Skating On Thin Ice – Manchester 23rd of September 2013

Vincent Kompany said in his post match interview on SKY Sports that ‘maybe the game meant a little bit more to us than to them…’. If Kompany has ever uttered truer words than that then I’ve yet to read or hear them. This was as bad a United performance against City that I can ever remember. Just under two years ago, I walked away from Old Trafford having witnessed City beating United 6-1. I was consoled in the belief that even though City were deserved winners that day, 6-1 was a freak result. it was a result against a 10 man team that had gone kamikaze after they had scored a goal at 3-0 down with nine minutes to go. Yesterday was different. When Wayne Rooney scored what was arguably the goal of the match on 87 minutes, United could’ve been 7-0 down and it would’ve been a fair reflection of the game. That it was only 4-0 at the time was due to the fact that with some mercy, City took their foot off the pedal when they scored their fourth on 50 minutes with a far post volley from Samir Nasri. The last time I can remember a United performance as clueless and as spineless as this, was at the Riverside stadium, Middlesbrough in October 2005, a match that had the same result as yesterday. That match inadvertently saw the departure of Roy Keane for comments he made about the game after watching it whilst seething in a hotel bar in Dubai. With a bit of luck, yesterdays performance would have marked cards for certain players in a similar way with David Moyes. I can’t second guess the reasoning of a United manager who spurned the chance of signing Mesut Özil during a summer in which he also granted Nani a new five year contract. For all that, after what I’ve seen from both Ashley Young and Anderson in the past nine days, the only time I’d expect to see them in a United shirt again would be on Thursday nights at Moss Lane in Altrincham playing for the stiffs and even then, only in place of an injury to one of the kids. There are others, more popular terrace figures like Danny Welbeck and Antonio Valencia who must also be skating on thin ice too.

Going into injury time of the 1st half, things didn’t look too bad on the surface. United looked like they were going into half time only one goal down after been played off the pitch by City. Alvaro Negredo then had a free header from a Samir Nasri corner which was guided into the back of the United net by the knee of the imperious Yaya Toure. It was no more than City deserved but whatever the merit, it was lousy time to go 2-0 down. United didn’t force Joe Hart into making a save until Marouane Fellaini tried beating the City keeper high on his near post on 67 minutes. A Wayne Rooney corner on 79 minutes saw Patrice Evra lose his marker, Sergio Aguero and head against the foot of Joe Harts left hand post. Rooney’s goal eight minutes later gave a scarcely deserved veneer of respectability from a United side which hadn’t earned an ounce of respect. There was times yesterday when it looked like City had 12/13 players on the pitch. Michael Carrick was anonymous and whilst Fellaini was busy, he was outperformed in this litmus test against Yaya Toure. Worst of a pretty bad bunch was Ashley Young. Tom Cleverley replaced the hilariously hapless former Aston Villa winger immediately after City went 4-0 in front on 51 minutes.

United fans were in great voice yesterday, particularly after going 4-0 down. A simple  and constant chant of ‘twenty times, twenty times, Man United’ to the tune of the hymn Give Me Joy In My Heart gave more encouragement to reds than any of the ensuing shambles on the pitch. Whilst the apparently mass mustachioed, blue cladded hordes, whom all seemed to be called Bertie, partied long and hard until at least nine o’clock last night on streets of Hyde and Hazel Grove, United lads’n’ lasses were having a good post match drink on Deansgate, Castlefield and Oxford Road. The one thing to celebrate last night was that no matter what happens on the pitch, we were to wake up this morning still reds. Blues can have their well deserved day but ultimately, they’re stuck with being blues for a lifetime, especially now that their Chelsea shirts have been quietly thrown away. For that, we should be all be grateful.

