The scum that Ajax can’t clean. Manchester, 23rd of February 2012

At the final whistle tonight there was no happiness, no relief or any feeling of job done. The feeling around me in the south stand/B stand of Old Trafford was that Sir Alex Ferguson got away with this by the skin of his teeth. In regards to his team selection, It’s one thing taking Crystal Palace in the League Cup lightly, taking a struggling Blackburn Rovers side for mugs on New Years Eve just gone but it’s another thing altogether taking a team who are their national champions and a club who’ve been European champions four times. The recent form of Ajax, since the resumption of the Eredivisie from it’s mid winter break has been lamentable. They did though give United a moment or two last week in the Amsterdam Arena to show that they were not going to despatched easily, even if United won 2-0 on the night, with a now priceless goal from Javier Hernandez, five minutes from time.

Five minutes into tonight’s game, Hernandez scored again to put United in an apparently unassailable 3-0 aggregate lead. Ajax, urged on by a noisy travelling support deservedly equalised with a low shot from Aras Ozbiliz on 37 minutes. On 86 minutes of a predominantly quiet and anxious second half, Toby Alderweireld put Ajax in front on the night and ensured a twitchy last few minutes at Old Trafford. The strange thing after Ajax scored was there was no urgency to their play. I got the feeling from the Ajax team that they thought there was 20 minutes left.

Sir Alex Ferguson admitted in his post match interview that he got his team selection wrong. He stated that the defence wasn’t strong enough. I respect that opinion but I can only recall one occasion where United’s defence were caught out badly and that was on Ajax’s second goal. The much criticised David De Gea pulled off at least two world class and with hindsight, tie winning saves.

Sir Alex Ferguson post match press conference

Before the match, there were rumours flying around with the same vigour that the Police helicopter was hovering, about shenanigans involving Ajax fans. There were all kinds of brave random attacks on office workers and shoppers and the coup-de-grace was them smashing up the Binary Bar on Arundel street in Hulme. This is the kind of place used by residents of the adjoining flats and not the place where they’d find any of United’s more lively fans. Ajax fans in the ground tonight impressed with their noise and fervour, their shithouse behaviour around the town and it’s immediate suburbs reminded me of the time Leeds United fans terrorised a load of pensioners on Bournemouth beach in May 1990. Ajax are a club who’ve provided some of the most enjoyable teams the world’s ever seen play football. From what I’ve seen and heard in the last week, their fans are the very antithesis of the team they watch. I think the next time they get drawn against United in a European game, like Roma in 2007, they’ll get a very warm reception in Manchester.

Ajax leave a bad stain on the Binary bar in Hulme

11 thoughts on “The scum that Ajax can’t clean. Manchester, 23rd of February 2012”

  1. Smarten up please. Ajax fans were attacked by the EDL today not the other way around.

    Amsterdam is most likely the most liberal city in the World and can boast that they have the most ethnical diversed Capitol even surpassing New (Amsterdam) York. Amsterdam home of Anne Frank and home of AFC Ajax known in Holland simply as “de Joden/the Jewish”.

    When the EDL were holding a protest march against Islam in Holland it was Ajax fans that chased them away. So the EDL had summoned their Manchester faithful to give Ajax a, ironically considering your article, “warm reception” in return.

    So please think twice before you try to insinuate that Ajax and their supporters are racists. The Suarez chants were to support our ex players yes, but obviously for banter as well to try to wind-up the very boring OT home crowd.

  2. Valentijn, thanks for your comment, I’ll answer what you say bit by bit.

    This is the first I’ve heard of the EDL attacking Ajax fans. Nobody mentioned it last night and there’s been no mention of it whatsoever in the local or national media in the UK. If I’m wrong on this then please send me a link to the media agency who said that happened and I’ll hold my hands up. What I don’t want sending is a link to a chatroom full of people who’ve only just learned an alternative use for their right hands.

    I agree with every word on your second paragraph, Amsterdam’s a great city, a city that I’ve had some good times and laughs in and I’ve always found Amsterdam people to be a pretty intelligent and broad minded lot. That’s what makes all the shit that went down last night and all the bad feeling that’s going to be generated because of it, all the more disapointing. Most people in Amsterdam also have a grasp of my mother tongue which is so good that I despair at my lack of a second language.

    As for Ajax chasing the EDL away in Amsterdam, I assume you’re talking about the incident on Halloween 2010. Fair enough is all I’ve got to say about that. I can also tell you that the EDL are as welcome in Manchester as they are in Amsterdam. You keep on bringing the EDL into this and they stayed away from the game last night. Ajax fans were however indiscrminately challenging people walking around Central Manchester to a fight yesterday, hardly the behaviour of a liberal (your words) crowd. Ajax fans went marching down Arundel street in Hulme and attacked a bar full of United fans who are “straight goers”. That’s not a rumour, that’s a fact.

