In Strange Times – Old Trafford 16th of March 2013

We live in strange times. Last weekend, the coldest one this year thus far, there was no sign of any of those blue and white scarves that were so ubiquitous last season. Perhaps those scarves like the team they showed an allegiance to is, to use the vernacular of the fashion fraternity, “so last year”. Fashion is a fickle thing and that trait is something that dovetails beautifully with our mustachioed blue cousins. The noisy neighbours have suddenly gone very quiet. You may not have seen any City fans for a few weeks, maybe even a few months. You may feel that they’re now truly doing a Poznan and singing We’re Not Really Here but fellow reds, it’s our duty as decent people and neighbours to knock on their doors or call their phones. Ask them if they want a paper, maybe some shopping or suchforth. Whatever you do, call them, remind them of the fifteen point gap constantly and laugh your fuckin’ head off. After the gloatathon (sic) of last summer, it’s the very least we can do. With City’s defeat/moral victory at Goodison Park, a very good day was compunded by the Leeds scum and Liverpool losing. It’s always a joy to hear both of them have lost no matter how far they’ve slipped down the footballing pyramid. Liverpool had recently enjoyed a couple of decent results. This meant that they’d had their 79th resurgence since they last won the title 23 years ago. I’ll repeat that, 23 YEARS. Rodgers must stay!

Today was the antithesis of the almost funereal and sombre atmosphere of last seasons final home game against Swansea, which was played in the immediate aftermath of City’s win at St James Park. That day, I went into town with Peter G and Neil Beale after the match and ended up getting hammered with good beer and even better company. For all that, it had a rueful atmosphere, like that of a wake. Today, walking down the Warwick Road, old friends greeted each other with hand shakes that were slightly more vigorous than usual. Old school United fans are generally a shrewd seen-it-all-before kind of crowd on a league run in but there comes a point, where even though it’s not mathematical, the league is as good as won and today that feeling finally came. The last time we felt this to be the case pre-Easter was in 2001. Last seasons collapse on the run-in was a sickener, particularly Everton at home but City plugged away with resilience and deservedly won the title due to Uniteds reckless, nigh on suicidal defensive play. After what I saw at Goodison Park today, that won’t happen again. City had a golden opportunity today to put some pressure on United. Roberto Mancini had been whining about United playing their matches first in recent weeks so today, with City having not lost in five weeks and having won their last five matches, they were up against a demoralised Everton side who seven days ago, were booed off their home pitch having lost 3-0 to Wigan in the FA Cup. City didn’t as much lose as they were outplayed by a side who played a third of the match with ten men. As things stand, United have to lose five matches between now and the end of the season and that’s allowing for the improbability of City winning every single one of their remaining matches. The matches City have include away trips to White Hart Lane, Old Trafford and Swansea. If City win the title from here with a run-in like that I’ll sing Blue Moon on the Saturday night karaoke in the Three Legs of Man on Stretford Road.

There’s a way of playing football which is demanded by the crowd at Old Trafford, basically entertaining, attacking and free spirited wing play is what should be on the menu. The truth is, we’ve not seen a great deal of that this season. How many truly great matches can you recall this term at Old Trafford? Tottenham last September was one (even though we lost), Newcastle on Boxing Day another and the Real Madrid game was a great match ruined by a referee who should have just worn a shirt saying “Look at me Mam, look where I am”! All said, they’re the only great matches I can think of from this season at Old Trafford. Todays match was more of the same, it was woeful. Reading are like Norwich City, the last league visitors to Old Trafford, a feisty and game side who play with plenty of heart and equal mediocrity. Today was the third time United had beaten Reading this season and it was easily the most nervous United performance of that trilogy. A moment of genius came from Rio Ferdinand on 21 minutes when, with the subtlest of chips past Garath McCleary, he set up Wayne Rooney who scored United’s winner via a deflection off Alex Pearce which looped over Reading goalkeeper Stuart Taylor. Just after half time and right in line with the linesman, Nemanja Vidic pushed Adrian Mariappa in the United penalty area which looked a certain penalty to me. Much to my relief, referee Lee Mason didn’t see it that way and this was the second contentious (if not wrong) penalty area decision to go United’s way today after the Marouane Fellaini handball in the 86th minute at Goodison today was incorrectly given as a free kick for City on the edge of the penalty area. It’s a conspiracy City fans I tell you, a conspiracy (wibble…wibble…wibble ad infinitum). Coming soon on your super soaraway ManUtdfansblog, some of the text’s and emails I received from City fans last summer.

19 thoughts on “In Strange Times – Old Trafford 16th of March 2013”

  1. There is a school of thought which says why the fuck didn’t we go for the jugular and spear the blue bastards on their own pitch last April, given how they’ve subsequently been exposed as a bunch of over hyped mercenaries who really are distinctly ordinary…

    That said, we may still have to play them twice this season, so perhaps they’ll get their opportunity to show quite how massive they really are.

    Regrettably no trophy will probably mean no Mankini either, and then they might get someone capable in which can only be bad news!

    In the meantime, it is indeed our responsibility to remind them of their shortcomings, plus those 20,000 empty seats.

    They think their moustaches are trendy.

    I think their Kicker boots are too…

  2. Biggest pile of shite I’ve seen since the rags signed Berbatov and we got Tevez (ha-ha). You call us obsessed and yet your pathetic blog is mostly about our 2-0 defeat at Everton rather than that shit your side turned up against Reading. If that’s a title winning side then no wonder there’s no English sides left in the Champions League. We’re on the rise, you’re going down. We might not win the title this year but the future is blue, get ready for it you sad rag bastard

    1. “We’re on the rise, you’re going down. We might not win the title this year but the future is blue, get ready for it you sad rag bastard”.

