Sharp out of the traps – Chelsea V Manchester United 28th of October 2012

Watching Luis Suarez run away from the Gwladys Street end of Goodison Park in celebration deep into injury time after winning the game for Liverpool, seconds later I got a good feeling about today. For some reason, the goal was disallowed by the linesman in front of the Bullens Road stand and a crestfallen Suarez had to get on with the last few seconds of the game. This wasn’t the last controversial decision made by an official today.

United fans in both tiers of the Shed (Photo courtesy of Daniel Burdett )

United won a league game at Stamford Bridge this afternoon for the first time since a 3-0 win in the spring of 2002. The most satisfying thing (apart from the three points obviously) was that United for the first time this season came sharp out of the traps and for once, caught the opposition cold. Before Chelsea knew that the game had kicked off, Wayne Rooney attacked the right flank, crossed the ball for Robin Van Persie to hit the post and from the rebound, the ball went in the net off David Luiz’s arse. Nine minutes later in the 12th minute, an almost identical move but this time an Antonio Valencia cross resulted in Robin Van Persie putting United 2-0 up. Chelsea had plenty of possesion but United were in full control of the match. The first real sign of any Chelsea danger was from a bizarre but brilliant David De Gea save from a Juan Mata free kick on 24 minutes. Ten minutes after that save was the turning point when Tom Cleverley went to sleep for a Chelsea throw in. John Obi Mikel was allowed to cross the ball and leave Jonny Evans very close to repeating his own goal at Stamford Bridge last season when he hit his own post. From that moment, Chelsea suddenly woke up and there was relentless pressure on Uniteds goal. This culminated in a stupid free kick conceded by Wayne Rooney on Eden Hazard just prior to half time which left Juan Mata in a prime position to make it 2-1. As Mata stepped up to take the free kick, there was an inevitability similar to a penalty that he was going to score. David De Gea was agonisingly close to the save.

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Celebrations in the upper tier of The Shed when Van Persie made it 2-0 (Photo courtesy of Barney )

As expected, Chelsea came out all guns blazing for the second half and to nobodies surprise in the 53rd minute, Ramires equalised with a header from an Oscar cross. After chances for both Juan Mata and Eden Hazard, out of the blue the pendulum turned back in United’s favour in the 63rd minute when Branislav Ivanovic was sent off for a professional foul on Ashley Young.

I later found out that this was the first time todays referee, Mark Clattenburg had ever sent a Chelsea player off. Five minutes later, Clattenburg doubled that number by sending Fernando Torres off, just as he was about to be substituted. The referee said Torres had dived, I think that Jonny Evans had caught the lower part of Torres shin. For a reason only he can explain, Torres went down clutching his knee. Soon after Torres dismissal, Sir Alex Ferguson made his wisest decision of the day and took off Wayne Rooney and replaced him with Ryan Giggs. Rooney had been booked for the foul on Hazard which lead to Mata’s goal.

On 74 minutes, Javier Hernandez scored Uniteds winner. He was offside but after the multitude of bad decisions that have gone against United in this fixture in recent history, I’m not too upset about that. I remember Didier Drogba scoring a goal at Old Trafford a couple of years ago which was (a) miles offside and (b) effectively won Chelsea the title. What I don’t remember was any complaints about poor refereeing decisions from Chelsea.

John Terry, suspended for this game due to racially abusing Anton Ferdinand just over a year ago was sat in the stand behind the Chelsea dug out watching the match. Rumours of him being in full kit to join in any potential post match celebrations are, I’m pleased to say, only now ever going to be rumours. After the match, Chelsea lodged a complaint reporting referee Mark Clattenburg for “inappropriate language”. According to the Daily Mail, the complaint is regarding a racial insult aimed at John Obi Mikel. If Clattenburg has said anything out of order to that paragon of honesty, then his microphone would’ve picked it up for his linesmen and fourth official to hear. After the courtroom events of the summer just passed, he could say that whatever was said, was said sarcastically, this is also known as the John Terry defence. Chelsea have previous for this, when Tottenham beat Chelsea in a bad tempered game at White Hart Lane in November 2006, there were serious allegations made about the integrity of referee, Graham Poll, by Chelsea players that came to nothing. Whenever something goes wrong for Chelsea, there’s always a bad smell that they leave behind them. The Chelsea fans today constantly booed Rio Ferdinand for being Antons brother. Coming from a bunch of fans at a place where the National Front magazine The Flag used to be sold outside with impunity. It just goes to show that behind the attempted respectable facade, Chelsea might have a bottomless pit of money but be it fans or club, they will never have any class. They have aspirations to be talked about with the same respect as people talk about United, Liverpool, Tottenham and Arsenal. While they’ve spent an incomprehensible amount of money since 2003, they will always be at heart, the club of Ken Bates, Dennis Wise and George Osborne.

