Eagle’s Still Flying. Manchester, 14th of September 2011

United played Benfica three times in two famous European Cup ties in the 1960’s. Barring friendlies (one which in 1992, was Eric Cantona’s debut for United), after 1968 United went 37 years without playing the Lisboa eagles and then, like a bus, we’ve now played them six times in six years. It’s a sign of both overkill and the times that I only know two people that have gone to Lisbon for tonights match where once upon a time I would’ve known tens if not hundreds of people who’d have gone.

Ryan Giggs, Darren Fletcher and Antonio Valencia made a first start to a competitive match this season. A far less welcome first start of the season goes to the bloody awful black & blue hooped shirts who’s only redeeming feature to me is that it’s not as bad as the Tesco bag away shirts United used in the mid 1990’s. I sometimes think that the people who design Uniteds away shirts are on a diet of bad acid. Can anybody tell me what’s wrong with having United play in red as first choice and a white shirt when having to change ?

United started well but then Benfica got a grip on the game with Cardozo scoring past the impressive Anders Lindegaard on 24 minutes. Giggs came up with a moment of magic just before half time to equalise. The match ended 1-1 and tonight I think Sir Alex Ferguson just about got away with resting Young and playing an increasingly ineffective Michael Carrick. I believe that a full strength United side would’ve beaten Benfica tonight.

It’s a real coup for ITV to get the refreshing Roy Keane as a panellist for the match, his no nonsense analysis contrast sharply with the drone of the pride of Crawley, Gareth Southgate. For some reason over the last couple of seasons, ITV have developed a penchant for conducting their half time and post match analysis pitchside. Maybe it saves them the expense of hiring a commentary booth in these times of austerity (we’re in it together and all that) but tonight they’ve come unstuck. Adrian Chiles, Gareth Southgate & Roy Keane struggled to make themselves heard with the healthy lungs of Angus Young  (AC/DC) singing, playing so loud over the stadium tannoy, they could’ve been giving a live performance in the centre circle, à la Monday night football on SKY Sports in 1992. They were stood in front of the United fans and once the AC/DC CD had been turned off, they were serenaded by United fans with their extended repertoire of songs in homage to Keane.

High Sixes All Round. Manchester, 11th of September 2011

Bolton Wanderers are proud Lancastrians, even though they’re now officially in Greater Manchester they stubbornly claim to be either Boltonians or Lancastrians, but never Mancunians, this pleases me no end. What I have found however is that if you get a boltonian in an English speaking country abroad, say Australia or the USA, they suddenly become Mancunians because hardly anybody in them countries have ever heard of the antiquated shithole they come from. Bolton to me is like a wart on the arsehole of Manchester, something like Croydon is to London.

United again ran riot at Bolton yesterday. After five minutes Javier Hernandez had scored and the game was over by twenty five minutes with the score at 3-0. United took their foot off the pedal until half time, but by halfway through the second half, had scored another two with Wayne Rooney wrapping a second succesive hat-trick for good measure. Everything was great about the result yesterday, the only complaint I have is I’m wondering how that cakey wanker, Kevin Davies stayed on the pitch after yet another lunge on Patrice Evra. Missing out on doing serious damage to Evra, he got Tom Cleverley instead

For yesterdays match, Bolton became yet another club to cut Uniteds allocation of tickets on the grounds of persistent standing. A lot of clubs do this, safe in the knowledge that the locals will buy the tickets denied to the visitors, only yesterday our dear cousins over the A666 (never has a road been more appropiately named) didn’t sell out the ground for the visit of (A) the league champions and (B) the team they claim to be their biggest rivals. Hopefully yesterdays thrashing by United will instrumental in their relegation at the end of the season, preferably trading places with Blackpool

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Manchester United 4-1 Portsmouth – 7th May 1988

Brian McClair scores a penalty on a dusty, dry pitch in front of the Stretford End (photo and caption courtesy of Kay Dickinson)