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View from the United end of the rented abode of the richest club in the world (Photograph courtesy of Neil Meehan)

Thanks to Lee Thomas for his help in writing this

28 thoughts on “Skating On Thin Ice – Manchester 23rd of September 2013”

  1. Just put this on twitter but may as well repeat here. United were absolutely devoid of ideas or passion, but it’s too simplistic to put it down to just that. We’ve all seen United be clueless and spineless over the years (the riverside springs to mind, as does anfield in the fa cup the other year). More worryingly though yesterday, was rather that city had every single answer. They completely out-thought us and were able to handle us so easily without ever getting into top gear (to coin a horrible motd-style catchphrase, apologies). I’d always back us over the course if 38 games as them lot are always likely to implode in similar fashion to many modern galactico outfits, but on a one-off day, their starting 11 is a class above ours and they seem to have the upper hand tactically too. Fergie never grasped that we need 3 in midfield against them, and it seems Moyes hasn’t yet either.

    Onwards and upwards eh lads, let’s stick behind Mr Moyes.

    1. The loss of Van Persie definitely affected United but Rooney stepped up to his job admirably (whatever else may be thought of him). I was reasonably encouraged when I found out Silva wasn’t playing as he’s the one City player who scares the shit out of me. Even with no Silva though, they still had Kompany, Yaya and Aguero and as Mike alluded to below, the gulf was alarming in the quality of our respective best players.

  2. Typical rag, you can’t accept defeat without any sportsmanship. If you are not moaning about the 1-6, you’re coming out with all that rubbish that rags always come out with about Stockport and you call us bitter?

    1. Spot on Alan, the arsehole writing this thinks he’s so funny with his lazy comments about moustaches and blues in Hazel Grove. This City is ours dickhead and don’t you ever forget it. The tide has turned and you are going to end up like scousers going on about your history you sad bastard. The blue moon is rising, get ready for it and lets see how long you keep writing this shit blog from London for. FUCK OFF BACK TO LONDON, THIS CITY IS OURS 4-1 HAHA

      1. Agreed Harry, City won emphatically and deservedly. But if you think that the 3 points gives you all the freedom in the world to gloat over City’s achievements (which is next to nothing, for starters), you remind me of that teenage kid, who just discovered the art of masturbation, explaining its pleasures to a man who has been doing an orgy for years !!!

      2. Boo moon rising…didn’t you divs say the same bollox two years ago? What have you won since…or do you sack managers for success now? As for the London comments isn’t that the usual “lazy” Bertie comments you despise?
        Usual Stopfordian knob-jockey

    2. You are bitters.The fact you won 4-1…battered us…so far superior that any Red with a degree of a footballing knowledge just has to admit it, yet with an open goal to take the piss you come on here moaning.

      You are the epitome of a bitter as you can’t even be happy in a emphatic victory…you still resort to being…bitter.

      The saying is true…there aren’t any City fans in Manchester…there are United fans and United haters. No need to confirm which category you come in Conman

  3. We saw that man for man, city are a better team (quite how much better was a bit alarming) but honestly we knew this already, didn’t we? The difference is that hopefully the reds will pull together and play for each other in a way that the mercenaries of city and Chelsea will not. So I fully expect in less glamorous games city will come undone, as they already showed at Cardiff.

    Great blog Murph, by the way

    1. Very true, United won the title last year by virtue of City’s complacency and an apparent mutiny against the manager combined with a Chelsea side who are a match for anybody on their day but lacked consistency. Nobody was under any illusion that it was a great United side that won the title.
      The same could happen this season, Chelsea and City have already dropped daft points whilst United have been beaten at both Anfield and Eastlands. I wouldn’t write United off for anything at this stage. Chelsea are nothing special and whilst City were brilliant on Sunday just passed, whether they maintain that throughout the season is another thing altogether. I personally believe that the City side of two years ago was a better side than they are now, I’ll be able to give you a better answer around Christmas. City’s performance on Sunday could be a springboard for a brilliant run or it could be a classic case of ‘after the lord mayor’s show’, we’ll find out soon enough.