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  1. Excellent piece, Murph. Somehow, beating Chelski away is nearly as satisfying as beating the Dippers away and this season we’ve done both. Must admit that I wasn’t too optimistic about yesterday but we made a great start and after they clawed their way back to 2-2, we were the beneficiary of some questionable decisions by Mark Clattenburg. Don’t have an issue with the Torres red card – Evans may well have made minimal contact with his shin, but then instead of ploughing on towards goal, Torres opted to throw himself down, clutching at an imaginary knee injury – a piece of pure Suarez if I ever saw one.

    Hernandez was clearly offside for our winner, but as you say, that’s just payback for Drogba’s offside at Old Trafford a few years back, not to mention Luiz getting away with blatantly blocking off Rooney a couple of years ago, a ludicrous penalty decision for handball against Carrick even further back and Pat’s set-to with Stamford Bridge’s moronic groundstaff . Plenty of previous where this lot are concerned and we were overdue a few breaks.

    As ‘racial slurs’ are the thing of the moment, Mikel and CFC’s response to Clattenburg’s decisions and to their defeat doesn’t surprise me. Personally, I wouldn’t (to quote Rowan Atkinson) trust Mikel to sit the right way round on the lavatory.

    Let’s hope we’re not entering into a period where the very real issues raised by the Ferdinand/Terry and Evra/Suarez cases are devalued by a rash of copycat complaints. That will just play into the hands of the ‘Daily Mail’ & ‘Sun’ reading morons like the ones in the Matthew Harding Stand who threw loads of stuff at Hernandez after our winner.

    The problem for Clattenburg is that – true or false – an accusation like that tends to stick. Whatever he said or didn’t say to Mikel, I think he was somewhat guilty of allowing the feverish mood among the fans to get to him. In this context, Valencia’s booking for ‘simulation’ was a joke and I totally agree with you about the wisdom of taking Rooney off.

    In case we forget, Chelsea’s fans are the same bunch of happy campers who sent Swedish ref Anders Frisk a load of death threats after his decisions were deemed to have denied them victory in a European game. He quit refereeing almost immediately. If this blows up into another shitstorm, I wouldn’t be surprised if Clattenburg did the same. And who could blame him? Who’d be a ref?

    1. Love the Rowan Atkinson comparison and nice one for reminding me of the Anders Frisk incident, that if anything, is even worse than the Graham Poll thing. There’s also the badmouthing of William Gallas when he was a Chelsea player on the verge of signing for Arsenal. One of the apparatchiks at Chelsea had put it in the media that Gallas was going to deliberately score an own goal if he played for Chelsea again. William Gallas mat not be not the most savoury character around, but not even he deserved that slur

  2. Great comments on here so far. Stand by for the knob ‘ed rush. To the chewsee opinion, that United could only beat them with nine men. It may have escaped your notice, but an misfiring United scored two excellent goals when you had presumably your best available team on the field. When Young was going for a one on one with the keeper, it was probably United’s best move of the match. And more likely to score than with the resulting free kick. All part of the pro foul rule, of course. The booing of Rio. With a banner proclaiming jt as a leader, legend etc, clearly underwritten by cfc makes the suarez T shirts almost an acceptable one off. When scumbag jt didn’t resign his Captaincy, at the same time as his skulking away from England, everyone who hadn’t worked out already, were left in no doubt what a spineless shithouse he really is. Blind loyalty to individuals like him, at that and other clubs, does nothing for football. All supporters at my and other clubs should bear this in mind. A small kick it out badge not worn by a footballer does not compare to a FUCKING BIG BANNER SUPPORTING a racist seen all around the planet. What do you think Maeve Crunchy. ( a little in joke, I pray your indulgence).