    The chanting for Luis Suarez was a misguided attempt at banter. I wasn’t offended by it because it was so obvious what Ajax fans were trying to do, that nobody could be bothered responding to it. It was more pathetic than annoying. As for the insinuation that Ajax fans are racist, please give me a single quote from my blog where I make that implication because I’ll be fucked if I can see it.

  3. Mr. Van Velzen, please do not insult our intelligence and your credibility by defending the wanton actions by your brethren. The attack on scarf wearing civilians is not how its done here. Your grasp of the English is admirable. So you should be under no illusions about how you or your cowardly comrades will be treated in future, if you continue with this Selfpitycity like behaviour. Restisting right wing thugs is what MANCS are petty good at. If your forefathers had tried a bit harder in the early stages of the Second World War these cowards would not have had a platform to stand on. I now know where the term DUTCH COURAGE comes from.

    Sorry Murph, nearly forgot why I tuned in. It’s OK Fergie apologising after the game, why not check previous f!&k ups,and stick his apology up his trophy room. Valentijn was spot on. Our support inside (and outside) ground was poor. It’s one thing for Fergs to rest a gang of first choice players. But because he had what he thought was comfortable lead it was going to be easy. I fell into complacency mode myself when Chico scored. So full marks must go to the loud, vociferous, pisstaking Ajax fans. Best away support for ages. Keep it like that lads and you’ll no complaints this RED. The choice is yours.

  4. United complaining about being spanked ? Do me a favour. Your lot knew Ajax were bringing a firm and simply couldn’t cope with what they brought. United did have one of the biggest hooligan firms in Britain for years and years and I have seen first hand how you lot act when you come to Everton until you got twatted in 2005 by 200 militant blues who had had enough of the mong like conduct of your away following for years and years. Stop fucking moaning (which what you lot do best ) and accept you got what was coming to you.

    1. If Ajax had attacked Uniteds more “game” lads then fair enough, all’s fair in love and war and what-have-you. The fact that you think the people who were attacked, were fair game is indicative of the cowardly mentality that’s always been prevalent when I’ve found myself watching United in that slum of a home of yours. It’s interesting that you use the historical context of United fan behaviour. This from a supporter of a club whos’ fans attacked their own team manager, Harry Catterick, in 1966 for having the temerity to drop Alex Young in favour of Joe Royle for a match against Blackpool. This happening only three weeks after he’d been discharged from hospital after a major operation. Even Leeds fans have never sunk that low

  5. Interesting that a blue nosed merseysnider should be an authority on what firm Ajax would bring. They didn’t go through tried and well used form of line up (mobile phones etc). No they used the scouse tactic of sneaking about, waiting for little or no opposition and launching their raid. Face up you interfering back stabber or keep your nose out of something that is nothing to do with you, for now. Things must be pretty quiet if you haven’t got a tragedy to grieve over. Knowing you lot you will find something soon, a dead chicken maybe ?

  6. What goes around comes around and your lot have been at this sort of thing for years and years. How you can have the effrontery to claim the moral high ground over scousers in relation to FV is comical. You lot do stereotypes better than any other city in Britain which is strange considering Manchester is one the most deprived shitholes in the U.K bar none with a crime rate that dwarfs Liverpool’s. What has Harry Catterick got to do with you getting shown up in your own city ? Not alot and something else Everton’s supporters haven’t by in large indulged in is baiting over any disaster, our conduct at OT is second to none and pristine compared to LFC.

    Also you will be severely unlucky to get picked off at Everton, we are not LFC and its not how we do things. The last time it was called on between Everton and United was 2005 and that happened right infront of the police with both sides bang at it.

  7. Re Bungle Bill. From what was evident on Thursday, the only ones that were shown up was the Ajax fans, who wrecked that bar not far from where I live. That bar is well off the beaten track so it was unguarded, so to speak. While it’s true your lads and lassies largely respect our feelings about Munich, Busby and all that, I do remember some less than glorious episodes. Moral high ground ? Don’t talk rubbish. Nobody in footy fandom is entitled to claim that. What goes around comes around eh, then be careful when your back is turned because a Stanley knife striping will surely be coming your way. Can’t remember? Well selective memory does seem to be a weakness with you judging by your say on here. Anyway once you have a game to watch, you’ll probably forget this as well.

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