  4. United outplayed yesterday. Can’t argue with result, score, or the dreadful performance. Tactics were questionable to say the least. Nobody on the bench that could alter things.But what concerned me most, was, the attitude. Don’t blame the imported players. The tripe floggers have more mercenaries than any club. Who to blame ? No point really. Any self respecting pro doesn’t needs telling by this fan, that that was unacceptable. Harry, printing your inane twaddle in capitals, doesn’t make it more potent. Your gang of money grabbers won a game, fairly and squarely. Thats all. Three points. That’s all. Alan, learn some words. I know your not very old, but do your best next. Good coverage Murph.

  5. As a blue who regularly reads your blog Tony, I must say this isn’t as a flowing piece of prose as normal…but I must say, if we had just lost a game 4-1, I certainly wouldn’t be putting my head above the parapet for the world to read.
    I don’t really need to state the obvious to Alan and Harry (and certainly do not want to make excuses for them) -but the clue is in the blogs title. If you just want to read about your own club then do so, if you want to read the views of supporters of different teams, then do so…but don’t get arsey when they see things from a different view.
    Anyway, off my soap box – you know I enjoy reading the blog (without always agreeing) – and you know I really enjoyed the game yesterday! – See ya soon Tony

  6. The Sierra Leone banner belongs to fans who support Craig Bellamy’s fantastic, unpublicised (by him) charity work for orphans in that country. Bit rich United fans poking fun at non-Mancunians attending matches, even if they were from Sierra Leone (which they’re not). Bell End? Surely you can do better than that. Incorrect and puerile. The richest club in the world, well that one’s true and aren’t you all gutted. Please, please don’t pretend you wouldn’t be overjoyed to have Sheik Mansour pour billions into your club and, more importantly, the properly deprived areas around Old Trafford football ground. You’d be lucky to get the Glazers (remember them?) to do a refurb on the Lou Macari chippy. As for the “Chelsea shirt” jibe… surely you don’t really believe there’s one single City fan who was a Chelsea fan up to us winning the league last year? If you do then you’re massively deluded. Moustaches and Stockport? Give it a rest will you. I’ve been a City fan for over 50 years and don’t know a single fan from Stockport (apart from a few Reds i know with SK postcodes). As for thinking repeatedly mentioning ‘moustaches’ is either insulting or funny or even has a semblance of truth then your sense of humour needs an update. I used to enjoy reading this blog but the worse United are getting the lower the tone of this blog has become. Finally, United fans were deafeningly silent until they realised they were in for a proper good hiding until City took it easy and bravado having taken over the shock of what they were experiencing on the pitch they then started making a bit of noise but chanting “20 times, 20 times Man United” was eerily reminiscent of the whinging chants of Liverpool fans since they last won anything ie you’ll be able to chant that always even if you never, ever win another trophy (a la Liverpool) but it’ll still be as pathetic as them. Shame really, a little humility wouldn’t go amiss after being able to take the piss out of ickle citeh for nearly all of your lifetimes. The bile and bitterness from my United mates who all thought City were OK until we won the ‘tin pot cup’ in May 2011 has surprised, shocked and saddened me.

    1. Thanks for enlightening me to Craig Bellamy’s altruism in regards to orphaned children in Sierra Leone. It wasn’t something I was au-fait with but if City fans feel the need to put a banner up celebrating his generosity, then fair play to them.
      As for City’s modern day financial leverage, the truth is, I’m no more gutted about City being the worlds richest club than I was when Chelsea were taken over by Roman Abramovich or when the Italians were throwing money around like confetti in the 80s and 90s. It’s fact of life and we move on but for all that, I felt I was well within my rights saying something that City fans of my acquaintance have repeatedly told me since September 2008. Whilst the Glazer imposed debt on my club is a sore point (to put it mildly), it doesn’t mean that I wish for United to be overtaken by owners who spend money like a wealthy benevolent uncle. I was perfectly happy with United’s self sufficiency before the Glazers arrived and I’d happily take United being run the same way it was, before them parasites took over. I applaud the investment that the Abu Dhabi united group have poured into the Beswick/Clayton area, it chronically needed it. I found it interesting that you described the immediate area surrounding United’s ground as ‘properly deprived’. I know for a fact that you know that area and whilst it’s not a beacon of affluence, I’ve never really considered Warwick Road, Railway Road or Partridge Street (amongst others) as being properly deprived. I suppose it’s in the eye of the beholder.

