What A Hughes Mess – Manchester 24th of November 2012

Up until Jonny Evans equalised in the 64th minutes with a header from a Wayne Rooney corner, United were so devoid of any attacking idea that they made QPR look like they were defending with catenaccio efficiency. It took the substitution of Armand Traoré for Anton Ferdinand two minutes before Evans goal to upset the equilibrium of QPR’s defence. Anton Ferdinand may not be to blame for the goals but within ten minutes of his introduction, a 1-0 lead for QPR had turned into a 3-1 deficit. When Jamie Mackie put QPR in the lead seven minutes into the second half, few in Old Trafford could argue that QPR didn’t deserve it. More worryingly, like Norwich last week, I couldn’t see a United goal coming once QPR had scored. Today was the fifth consecutive match where United have conceded the first goal. Since the 20th of October, there’s only been two matches where United haven’t trailed at some point, they were against Arsenal and Chelsea, easily the best two sides United have played in that period.


Five minutes after Jonny Evans equaliser, Darren Fletcher put United in front with another header from another Wayne Rooney corner (were you watching Nani ?). Whilst Fletcher’s still not fully fit, he was full of his usual hard work and drive in todays match. After the year he has just been through, it couldn’t have happened for a nicer bloke that it was for him to score United’s winner. Anderson had one of those games which only emphasises what a frustrating player he is. Either diabolical or brilliant, today he was the latter. He took control of the midfield and caused QPR all sorts of problems once he’d found his feet following his introduction to the game, along with Javier Hernandez, for Paul Scholes and Ashley Young on 58 minutes. On 72 minutes, he found Javier Hernandez with a brilliant pass to set up United’s third goal.

The drizzle magnifies the floodlights as Anderson, Fletcher, Evans and Rafael hail Wayne Rooney for his corner which lead to Darren Fletchers winner (Photograph courtesy of James O’Neill)

I’ve never really had any feelings about Queens Park Rangers one way or the other. Of all the London stadia, I’ve always found Loftus Road the most agreeable place to go and for that reason and only that reason, I was glad that they stayed up last season. My feelings about that have changed somewhat after today. With the type of people who follow QPR being what they are, it makes me marvel that we’re not speaking German. That QPR capitulated in injury time at the tripe colony is forgivable. City are a quality side who can do that to teams as mediocre as QPR. What sticks in the craw is the revelling in that capitulation that QPR fans both did that day and today. That they can enjoy or be amused at what happened is their thing, doesn’t bother me but to be actually singing songs celebrating a defeat inflicted on their own side, have they no pride ? QPR fans did display a green and yellow banner saying “What a Hughes mess”. Yesterday former City manager and Chelsea legend Mark Hughes was sacked by QPR. That was pretty inconsiderate of them, if only they’d given Hughes his cards a couple of days earlier, he could’ve been in contention for the job he’s always really wanted at Stamford Bridge. They’ve now appointed a man who was to his now sadly late canine friend (R.I.P. Rosie) what Sheik Mansour is to the sadly very much alive Manchester City. The happy cheeky chappie, freeman of Portsmouth and wholly tax compliant, Harry Redknapp. This is the legendary and decorated manager with 30 years experience and who’s honour is in winning the FA cup in 2008. There has, over the years a been reputation built by Redknapp for doing a good firemans job at clubs like Tottenham, Portsmouth and West Ham. What a lot of people forget was that he also took Southampton down in 2005. I have no problem or dislike of Harry Redknapp but after the pathetic display I saw today from followers of QPR, I hope this season has the same outcome for him.

6 thoughts on “What A Hughes Mess – Manchester 24th of November 2012”

  1. Yes, how dare we take some light-hearted joy from losing a game to a proper football club and thus taking the title away from that cheating bastard Young, your loathesome manager and plastic fans. The six teenagers that try to wind up the away fans quickly shut up when that song was sung and frankly it was hilarious.

    We also haven’t forgotten that Cantona goal but you probably weren’t born at the time.

    1. To be classed as “plastic” fans by fans of a club who can’t even fill their tiny stadium unless us or Chewsee are there takes the biscuit. QPR FC are so plastic that they were the first football club to play football on a plastic pitch. Try not to get too enraged by either my response, what happened yesterday or your hopefully inevitable relegation, I don’t want your face to melt.

      As for the goal by Cantona, I remember it well and I also remember all the squawking QPR fans in the South Africa road stand immediately after it was scored, I’ll enjoy the same sight later on this season.

      1. The home ends have regularly sold out this season in spite of a woefully performing team. Even if they weren’t, we can’t all rely on legions of smiling tourists who couldn’t name half the team or gloryhunting day trippers from the other end of the country. Anyway, by your logic most clubs in the football league are ‘plastic’.

        We’re not a big club, obviously, but our support has been relatively consistent through our decline and financial turmoil and frankly that’s something to be prouder of than being able to say you follow a team whose support would quickly piss off to Chelsea or City the second they suffer some sort of hardship.

        We may go down, we may not, but there’s still a modicum of pride in our support, despite the best efforts of that cunt Hughes, while deep down you loathe the fact that the club you once knew died a long time ago.

        1. The legions of tourist you allude to is the price of success. Regardless of that, United have always had significant amount of support outside of Manchester for varying reasons, descendants of Mancunian ex-pats and also the descendants of the squaddies who became United fans when United were doing pre-season tours in Germany in the early 1950s.
          Your second point is an assumption that some/most United fans would piss off and support Chelsea or whoever else was being succesful in times of adversity but what is your evidence to this ? United have had the highest average home attendance for fifty six of the sixty six post war years/seasons. Of them, they went twenty six years of not winning the title. That was some serious gloryhunting. Come back with something more substantial than a supposition which is actually more of a suppositry.
          As for the club that I knew dying, that is yet another opinion which isn’t backed up with any factual evidence. Man United have changed since I first started going regularly in 1982 but I’ve got a revelation here for you, so has every other club, yours included, so has proffesional football in general so again, I’ll ask you, what is your point ?

          1. Ruthless, you started off by trying to put your point of view, but you fell into the trap, set by you and other small club supporters. Insulting fans of superior clubs, you know cups won, big full ground and world repute etc, makes you and people like you (and @uckscanary) look short on rationale. I print this with sincerity. Celebrating a defeat of your own team tells me you can’t have much to sing or talk about. Then you say we have lost our soul. Put the word professional on the front of any sport and you will know that nobody can take the high ground. You’re a small minded person, supporting small. So suck it up. That’s your place in life. Get used to it. Gd piece Murph.

  2. It’s like picking teams at school, and “Rufus” is the last chap standing… I don’t really want him on my side 😉

    As a blue, seeing the QPR fans celebrating the fact they aided our quest to win the league, on the day was funny… in the days/ weeks/ seasons that follow, is a little sad… Oh well… Redknapp’ll probably take them into administration… (Bournemouth, Southampton, Portsmouth…)

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