A View From The Floodlight – Manchester 5th of May 2013

I can only hope that if United had something lying on this game, it would’ve been a better performance than the limp disgrace that was served up today. As bad as United were, Chelsea were equally so. The fairest result would’ve been a 0-0 draw but a Juan Mata shot on 86 minutes which deflected off Phil Jones gave Chelsea a 1-0 win. The most disappointing thing about the match was that United could’ve thrown a spanner in the works for Chelsea’s attempt to qualify for the European Cup next season and allow proper football clubs like Tottenham and Arsenal in. Due to United’s piss poor performance, we’ll probably yet again have these classless no-marks polluting Europe’s premier football tournament next season. After the match, more than one of my fellow reds said that they felt cheated by the display from United while others were seething over David Luiz being the cause of United’s first red card of the season. A combination of Rafael’s naïveté and the rat like guile of his poodle headed compatriot David Luiz, saw to Rafael being sent off by the usually very good Howard Webb. Last month, Sergio Aguero did a very uncharacteristic two footed assault on David Luiz. I said at the time that the biggest regret I have at that is that Aguero didn’t actually cause Luiz a serious injury. That Luiz can ellicit such a reaction from a placid and decent natured lad like Aguero says everything about the type of twat that Luiz is. In Howard Webb’s defence, a Chelsea win has probably saved him from having some spurious career threatening allegation slung in his direction, a regular occurrence from that cesspit of Russian financed poison, when they lose.

Yesterday was a typical end of season showing from a United side that had nothing to play for. From my berth in the Stretford End, there was a lively atmosphere in the first half before it fell as flat as United’s performance in the second. Chelsea fans yet again failed to sell out their allocation for a match at Old Trafford with a block of 500 seats (approx.) empty in the L stand. Chelsea fans have been whinging about only receiving 9,800 tickets for the Europa League final in Amsterdam; from what I saw yesterday, that’s 6,000 too many. As for United, here’s hoping that Sir Alex Ferguson can wring out at least one decent performance in the last two games from a season that, whilst successful, has seen some very efficient but mostly dull football served up.

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3 thoughts on “A View From The Floodlight – Manchester 5th of May 2013”

  1. No axe to grind, but isn’t fergie the biggest hypocrite on the planet? Moans when other teams put out weaker side agianst opposition Manu U need to get beat.

    No De Gea, Carrick, Ferdinand, Rooney in starting line up?? Jones, Giggs, Anderson, Valencia were absolutely woeful.. If I were a Spurs or Arsenal fan or Manager this is a bit hard to take.

    Anyways, what goes round – comes round!!

    1. I’m not sure when Sir Alex has moaned about other clubs playing a weakened side, could you give me an example? As for the weakened team itself, Sir Alex’s sole priority is to the welfare of Manchester United. Tottenham and Arsenal fans can be justifiably pissed off at Uniteds result and performance yesterday but ultimately, in Arsenals case, they should be more pissed off at losing to Chelsea twice this season and Tottenham losing 4-2 at home to Chelsea, or is that Uniteds fault too?
      As for Sir Alex being a hypocrite, can you give me a Premier League manager who is a paragon of integrity? Harry Redknapp maybe? Big Sam?? Anybody please????

  2. If your going to play that bad against the racist dunger meisters, then do it when there’s f@#k all on it. So well done Fergie, on that. But losing to them smug twats is never funny. They think their almost inaudible chants cut it with us Mancs. Sorry you chuucee nomarks. It must be that slack jawed accent. Nothing new, just the same old arrogant loondoner insulting anyone they meet. No wit, no history, no class. You will have noticed I hardly mentioned the game itself. Well if that’s all chuucee can do against a squad that have been on the pis, I would advise they shut up about it too. Have you still got them T shirts left.

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