      That’s exactly what I was hearing this time last year before the post Easter implosion of United. Then, all your brethren was blaming Balloteli for costing City the title and Carlos Tevez for the unforgivable lack of respect shown to your club, who are you blaming this season? Kolarov? Brian Kidd or David Platt for being boyhood reds or perhaps it could be your entire team for winning the title then cruising on a complacent autopilot for this season because they won the title. How does it feel watching the custodians of your club fritter away half a billion pounds on a team of one season wonders? How does it feel to be the supporter of a football club owned by oil tycoon who uses it like a Golden retriever who’s stomach he can tickle?

      1. This season is just a blip, we’ll be back next season with a new manager and some new players and we’ll tear you apart in your own swamp of a ground again you smug arrogant bastard. If we get anything like the luck you’ve had this season, we would be running away with the title. The Blue moon is rising, United are in debt and your days are numbered. Get used to it dickhead

        1. Red Mond, translates into RED WORLD. Ask ya mam. dan the boohoohoo blue. Leading of with the MUNICH word does nothing but illustrate your inner vitriol. If you and your sort can’t do any better, please try harder. Munich is part of our history. You may remember, we beat them to win our second treble. The first of course was when we won a double, and the blubbers were relegated. You see, history can be fun. Your arrogant pal, Mustapha

          1. To be fair, Munich is also a significant part of City’s recent history. It was in Munich that their beloved hot necked Argentine centre forward refused to warm up when City were 2-0 down and desperate for their talisman to intervene. That may have been what he Danny may have been referring too. City fans were from the day they signed Tevez, singing songs about him and Munich, maybe the City fans have a foresight that would have Nostradamus purring in admiration, or maybe they’re just knobheads. I know where my money is

    1. Just watched that film Matt, it’s a belter. He’ll be a full blown window-licker by now or he’s probably done what most of his Stopfordian neighbours have done and buried that City shirt somewhere in his sockdraw.

  3. I’ve still got my blue and white scarf on Mancini style Tony… but only because it’s so bloomin’ cold!

    see ya soon!


  4. Which players house are your fans going to be hanging around outside this summer to terrorise when they hand in a transfer request? After the Rio Ferdinand and Wayne Rooney incidents over the past few years, I’m waiting to see who next is going to have their wives and kids frightened by them cowards who support you club. SCUM

    1. Gotta agree, going to anybody’s house to harass them over contract wrangles is bang out of order in fact going to somebody’s house or worse, a relative of theirs is out of order. I’m sure that you’ll agree that your blue brothers were equally out of order when, in October 1993, they went into a nursing home where the 80 year old mother of Peter Swales was residing to scare the living shit out her because they wanted her son out of his position of Chairman at Maine Road.

      1. Dave pisscock? Is that an anagram of buckscanary(a little in joke fuckwit). But thanks anyway. Where would we be without the likes you, spluttering through moustache, like brandy sodden old Major who cant find his f*&*ing soldiers. The proper football supporting blues, who tune in to this blog, and the’re welcome, must laugh at you twats, almost as much as we do. Going down are we.We’ll see who’s going down. When the Fair Play system comes in, and their money can’t buy you new toys, and the bus fair going up from shitsville, you’re rented building could be converted into a multifaith prayer house. Be honest with your self, the support at Tripers is a disgrace. No offence here to any proper fans. Great read Murph, you smokin man

  5. Good read Murph. Here’s my effort for a chant for when we play em at ours and hopefully it is still looking as rosy at it is now. In response to their “We’ll fight to the end” crap they keep spouting (as they’d given up after Arsenal last season going off the fans reactions and it was only our own demise that let them back in)

    We thought it ends in May
    We were right
    But you were shite

    The old Stevie Archibold/BA ad number from the 80s. Need a few old school chants back me feels :o)

  6. Alan Redmond absolute hero – moustachioed, Kangol wearing, Kickers polishing, Sherman ironing, Bertie.

    What part of Stockport is it you\’re from Redders son?

    Has your laser blue dish cloth got 3 stars Al, or didn\’t you progress that far as a trainee at the McDonalds drive-thru in Hazel Grove????

    Please tell us.

    Oh, and were you first on the hill at Ewood?

    Alan Redmond. Bertie. Leader. Legend.

    Found member of BASTMAS – Burnage & Stockport Moustache Appreciation Society.


  7. typical munich arrogance, we’ll see if you bastrard are still lauging in May but I wont give the league up for one. Yoyu go on about city having no history but you are no better than the scousers that you hate so much, your happy days are coming to an end you scum, enjoy it

    1. Danny The Blue,

      Magnificent contribution, welcome to the team old boy.

      Surprised you had time to spare, I thought you’d be busy polishing your size 15 Kickers, or downing your 15th blue aftershock of the night in the Rising Sun in Hazel Grove..

      What has made you so angry though?? Can’t just be this blog and a few rags taunting you surely?

      Oh, now I get it, the fare standard fare on the 192 has gone up to 45p. Nightmare! Fair play, I see why you’re stressed.

      Not trendy at all.

      Remember, it’s not too late to renounce your homosexual blue tendencies and come over to our side. You’re used to ridicule after all…

  8. Cheers Murph. Sounds win-win to me, either United win the title or we’re all heading down to Stretford for the kareoke! After last year (or 1992) I’m counting no chickens until it’s mathematically over, and on my calculator not dandruff-free Joe Hart’s!

    Not sure Rio ever handed a transfer request in. More porkies from the ‘Impeccables’.

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