      Regarding Chelsea shirts, I vividly remember City fans whom were both work colleagues and blokes in the pub who’d wear Chelsea shirts when they were United’s main rivals for honours pre the Middle Eastern takeover in 2008. I wouldn’t gratuitously say that without any foundation. The reality of that is to my eyes no different to Tony Wilson wearing a Bruges rosette on Granada Reports, immediately prior to the 1978 European Cup final.

      Regarding moustaches and Stockport, I’ll have to take at face value the fact that don’t know any fellow blues who come from Stockport, I’ve come across a few over the years, particularly when I worked at Ringway airport. As for any jibes about moustaches, I’m begining to wonder who’s winding who up here. It may be daft but when it comes to puerility, every football fan of every football allegiance occasionally strays inadvertently into that territory. I could write a book about some of the inanity I’ve heard off blues throughout my lifetime, but it comes and goes. I’m amazed that a man of your obvious erudition could be so incensed by what was said there.

      1. If the charitable works of an ex player were unpublicised, then how did them DICK HEADS in the BELLEND know about it. ( Respect to Bellamy by the way). As a United fan of many years standing, and now sitting, I can claim to know many loyal and knowledgeable CITEH fans to quote J Rennie, that live in the Stockport area. Why do you deny these fans? They are part of the fabric of your club. Are they, and other out of towners not welcome? If JR had been in the same hotel breakfast area as as my ex pat Manc pal, on Sunday morn, he would have embraced his Cheshire brethren with some enthusiasm. JR would be advised to take some indigestion formula, before making a show of his or herself in public. Some fans seem handle the temporary success, less well than the historic, shambles that preceded this blip.

  7. This defeat could be the making of Moyes. He stuck to his idea and got walloped, and will now be forced to change.

    I’ve defended Ashley Young but I can’t see a future for him, I also think it’s the end of the line for the Rio/Vidic partnership (especially in big games) really need to develop Phil Jones as a centre half and with the weakness of our midfield we may just have to be a bit more dogmatic. Fill the midfield and keep the ball.

    1. Agree entirely apart from what you say about Rio and Vidic. I still believe that they are capable of playing in big games. What I’m sure of is that at this stage of their careers, they are not capable of playing three games in eight days with a match of the intensity of the derby at the end of it. There’s also the fact that Sergio Aguero is a pretty special centre forward who can give any defender, at any stage of his career a nightmare.

  8. So Manchester is boo is it? Why then, was the rented accommodation half empty for the Wigan game. If an empty seat tax (like a bedroom tax) was applied in this instance, the boos brothers could find themselves playing in a smaller ground. They could always share with Stockport or Hyde. Can any city fan, not foaming at the mouth, explain this? Whether you went or not.

  9. It’s taken me a few days to digest the full horror of Sunday’s abject performance and with the
    Dippers on their way for tonight’s game, I would say that we are only one bad performance or defeat away from a crisis.

    Defeat tonight and the vultures will be circling and much as I would like to ignore them, I have to say that – tough fixtures or not – things are not shaping up well for David Moyes. Yes, he’s had an awkward start, but as with the Summer Transfer Shambles, he has in all honesty hardly covered himself in glory.

    Leaving aside the fact that he has been unable to bring in the creative playmaker we have needed for several years now – I’m reserving judgement on Fellaini for a while – what is apparent is that he and his staff don’t seem able to get the best out of the players we have at the club already.

    Also, to echo other doubters, where is Zaha? Where is Kagawa? Zaha was outstanding in pre-season so why hasn’t he been given a minute on the pitch? He could hardly be worse than Ashley Young.

