A Rum Old Season – Southampton, 11th of May 2014

No other club could attract the a full house at Southampton for such a insignificant end of season game. No other club could take the volume (in both senses) of support to the other end of the country, that United took today for such a meaningless game. United fans decided that no matter what, we were going to have an end of season party today. The noise from reds was, apart from a five minute lull/breather in the second half, relentless. The concourse at half time was like an experience in a time machine which took us back to the ’80’s. In that respect, it was a reminder of The Dell, the decrepit old shitheap that Southampton used to play in. A toilet that was too small and which had only one entry/exit caused a crush and could’ve caused a riot if it wasn’t for well ordered and self policing reds. Inside there, the air was thick with tobacco smoke and other exotic aroma emanating from extended hand rolled cigarettes. The United calypso started half way through the second half and lasted until the end of the game. Reds at the bottom of the stand were dancing a conga, with news seeping through that Liverpool were losing and City being two up, the atmosphere was relaxed. Our biggest fear of Liverpool winning the title was not to be realised.

The United Calypso 

The match itself was bloody awful. A disjointed United salvaged Continue reading A Rum Old Season – Southampton, 11th of May 2014

The Liverbird Can’t Get Back On Her Perch, Manchester 16th Of October, 2011

The very first match I look for in early June when the fixtures are issued for the next season. Englands classico, Battle of the giants and God knows how many other tags this match has had attached over the years, these matches are anticipated between the respective fans like the Auld firm match in Glasgow is. No matter how mediocre the present Liverpool team are or how poor a match between United & Liverpool is, like yesterdays was, this is the biggest match in the English football calendar despite the protestations from Ashburton grove, Stamford Bridge or all the recipients of the new money that’s been laundered in East Manchester. You can’t buy or maufacture a rivalry like this, City now have a good team but the rivalry with them has always been (from my angle anyway) geographical, the rivalry that we’ve had over recent years with Arsenal and Chelsea is due them having good title challenging sides. If they didn’t, they’d be as irrelevant as Charlton Atletic, Crystal Palace or Fulham. The rivalry between United and Liverpool is, industrial, historic and meritocratic. Continue reading The Liverbird Can’t Get Back On Her Perch, Manchester 16th Of October, 2011