We Are All Bitters Now – Manchester, 6th of May 2014

The most celebrated event for reds this week has undoubtedly been the misfortune of Liverpool in their last two games. Their good luck seems to have run out at the most crucial time of the season. I should perhaps feel sorry for them, but I don’t remember the scousers being too upset when United blew the league two years ago at home to Everton. Reds with longer memoies, like me for example, will remember the glee the scousers had in April 1992 when their win over United made Leeds United champions. With those memories still quiet fresh, their defeat to Chelsea and their outright implosion at Selhurst Park last night, where Crystal Palace tapped into the spirit of Istanbul if you will, had me pissing myself with laughter.

Liverpool fans celebrating winning the League at Old Trafford in March just passed, steady on boys…

It was said to me before tonight’s match that with our reaction to that result, in effect we are all bitters now. Perhaps we are but after the gloating of Liverpool fans in the last few weeks about their almost inevitable coronation as league champions, bollocks to it. Nobody but nobody gloats with self righteous vigour like scousers and watching their self important star midfielder, equally self important fans and their very good but despicably racist forward skriking on television last night was a sight to treasure.

Steve Gerrard happily reflecting on kissing the camera at Old Trafford. He wasn’t feeling as amorous towards the camera last night at Crystal Palace 

There was no sense of anticipation before tonight’s final home match of the season against Hull City. There was thousands of empty seats in a crowd that has yet to be officially announced. James Wilson made his debut and with his brace of goals, scored in the 31st and 61st minute, he made a massive impression on the Old Trafford crowd. Two minutes after his second goal, Robin Van Persie replaced the 18 year old centre forward. It’s hard to say what the future holds for Wilson, we all saw the fuss made out of Federico Macheda five years ago to know what can happen. One thing I can say with confidence is that in his 63 minutes on the pitch, he made a far more substantial contribution to United’s season than Nani, Marouane Fellaini and Tom Cleverley have come close to in their entire season combined. That’s the same Tom Cleverley who’s a 24 year old promising youngster and a man whom was once touted by people with a straight face, as a potential long term replacement for Paul Scholes.

Matty Fryatt scored the goal of the game in the 64th minute, beating David De Gea from twenty two yards with a belter soon after Robin Van Persie came on the pitch. Van Persie himself settled the match with a typical bit of opportunism which he’s renowned for in the 85 minute after some great work by player manager Ryan Giggs. In the second minute of injury time, Ryan Giggs came painfully close to scoring from a free kick, forcing a great save from Hull keeper Eldin Jakupovic.

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Adnan Januzaj takes a cormer in front of the Scoreboard End in the 7th minute

The build up to tonights match had the exact atmosphere as expected, an end of season dead rubber. Hull didn’t sell out their allocation and United certainly didn’t. United were desperately trying to offload tickets for this game in the weeks running up to it with an unprecedented offer of being able to buy five tickets per membership. During the game, there were rolling advertisement billboards offering people the opportunity to join the priority list for season tickets, in front of a substantial amount of empty seats, Don’t let anybody ever tell you that there isn’t a sense of humour at Old Trafford.

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Traditional players end of season lap of honour

Thanks to Lee Thomas for his help in writing this

15 thoughts on “We Are All Bitters Now – Manchester, 6th of May 2014”

  1. Anyone but Loserpool in my book !! And bang on about Stevie fuckin’ G, First thing I thought about when I saw him push the cameras away was, but you love to run up to the camera when you score at Old Trafford knobhead. It still galls me the amount of times he celebrated a goal in front of the many away fans at Anfield, especially United, cupping his ears and so on, nothing was ever said about it. The minute Nev the Red does it at Old Trafford in front of the Bin dippers, he got fined 3 bag of sand !!

    1. The thing with Neville getting fined was that it was down to a squealing Liverpool fan who was outraged (where have we heard that before?) by Neville’s celebration. Then we got all the usual bollocks about proffessionalism, role models, ad nauseum. The other thing, and this makes me quite proud of travelling reds, is that when we’ve had similar provocation from the likes of Gerrard and Carragher at Anfield and Alan Shearer at Newcastle, we’ve took it on the chin and have not gone crying to the police or the FA about it.

