Oh The Simple Pleasures – Manchester, 17th May 2016

The recent fiasco at Old Trafford summed up United’s season in one very handy microcosm. A farce of comical proportions occurred when a mobile phone with wires hanging off it was found taped to a pipe in one of the executive suites. I can understand the worry when first seeing something like that and I don’t blame whoever it was for alerting the authorities. However, anybody who has ever tried using a mobile phone in Old Trafford will tell you, it would’ve been impossible to detonate due to the abysmal signal in the ground. If it was a real bomb and somebody would’ve tried setting it off, it would’ve gone straight to voicemail.

Every blue household, “LOOK, LOOK, EMPTY SEATS AT OLD TRAFFORD”…*logs onto Facebook*

The evacuation procedure itself was quintessentially British. Not a hint of panic on Warwick Road as people calmly walked away from the ground. The biggest worry from Reds was managing to get to the pub before the bars got rammed.

Bournemouth fans however were a different breed altogether – somehow blaming fanzine and swag sellers for the game being postponed. I suppose it’s the kind of reaction you could expect from a load of Tory-voting Southern mard arses. One great thing to have come out of Sunday’s postponement is that this lot will have had two 500 mile round journeys in the last 72 hours. Fantastic. Continue reading Oh The Simple Pleasures – Manchester, 17th May 2016

The Day Of Beauty And A Beast Of A Game. Manchester, 1st Of October 2011

I looked at one of those “on this day in history” things this morning to find that sixteen years ago today, Eric Cantona made his return at Old Trafford, against Liverpool of all teams, from the lenghty ban imposed after the Matthew Simmons incident at Selhurst Park. On that day he created Uniteds first goal for Nicky Butt after ninety seconds and scored a late equaliser from the penalty spot after (truth be told) Liverpool took a grip on the game in which United were lucky to get anything from.

Today, luck again was on Uniteds side. This season up to now, United have made easy work of some hard matches and made hard work of some relatively easy matches with recent games against Stoke City and Basle obvious examples. Last time Norwich City played at Old Trafford in 2004, they gave United a bit of a scare before United ran out with a 2-0 win which looked far more comfortable on paper than it did on the pitch.  Today’s match was exactly the same. A very sloppy first half followed by a second half where Norwich could’ve been two up before United scored, a special mention to Anthony Pilkington who missed a one on one against the excellent Anders Lindegarrd.

When Danny Wellbeck made it 2-0 on 87 minutes, twenty tense minutes after Anderson scored, the sense of relief in the stadium was palpable. This was a precious three points, ground out against a feisty Norwich team and a misfiring United.

The Norwich fans, immediately to my right looked like a massive bunch of bananas in varying states of maturity with their yellow and green shirts. Away from the usual self righteous rubbish that oposition fans chant at Old Trafford about supporting their local team, was a very witty chant to the tune of “Sloop John B” of “We’re Norwich City, we’ve come for our scarves” which I’m assuming is a reference to the green and gold scarves that were de riguer during the vociferous period of anti Glazer chanting during the 2009-2010 season. An unseasonably beautiful day and a great result in a match which didn’t share the days beauty.