High Sixes All Round. Manchester, 11th of September 2011

Bolton Wanderers are proud Lancastrians, even though they’re now officially in Greater Manchester they stubbornly claim to be either Boltonians or Lancastrians, but never Mancunians, this pleases me no end. What I have found however is that if you get a boltonian in an English speaking country abroad, say Australia or the USA, they suddenly become Mancunians because hardly anybody in them countries have ever heard of the antiquated shithole they come from. Bolton to me is like a wart on the arsehole of Manchester, something like Croydon is to London.

United again ran riot at Bolton yesterday. After five minutes Javier Hernandez had scored and the game was over by twenty five minutes with the score at 3-0. United took their foot off the pedal until half time, but by halfway through the second half, had scored another two with Wayne Rooney wrapping a second succesive hat-trick for good measure. Everything was great about the result yesterday, the only complaint I have is I’m wondering how that cakey wanker, Kevin Davies stayed on the pitch after yet another lunge on Patrice Evra. Missing out on doing serious damage to Evra, he got Tom Cleverley instead

For yesterdays match, Bolton became yet another club to cut Uniteds allocation of tickets on the grounds of persistent standing. A lot of clubs do this, safe in the knowledge that the locals will buy the tickets denied to the visitors, only yesterday our dear cousins over the A666 (never has a road been more appropiately named) didn’t sell out the ground for the visit of (A) the league champions and (B) the team they claim to be their biggest rivals. Hopefully yesterdays thrashing by United will instrumental in their relegation at the end of the season, preferably trading places with Blackpool