    Before the January window, there needs to be a major clearout with (at least) the likes of Welbeck, Cleverley, Andes Ron, Young, Macheda and Amos moved on. Players like Lingard, Zaha, Larnell Cole,the Keane Twins, Marnick Vermijl and Januzaj need to be fast tracked in and played regularly. As we are clearly not going to be able to compete with the moneybags clubs like City & Chelsea, our best hope lies with youngsters, so let’s get them bedded in ASAP.

  10. Murph, i wasn’t talking about the immediate streets around your stadium being deprived. I meant the vast swathes of Salford (Ordsall being the nearest), big parts of Old Trafford, Trafford Park and some of the poorer parts of Stretford. Honestly mate, i wasn’t incensed, just a tad disappointed. Can’t see how you think my blood pressure was raised even one iota. And, Joe Leonard, you really are a clown, mate. I’m an Old Trafford lad born and bred who has hardly ever visited Stockport so why on earth would i know lots of people from that area. The 3 football followers i know from Stockport happen to be Reds, sorry. I wouldn’t deny any fan supporting their local club if it’s City but if you’re from Stockport, Rochdale, Bury or Oldham then that’s who i believe you should support. Would love to be in a stadium of purely Mancunians or people with a strong connection to the club. No matter the size of the crowd! Remember? How it used to be? When you could turn up at Maine Road or Old Trafford 10 minutes before Kick Off and pay at the gate and be surrounded by people with the same accent as you. And, Gurney Slade, WHO FUCKING CARES. And, “foaming at the mouth”? You’re a fool, Gurner! Don’t think we’ll be sharing with Stockport or Hyde, mate. Smell the coffee or remain clueless, it’s up to you. Seems like ickle citeh (yes that’s right, citeh, you know, spoken with a MANCUNIAN accent) get right up your nose. You really think it’s a good idea to take the piss out of our accent. I feel sorry for you lad, you’re consumed by your twisted bitterness. Finally, Murph, you mention those guys from work and the pub wearing Chelsea shirts…. they weren’t Chelsea fans just as they’re not City fans. They didn’t go to Stamford Bridge and they don’t come to our ground. Haven’t got any time at all for the ABU brigade. I’ve hardly missed a match since 1955 and i’ve yet to meet a City fan with a cockney accent or even a southern accent,come to think of it. Happily. Good Luck, mate.

    1. Re JR. My Old Trafford credentials are a match for any ones of my vintage. Brooks Bar was my original quarter of town. I could give you a list of toffee shops, picture houses, and later public houses that would impress any local historian. As for knowing football supporters from other parts of our mutual conurbation, my job took me to various part unlike you, who seems to go, where you go, wearing blinkers. Oblivious as you are to your fellow citeh fans, this red rag, would engage with any football fan who was prepared to talk football and I can honestly say that one my best work mates, now deceased, had a southeast of England accent. His city cred was second to none. The Old Trafford I grew up in was multi racial, multi cultured. Some Reds some blue. Some moved on. Some kept their allegiance and some not. People have kids and they could follow the family club. You know, how it us to be. I too can go back to mid fifties football. And I remember my citeh pals sadness by the defeat of Newcastle. Then the joy the following may. If you and your less well educated associates stopped propagating the myth that everyone who watches your team comes from within walking distance of your rented abode, you could perhaps start enjoying your deserved victory over United and other bigger clubs. Instead of spinning into ramblings, which make it amusing to others but embarrassing for you. How it used to be? Are you serious? Just go back a few years. Before your sponsor turned up. Did you JR, read that offering before posting. YoYo clubs like yours could only dream of a cup. If you really want it how was, organise a demo against your benefactor. And I don’t mean any aged members of the Swales family.