    1. You go on about blind loyalty, what about when you muppets started singing songs supporting Eric Cantona after he attacked a fan at Crystal Palace. Thats what everyone hates about manu, the hypocrisy of your fans. Your lot and scousers are one and the same

      1. Chopper, Eric Cantona attacked a racist at Crystal Palace, Chelsea are blindly defending a man whom the FA have banned for making racist comments that he’s admitted making. The fact you can’t comprehend the difference in that actually re-assures me.

      2. Well harries chopper, you got your little chelsea underpants in a proper tangle. First of all. What would I give for jt? The Iron Cross for a start. You know the one. Hitler gave them out to loyal Facists. Number two (for you chops that’s personal) You say going back in search of clarification, 2 years, is is out of order. But you went back to the Cantona affair. Which was before most of your new found Latter Day Saintly supporters knew where your ground is. Cantona was found guilty. His custodial sentence was reduced on appeal. He was then sentenced AGAIN by the FA to 8 months out of the game. It’s made clear on these pages by others that nobody likes it when your or my is team finds the ref deciding against us. But watch the game in general a bit more, and when you grow into long pants, you will find you have a more informed view. Do me a favour. Show these pages to your friend, if you have one, and give that sad twat a laugh. Yours in football, Mussy

  3. Watching the match yesterday I was a bit confused. United not conceding an early goal. Then, scoring twice. The inevitable pressure of a team of Chelsea’s quality started. Their goals justified their effort. They will be contenders for the title if they keep all their players on the pitch. But they will have to stop Torres acting injured after the slightest brush by Evans. Scoring goals against a team with nine or ten men is, as has been proved over years to anything but simple. Well done United for showing the team spirit to keep going, after Chelsea came at us.

  4. What a load of shit, JT was found not guilty in a COURT OF LAW you fuckin muppets by 12 men good and true. Clattenburg robbed us yesterday and all you can do is moan about some decision given against you at Old Trafford two years ago. Doing what manure fans do best, moan CHAMPIONS OF EUROPE !!!

    1. Whopper Harrison, simple question…how was (sic) you robbed? Ivanovic correctly sent off…Torres should have been sent off before he was sent off…so Chelsea would have been down to 9 men in any case. Just because we got the third goal early after you went to 9 men and didn’t press for a 4th as a win is a win is a win and brings about 3 points whether its by 1 or more goals, doesn’t mean we wouldn’t have got a third goal if the one we did get had been correctly chalked off for being offside. All its and buts but as they say if my Aunty had balls she’d be me Uncle.

      As for Saint John Terry, I do love his stations of the cross artistic interpretation he saved for the 2008 Champions league final. walked the long slow walk to his destiny like the massiah, slipped on his arse along the way, wiped away tears (ok it was sweat in the original), and nailed against the woodwork all included in the one 20 second cameo…he is truly the Saint you portray at the Bridge.

      Wonder why it was that steward that got thrown…sorry slipped according to your press release…over the hoardings? Maybe the colour of his bib?

      1. What planet you on ? You give a load of shit about this that and the other and at the end, say its all ifs and buts. your off your head mate. John Terry lifted the trophy he deserved eventually, what would you give for a player of his heart and fight at Old Trafford ? JT Captain, leader legend

        1. Is that the same deserving JT who go himself sent off in the semi and dropped the rest of the team in it? He only lifted that cup by dressing up in his kit which should be an embarrassment to any genuine football fan.
          Don’t kid yourself that you’ll ever be a team of note by the way. Your Champions League win is filed alongside the likes of the Scousers in 2005 and Steau Bucharest in 1986 as one of the most undeserving of any winners.
          As for ifs and buts I’ll stick to facts then, we won 3-2 against the current Champions of Europe in their own back yard. Deal with it. Forza Corinthians.
          Oh and I’ll stick with the likes of Vidic over your Engerland legend any day. Republic of Manchester > England

          1. Well done Corinthians. Forza Timao.

            The anti-spam word was “rent” I kid you not…was that your doing Murph or is it random?

        2. Terry is utter trailer trash scum from a shoplifting, coke-dealing family of utter trailer trash scum and I am massively grateful that we don’t have anyone like him at Old Trafford.

  5. You say that “United for the first time this season came sharp out of the traps”, what about Newcastle ? 2-0 in front in 15 mins

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