  2. The collapse of Liverpool is good news. Why? Because if City aren’t the best team in the league, then I don’t understand football. I like to explain things this way. How many players in Liverpool’s best starting eleven would be on Citys shopping list this summer? Two, possibly three. One of whom is more than likely, on his way to Real Madrid. Liverpool will not recover from this. The camera kissing hooligan is way past his best. The much loved racist on his way, the flash in the pan Sterling, will be a much marked man next term and they will not have the easy points they got off a very poor United. Yes the wheels have fell off their truck.

    1. Agree, my only thing is that if anybody can mess this up, it’s City. Even blues would ruefully agree with that, especially old school.

      If Liverpool don’t win the title this season then it will take them years to recover from it, especially having celebrated winning it for the past six weeks with the now notorious Gerrard huddle after the City game and that priceless quote of his where he said, (of all things) “this doesn’t fuckin’ slip now”

  3. You manc wanker. Obsessed by Liverpool failing coz your sad load of shithouses have been shown up for what they are this season. You can get back to worrying about us now you fool. Liverpool are back you twat

    1. Alright Bazza, did you by any chance buy a Bayern Munich scarf outside Anfield in 1999 just before United played them in the European Cup final? I hope you did because they were being sold by United grafters to the mugs that populate your shithole of a football stadium. Justice for scalped scouse scarf buyers is what I say. I’d rather walk alone, la

      1. Hey knobhead, how does it feel to be so far down the table that you’re not even in Europe next season?

        1. You of all people asking me that question? I notice that Liverpool haven’t had the distraction of Europe this season, that’s gone well hasn’t it?

          1. You, your team and this blog are full of shit. You know nothing about football you manc prick

  4. Poor little Bazza, he definitely poured himself his bowl of Coco Pops this morning… only to realise there was no milk in the fridge.

    Chin up Baz lad, next season is Liverpool’s season la

  5. This is from my holiday spec in Mauritius Murph sounds like you upset the bin dipper over here the local population is 75 United and the rest
    split between Chelsea and the dippers so have to beware of gloating too much in case one of then gobs on my plate in the kitchen ..
    All will be back to normal next season rest assured.
    Good blog as ever mate whatever that plastic twit says.

    1. Typical Manu fan, prawn sandwich eater who I bet never goes to the matches or did your private plane take you straight after last nites match you yuppie twat?

      1. Baz zard, you typify everything we know about you comical, cuddly tear stained cunts. Your rabid response to a balanced debate is, quite honestly, all we Reds have come to enjoy over the years. It’s much preferred to nailed golf balls, razored potatoes and cups of excrement you filthy bazzards have thrown in the past. The National perception your club, aided by a gullible media is sickening. Using the deaths and bereaved of Hillsborough to reinvent yourselves, is nothing short of scandalous. Heysel is also part of your disgusting history. But you slimy twats would rather it was left in the cupboard. Well tough shit pal. Us Mancs have got your number. And it will be aired every time you lot start another whinge fest. So Fuck Off you and eat rats. I’m rather fond of my prawn butties thank you very much. Great read Murph. Great Blog

        1. Fuck me that plastic is a jealous twat. It will make him more sick to know after 45 years supporting the Reds home away and in Europe, that through hard work not thieving, we have actually got a box .
          I bet he is the wannabe who never goes and spends his time reading United blogs instead of looking for a job.

  6. Great response Gurney Slade those disgusting scouse bastards who have been causing murder and mayhem for years and getting away with it and like you say the press run scared of them and paint them in a way that is so far off the truth it’s unbelievable !!!

    They are a sick and twisted club that is so jealous of our name and real history !!! They always have been and they always will !!! Now fuck off back to your rat hole on shitside Benny fuckin Hill and good riddance you scouse twat !!!!

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