Presented John Stones Roses – Liverpool 26th April 2015

It’s always good to be at Goodison Park. Along with Villa Park, White Hart Lane and Loftus Road, it’s a proper football ground in a proper footballing area. Like the aforementioned stadia, Goodison has houses, shops and pubs, glorious pubs nearby. Then we have St Lukes Church on the corner of Gwladys Street and Goodison Road, a place where you could pick up a drink and a butty for a reasonable price. I couldn’t believe how quaint and civilised it all was. Goodison isn’t perfect. The Bullens Road and Goodison Road stands are archaic, they have huge pillars which can occasionally block the view. However, compared to being stuck on the back row of the Anfield Road stand, it’s a relative minor inconvenience. Whatever imperfections of Goodison, give me there anyday over being stuck in a concrete bowl in the middle of bleeding nowhere. Like Stoke, Derby or the Riverside in Middlesbrough. Those places are so bland and dull that the rats give them a wide berth.

View from the back row of the Goodison Road stand’s upper tier

A final score of 3-0 looks bad, but to me, it was just one of those days. Manchester United were nowhere near as bad

as the final score suggests. Put simply, Everton took their chances and United didn’t take theirs, so fair enough. With the Reds having most of the possession and chasing the game from the 5th minute, after James McCarthy cooly put Everton in front, the home side cleverly picked United off on the counter throughout the match. A minute after McCarthy’s goal, Marouane Fellaini served notice of how the day was going to work out for United when he sent a good chance over the bar after mugging Gareth Barry of the ball.

In the 35th minute, United presented John Stones roses, as he made the score 2-0 with a free header from seven yards. At an awkward angle, Stones rolled his header high to David de Gea’s right as it bounced in off the bar. As I was sat incognito amongst Evertonians, high in the dizzying top tier of the Goodison Road, my ears popped as much through the height I was at as well as the ecstatic reaction of the Evertonians around me. They couldn’t believe what they were seeing, neither could I.

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Angel di Maria taking a corner in front of United fans in the Bullens Road stand (photo courtesy of Neil Meehan)

A cagey second half, where United couldn’t get past a very well marshalled home defence was made worse when Kevin Mirallas seized on a sleeping United defence to put Everton 3-0 up in the 73rd. In the run up to that goal, Romelu Lukaku was so far offside, he needed his passport to get back on. Whether Lukaku was offside or not though, United should’ve played to the whistle anyway, something I trust Louis van Gaal will have been telling his players after the match. Ten minutes later, de Gea pulled off a brilliant save from an excellent shot from Mirallas. That was a relief. 4-0 would’ve been a very unfair final score judging from this performance. United’s day was summed up perfectly when Wayne Rooney tackled Paddy McNair in the centre circle. I can be grateful for one thing, United’s attacking performance was never likely to have me blowing my anonymity amongst the scousers.

Inconsolable reds singing Oh What A Night

Just over a year ago, United lost 2-0 at Goodison. It was a performance of such disgrace that it ended up losing David Moyes his job. Even worse than that, twenty three years ago today, I was across Stanley Park, watching United lose 2-0 at Anfield and through consequence, officially crown Leeds United champions. Any United fan who was at that game, will remember the glee of the Liverpool fans in the ground at what was unfolding. They are both low points in my time of watching United. Statistically, United’s loss today was worse than those, in reality, reds should just shrug their shoulders and be confident that things will be alright again pretty soon.

Louis van Gaal telling it like it is and taking no shit in the post match interview

10 thoughts on “Presented John Stones Roses – Liverpool 26th April 2015”

  1. I couldn’t agree more with your summing up. No big deal losing like this. They set their stall out to smother the midfield and got lucky with our naive defending. The plan is still on course, even with the current rough passage. Louis van Gaal has give some thought to a Carrick replacement, to labour my point of view. Because as important as I and others, think he is, he no better than me sat in the stand. We should recover from this. The prick sat next to Nev in commentary box, ignored a solid seven or eight minutes of great Red support. Only to recognise the monotonous ‘Everton’ dirge that lasted a few seconds. Fair play to the Everton side by the way. They got what they set out for and more. That St Luke’s sounds delightful by the way.

