham player for reacting (similarities to Evra?)…they gave him wholesale abuse for the rest of the game Evra (sic) time he touched the ball.
        You also had the chant on Saturday of “one lying b’stard”…when Suarez admitted what he said. So maybe you can understand where “its never your fault” comes from….no? Didn’t think so.

          1. What’s interesting about that? Besides the fact that you can’t put apostrophes in the correct place. Not like a Liverpool fan to take something out of context. Don’t blame it on the sunshine, don’t blame it on the moonlight…blame it on Chelsea.

          2. Brother Jon…how apt. If I am too stupid for words just do what one of your fans did during the match and perform some sort of mime. No words needed…all in the hand and arm actions. I know I know, he was only aping around. But its not endemic in the KKK is it?

      2. Brother Jon,
        The “…It’s never your fault…” chant is aimed primarily at the victim mentality that is prevalent amongst Liverpool fans. The convenient belief that it is a pointed dig at the innocent people who died at Hillsborough if anything, compounds not weakens the argument presented by the chant. Liverpool fans cannot wait to find something to take offence at, it feeds their energy the way the rabid obsession and envy of Manchester United feeds Manchester City fans. whilst I’m at it, I’m not one for cheap shots but I’ve got to ask how you can be au fait with the feelings of people in Merseyside whilst you’re in Oakland, California ?
        As for the Evra/Suarez affair, I think we’re at an impasse on that. I’ll quote my blog post from the 10th of January.
        ” Luis Suarez’s comical defence has been made funnier by the chicken mourning followers of his club suddenly becoming knowledgable authority’s on the quirks and nuances of Uruguayan dialect. Suarez’s claim of terms of endearment whilst saying to Evra after kicking him on the knee ”Porque tu eres negro” (“Because you are black”), “Dale, negro…negro…negro” (“Bring it on, blackie”) and “No hablo con los negros” (“I don’t speak to blacks”) whilst pinching his arm was obviously a touching display of misunderstood bonhomie….”
        Whatever Liverpool FC, Luis Suarez or Patrice Evra says, them quotes are to me, the words of a racist.

        1. so when you lot sing ‘it’s never your fault…’ it’s okay because YOU”VE determined it’s onside. but when Suarez says ‘negro’ you lot get to define that meaning too. do you see the double-standard?

          as for the “cheap shot”, are you seriously asking me how i know about things related to Liverpool? in the 21st century?? i give up. you fucktards are on your own.

  11. MURPH you just cant accept the liverpool defeat , he says the liverpool fans need to get the dvds of 70’s & 80’s out because they will never see a team like that again, ‘murph’ you want 2 buy them 2 because utd have never see a team like that & or never will ,like Gordon Strachan said ” this barcelona team have started to remind me of the great liverpool teams of the 70’s and 80’s” enough said.
    your team reminds of the liverpool team that went into decay and as never seen the great times since, you need to replace your defence, midfield and back up you have no money & all the great players want to sign for your neighbour, fergie will end up like wenger & clough watching everything hes done collapse maybe from a nursing home.

    1. Re acceptance of the weekends defeat, sure I was disapointed about the result but have felt a hell of a lot worse. It don’t compare to Leverkusen in 2002 for example. As for the buying the DVDs of the 70s/80s Liverpool sides, the day I get diagnosed with insomnia is the day I’ll buy them. Different strokes and all that, but that Liverpool team were very efficent but they were like watching paint dry. Flair to them was a pair of trousers. Do you think it’s just a coincidence that Liverpool haven’t won the title since the passback rule was changed in 1992 ?
      As for the last point, I first heard about Uniteds’ decline when Blackurn won the title in 1995, a legendary former Liverpool centre half infamously alluded to it on Match of the Day that summer. It’s been repeated several times since. I’ve gotta tell you that the last 16 years have been painful watching that decline

      1. Regarding the chanting of “always the victim blah blah”. I’ve been going to football matches for decades (supporting Tranmere Rovers) and heard all the chants you’ve heard Murph. That chant is vile. It is intentionally sung by many Man Utd supporters (and now Everton’s away support) as a reference to both the Heysel and Hillsborough disasters as well as the Suarez/Evra racism case. Anyone who claims otherwise is deluded to the nth degree.

        Anyone who sings such chants, and those at Liverpool, Man City and other clubs who sing Munich songs is a cunt. Theres no uncertain terms there. The same goes for the aeroplane arm signs – and some Utd fans insistence on putting their hands over their faces to mimick someone being crushed to death against a metal fence. I find that sickening, as do all other decent football supporting MEN in this country. I emphasise the word “men” as those who do that are far from it.

        I’m curious as to your level of open hatred towards Liverpool FC. Why spend £800(?) a season on going to Old Trafford when you could just stand outside the Kop for free and hurl abuse? I’d say you’re actually obssessed with the existence of Liverpool FC – and have been for many years. Support for MUFC is clearly second best in your book.

        I’d also like to point out that your clearly decent grasp of English and use of it would lead me to conclude that you should pursue a career on Fleet Street. You sound like the right type of character to mix in such circles and excel in one of this country’s tabloids.

        …or historian – due to your references to the 19th century industrial revolution in North West England (no Murph, the ridiculous ship canal/sea port export tax idea has nothing to do with Liverpool vs Man Utd. C’mon, Danny Dyer tried to palm his knuckle dragging audience off with that one).

        I’ll sign off and expect a tirade of sickening abuse because I have an 0151 phone number. Strange…

        1. Mr Fault,

          Thanks for your comment, nearly a full three months after the last comment on this post which shows just how obsessed with the ‘pool, I am. United beat Liverpool a couple of weeks after the cup match, I can say hand on heart that I’ve barely given Liverpool fc a second thought since then. Why should I ? They’re well off our radar at the moment and long may it continue. You seem to confuse my disdain for the Liverpool fc for an obsession. I make no attempt to conceal my dislike of the self righteous and sanctimonious nob heads that populate Anfield and I’ll never change on that, but obsession ?
          I agree mostly with what you say in the first couple of paragraphs but regarding the chant of “always the victim”, you as a lot of your fellow dwellers at your end of the 62 very conveniently attach the most sinister possible connotation to the chant. That’s the whole thing with Liverpool for me, I’ve never come across a type of people who celebrate themselves and supposed sense of humour so much whilst at the same time in an apparent frenzy to take offence. Can you tell me when has anybody at Liverpool fc ever accepted culpability for anything ?
          As for Danny Dyer, dear dear me, that’s proper naughty….

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