Presented John Stones Roses – Liverpool 26th April 2015

It’s always good to be at Goodison Park. Along with Villa Park, White Hart Lane and Loftus Road, it’s a proper football ground in a proper footballing area. Like the aforementioned stadia, Goodison has houses, shops and pubs, glorious pubs nearby. Then we have St Lukes Church on the corner of Gwladys Street and Goodison Road, a place where you could pick up a drink and a butty for a reasonable price. I couldn’t believe how quaint and civilised it all was. Goodison isn’t perfect. The Bullens Road and Goodison Road stands are archaic, they have huge pillars which can occasionally block the view. However, compared to being stuck on the back row of the Anfield Road stand, it’s a relative minor inconvenience. Whatever imperfections of Goodison, give me there anyday over being stuck in a concrete bowl in the middle of bleeding nowhere. Like Stoke, Derby or the Riverside in Middlesbrough. Those places are so bland and dull that the rats give them a wide berth.

View from the back row of the Goodison Road stand’s upper tier

A final score of 3-0 looks bad, but to me, it was just one of those days. Manchester United were nowhere near as bad

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Sharp out of the traps – Chelsea V Manchester United 28th of October 2012

Watching Luis Suarez run away from the Gwladys Street end of Goodison Park in celebration deep into injury time after winning the game for Liverpool, seconds later I got a good feeling about today. For some reason, the goal was disallowed by the linesman in front of the Bullens Road stand and a crestfallen Suarez had to get on with the last few seconds of the game. This wasn’t the last controversial decision made by an official today.

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Little Pea Pop’s Up On The Camouflaged Goalkeeper At The School Of Science – Liverpool, 29th Of October 2011

Difficult match in store today, Everton are not a good team and it’s been a good while since they’ve had a good team but like any team managed by David Moyes, they’re hard to beat. United started the game with plenty of possession but also play with the nervous hesitancy of a team that have recently been clobbered. In the first half, Everton occasionally go forward but even with Louis Saha, there’s no potency or feeling of danger in their attack. To my surprise, Alex Ferguson started with Jonny Evans. My surprise was twofold, one that he wasn’t suspended after last weeks sending off and secondly after his poor performance last week, he was picked for a pretty tricky away game, so soon after. Evans, whilst not my favorite defender, didn’t do much wrong today.

Javier Hernandez scored on nineteen minutes after a good cross by the recently maligned Patrice Evra to put United deservedly in the league in front of the Gwladys Street End. Rooneys presence in the penalty area distracted two Everton defenders leaving Hernandez free. United applied plenty of pressure, Rooney’s attempt at a shot from eighteen yards was scuppered by referee Mark Halsey accidently getting in his way. I also notice that Danny Welbeck has today got a leaden first touch. The only significant threat from Everton today came from a Leighton Baines free kick, just before half time which hit the bar with David De Gea a spectator.

Today’s win was more than welcome, a traditionally hard place to go to, United have ground out what could be a crucial win. The atmosphere from Everton fans was of their usual languor. Whilst I don’t doubt their passion or fervour, Everton fans, to my eyes, have got the most laid back supporters I’ve ever come across. I sometimes think that most of them have come to the ground in a car filled with vapour from exotic hand rolled cigarettes and listening to Pink Floyd or Massive Attack en route.

The linesman went down injured in front of the Park End on eighty nine minutes. To me it looked like a back injury and it took fouth official, Phil Dowd a couple of minutes to get ready to come on. Due to the linesmans’ injury, substitutions and other sundry stoppages, there was six minutes injury time allocated. In the second minute of injury time, Rooney picked up cramp which adds another unwelcome minute to the stoppage time. With there being a total of seven minutes’ injury time played whilst United are stoutly defending a one goal lead, the usual moaning of excessive injury time in a United game is strangely muted today