  2. Spot on, Murph. Annoying but ultimately doesn’t mean a great deal. The last few weeks have made us all giddy but it’s a case now of seeing the job through and being patient until August.
    Some top quality stewarding on show in the bullens. I had a 25 stone steward telling me, ‘you’ll have to push your way through’, because i was stood in an aisle (along with countless others) and asked to show my ticket for the umpteenth time in the first half. Right.

  3. Murphy,

    I have came all the way from Lyon (France) to sea this bollocks.

    Serious why not more the midfield tryangle in this match of Fellaini Mata Herrera.

    They have telled me previous that Goodison is the classic old school ground? Mon dieu it is a shit hole and the people have the visage of a rat.

    Sorry not to see you Bro but we achieve the spares tickets.

    I don’t come back until next season.

    Maybe we make together a euro away?



    1. J le rouge. If we do get into Europe, for football reasons and we are drawn against French club, we could a party at your maison. What is your address? So we can pencil in some plans. Au revoir mon amis. PS all this was thought with a French policemans accent.

      1. Slade,

        Yes Bro, it is the dream for me always of the red army coming in my home city of Lyon.

        I have read in the books of the great reds like Eamonn Homes and Tony ONeil that it can be like a great smash up and a massif party.

        We will pencil the plans ok.

        I have a dog of the Great Dame variety called Molby who don’t react well to loud musique but perhaps we have him put down soon (for ground of health and he eat too much) so the party is ok.

        I don’t understand you are working in french police but your name is not french? Vous etes un gendarme?

        Salut et amities mon frere,


        1. Don’t s laughter your doggy alone. I help you. I could stick newly sharpened pencil into him many times. While watching Scooby Doo movie co starring little Scrappy Doo. Then we smoke eh, fuck the match. We watch on the television. Me and my co blogger, Lionel, are both willing to bring our own butties. Spam and sun dried sprouts are my favourites. You can share. Cos the nez sac is a bit dodgy in your part of the monde.

          1. Slade,

            What is your number?

            Yes Bro. If you will arriving in France we will have a united theme of party.

            Taxi from the airport to my parent house only €80.

            Some of les mecs in Lyon they are calling me Fred the Red not J The Red (joke!!)

            I make for the firm the authentic dish of chips and fish I am only guy in my town who eat this every day. Molby he prefer the pedigrees chum. A entire can for petit dejeuner. Fat bastard. Ha!

            You know Lionel? This is same guy who was arrest in Athens and Munich? I think he has too much butties! (joke)

            Send me the number Bro.



          2. Hi J. Si vous resider avec votre Peres. I need to know more about your background before we exchange personnel details. Are vous male ou female, vous know, that sort of chose. You ask about Lionel. No I do not know him, but have been searching for him for some time. You can usually hear me shouting his name. I stand by the Gibson bridge. So far to no avail. Occasionally, people look at me as if I’m fucking crackers, but I’m determined to find out who he or she is. Maybe you could help. On the upcoming Euro always, if you stand near the United section screaming, at the top your voice, Llliiiooonnneeeeeeeel, we discover who he or she really is. That’s all for now, Slade

  4. I was driving back from a week holiday in Scotland so had to listen to the radio, and, because it wasn’t on the Beeb I had to endure that complete twat Collymore on Talksport.
    That aside, was that Utd supporters shouting during the minutes silence? Disgraceful morons.
    It was clear from the commentary who had the lions share of possession. Sometimes listening to a game on the radio highlights the way a player is out of the game, I think I heard Mata mentioned twice in 45 minutes with Rooney not much more.
    Arrived home in a lather to see the final 15 minutes, and then endured the picking over of the bones. Not sure if that’s the worst part because I gnash my teeth even more. Interesting cameo in the final 15 minute, when RVP hounded down a couple of defenders whereas Falcao did naff all.

  5. “was that Utd supporters shouting during the minutes silence?”

    There was noise coming from United fans in the concourse of the Bullens Road stand. They had no idea that there was a minutes silence taking place as they couldn’t hear the stadium announcer saying so. To say it was a wilful disruption of the minutes silence (and I appreciate that you haven’t personally said this) is disingenuous. The reds making the noise were oblivious and the happily outraged, have seized on this as some kind of disrespect shown to Evertonians grieving for Philip Carter.

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