  11. Joe Leonard, don’t want a nostalgia competition, thanks. I also will engage with anyone (hence my comments on Murph’s blog) Where did i say that City fans come from within walking distance of one of the finest stadiums in this country? Yo-yo clubs? So only constant success is one of your criteria for supporting a team? City won the Cup in 1904. Put your nastiness away. Why would a demo against the Sheik (though why on earth we’d want to do that i’ve no idea) also mean demanding non-local fans should stay away? Yes i would love to have it how it was pre-Sky (or even how it was in the 50s, 60s, 70s and to an extent the 80s. What’s wrong with that? Believe me, I don’t need your permission to enjoy City’s win on Sunday. I loved it, mate. Still got that smallmindedness to spell City with a small ‘c’ and mock the Manchester accent(which i presume you also possess) by spelling it citeh. Other bigger clubs? Joe, you’re unbelievably predictable in your bitterness. Sorry we got good (and massively rich like you used to be) it obviously upsets your view on how Manchester football should be. For someone who’s been around so long you’d think you’d remember and have been told about the times when football supremacy in this city of ours yo-yoed between City and United for long periods but you obviously choose to ignore that and perpetuate the bollocks you’ve come out with here. Got no time for people like you, Joe. Once again, sorry to upset you by being better than United at the moment (and probably for the foreseeable future unless someone hands the Glazers £1.5 billion profit) but you’ve had it (very) good for nearly 40 years so show a little humility and maybe try and be a bit pleased for your citeh mates whose joy in 1956 you seemed to maybe share a little. Just as i was there on Seymour Grove in February 1958 sobbing along with my City supporting family as we watched all those hearses passing by on their way to Old Trafford. Seeya!

    1. Hi JR. Me again. United, my local club, went twenty six years without winning the league title, so being successful is not the only reason to support a club as we have proved. But CITY, thats’s for you and your sensitivities, failed to show that kind of support. The walking distance thing is a slight exaggeration, but no more than the nonsense your fellow BLUES put about and followed up by any ABU. So lets read it, that you welcome with open arms any one who travels from near or far into your midst. Because if that’s what your saying, it seems to this reader, you’re trying to wriggle free of your original sentiments. As for supremacy in the foreseeable future. Control yourself. CITY won on Sunday, and your supremacy was difficult to see on Tuesday night. As for reading the future, be careful. It’s a funny old game. Assuming things the way do (excluding where fans live) should bring you a good return from BETFRED or the like. If you’ve not put your money your mouth is well… Three points well earned by your CITY players on Sunday appear to be wasted on you. We should meet sometime and take the old fashioned approach you obviously miss. The respect you and your family and many other CITY fans showed on Seymour Grove that sleeting night was appreciated by all right thinking fans and I offer my gratitude. Now that’s the kind of thing I miss.

      1. Joe Leonard, where did i say “i welcome with open arms anyone from near or far”? That’s my whole point about outsiders supporting my club. I DON’T WANT THEM and that includes people from Stockport, Oldham, Bury, Rochdale etc. They all have perfectly good clubs of their own to support. And if you actually read what i put it was me who said that constant success should not be any reason to support your club in reply to your comment that yoyo clubs like mine could only dream of winning a cup (like that’s a bad thing). It’s what fans of 90% of clubs on this planet go through year after year. If they didn’t there would only be 5 or 6 clubs in existence in England ie the ones that regularly win trophies. Most fans never ever get to see their team win a top trophy, that’s not the be all and end all for them (or me). “We should meet and take the old fashioned approach you obviously miss” I can’t actually believe i read that. Surely you don’t mean we should have a fist fight! If you do then words fail me. Actually the 2 words most readily that spring to mind are ‘grow’ and ‘up’ in that order. I’m not really a fighter mate. Been in the 3 worst prisons in Asia (Kabul, Karachi and Bombay) and no-one but no-one ever troubled me. Nor did they in my own favourite jail, HMP Strangeways but i’m well into my sixties now and not in the best of health so if you don’t mind i’ll have to decline your invitation. Still can’t get over what you said actually and i’m hoping i’ve misread your words in some way. I really am and if not then why don’t you harangue and have a set-to with some of the City fans who posted real knobhead replies on this blog and give me a miss. I seem to have properly upset you. Ta.

        1. I at no point invited you to a ‘fist fight’. Having boxed into my mid twenties, it taught me enough not to take, what is known in the trade as a ‘blind contest’. I, like you are close to the three score years and ten. What I was referring to was Sunday mornings in the pub, when all the results were known sitting there drinking and taking the piss out of each other. Laughing at your club laughing at my club and at each other in turn. Depending on who would say the daftest thing in defence of their team. You may not have joined in but it was genuinely funny. You seem to be living in a past that did not exist. Football fans have always gone to watch good games whoever was playing and may have crossed the village boundary line to do so. Every club has hardcore support. You may fit into that description but you should be less judgemental of who watches City play. I do not discriminate against anyone at Old Trafford. I don’t subscribe to the snobbery that goes with it, there has got to be a first time for everybody. You may think your pointless views have proved something but you have commit yourself before anyone will give any time. There are non so blind as those that will not see. In other words, Exchanging views with someone like you, is like nailing a fart to flag on a windy day. You can have the last word. It’s unlikely to the best. I’m having more fun having the crack with the liverpool mob. They do have an Identity. Sorry to clutter ya page Murph. Just gonna put a bandage on me pointing finger.

          1. Joe, fair enough, mate. Like i said, I’m glad I misread your comment. Just a couple of points before we part company. I am judgemental in who wants to be a City fan, don’t think it’s a snobbery thing though. First time at the match, fair enough, but at least watch your own teams. Funny how they always choose the (most) successful isn’t it. They’re the ones who disappear when your/their team slides down the divisions. I had a new face sat next to me in the 70s/80s, turns out he was a lad from Cheltenham who had been a Leeds fan but decided to support City from that season on ‘because Leeds are shit now and i couldn’t really start supporting Man U’ (his words, i would never, like you, call United ‘Man U’). I think you’ll find that what I was doing on this blog was the internet equivalent of “sitting in the pub when all the results are known”. Sad thing is I never put anything that isn’t completely factual and I never insult United as a football institution. I noticed your tone and style changed from your first post where you mention CITEH, DICKHEADS and BELLENDS to a much more reasoned approach. Anyway, fair play to you, Joe. Sorry if we got off on the wrong foot and (sincerely) Good Luck to you this season. The best times in my City supporting life were when City and United were probably the 2 best club sides in Europe (albeit for a very brief time) and me and my United mates had the best time ever and were firm friends throughout.

  12. Just got in from work. Kelloggs in Trafford Park if your interested. Citeh is how it’s pronounced in my bit of Salford. So your misguided rant is of the mark again. If you ever define a Manc accent it would be historic. Because The Proud City of Manchester, had at the last estimate, over Two Hundred languages or dialects. I’m beginning to wonder to if you have a mild form of Xenophobia. You know, the thing that was acceptable in the ‘good old days’. Anyhow hope this helps untangle, what you have for an opinion. Futures JR

  13. How come you don’t spell United in the same way ie phonetically ‘your part of Salford’. Put away your xenophobia insult, i think we all know what’s meant by a Manchester accent so stop with your nonsense because you haven’t got a clue who i am. Come back at me with a cogent reply and i’ll take you seriously. Funny isn’t it, how both you and Joe Leonard have got a lot more bothered in insulting me with my reasoned argument and bare FACTS than with the City fans who contributed to this particular blog with a load of the shite that now passes for ‘banter’ between fans. Please also, Gurney, bear in mind that if i ever need the help of someone who tries (desperately) to imply that i’m racist/xenophobic to “untangle what i have for an opinion” and comes out with the other assorted nonsense that resides in your head then i’ll top myself mate. I can assure that will not be happening. Oh, just noticed, you didn’t actually spell City as ‘citeh’ originally but you were small minded enough (surprise, surprise) to spell it with a small ‘c’. Would never dream of spelling United with a small ‘u’ or Reds with a small ‘r’ but there again i’m not bitter unlike yourself. How come you don’t answer any of the other dozen points i made rather than come out with your pathetically made-up accusations? You sad little man.

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