Our Version Of Laurel And Hardy – Manchester 25th of March 2014

Sometimes and this is most definitely one of them, you have to just hold your hands up and admit that you’ve just seen your side outclassed. From literally the kick off, City were the better side. United were murdered by Liverpool the other week but at least considered the idea of giving them a game for the first half hour. United were level against City for just over half a minute tonight. United’s third touch of the ball was the centre ball they had after City had gone in front. A Samir Nasri shot hit David De Gea’s near right hand Stretford End post and out for Edin Dzeko. Not even Dzeko could miss from that distance although by putting the ball in the roof of the net, he had a good go at it.

City were superior in every department, Vincent Kompany and Pablo Zabaleta were imperious in defence even allowing for Kompany’s professional foul on Danny Welbeck. For that Marouane Fellaini was lucky not to be sent off for a blatant forearm smash into Zabaleta’s face on 29 minutes. In midfield, Yaya Toure and David Silva were up against the combined talents of Fellaini and Tom Cleverley. You have to laugh when you think about it, the alternative is to bang your head against a wall or go out and drop an acid. No matter what blissful hallucinations Ken Kesey’s favourite stimulant provide, Cleverley and Fellaini will never be fit to be on the same pitch as City’s midfield duo. It was fucking embarrassing watching our version of Laurel and Hardy up against those two. To give Fellaini some due, he did at least hit the target with a shot in the 23rd minute and not send the ball nine feet over the bleedin’ bar like he normally does. Oddly enough, I can only recall Fellaini working a keeper on two occasions in a United shirt and both of those times were against our second biggest rivals who just happen to be our neighbours.

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This result didn’t really come as any surprise. Only a blind optimist thought United were going to win this match. A lot of people, myself included, thought United could win this game should the right circumstances occur, but there was no confidence amongst time served reds who know the score of any other result than a City win. City are the best side I’ve seen at Old Trafford this season. United have been outclassed at Old Trafford for the second time in nine days. While City are the best side in England (to my eyes), next week sees Bayern Munich, the best team in the world, come to Old Trafford. The video below shows what they did to City during a sequence of play last September. Watching it makes me think that all under 18’s should be refused admission to next weeks game.


In the 52nd minute, Vincent Kompany was allowed a free header in the United box to knock onto Fernandinho from a Samir Nasri corner in front of the City fans. How Fernandinho missed that chance I will never know. Did United learn from that mistake and the subsequent let off? Did they fuck! On 56 minutes, Edin Dzeko made the score 2-0, He strolled across the United box unchecked to knock an easy volley into the Scoreboard End net. This was even more keystone cops defending from United with Rio Ferdinand, Phil Jones and Danny Welbeck all looking accusingly at each other. The goal, as well deserved as it was for City was still a sacrilegious one to give away. Dzeko, a centre forward that I don’t rate that highly is still gonna put the ball away if given a chance as easy as that. The most incredible thing is that United were still only 2-0 down on 89 minutes. Every time City went forward, they looked dangerous. Up until Yaya Toure making the score 3-0 in the 89th minute, I thought United had got away with a result that would’ve been unfair to City on the balance of play. City won 6-1 at Old Trafford two and a half years ago in a result that was a travesty (even though City obviously deserved to win actual game). The statistics will still show that to be a more emphatic result but anybody who witnessed tonight’s performance will know that this was the real pasting. United have to pull their trousers up and try and finish the season with some semblance of dignity.

David Moyes said after the game said United should aspire to play like City. There’s no doubt that City play good football but I’d rather Moyes aspires to play like United, that’ll be good enough for me.

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  1. Moyes is now a dead man walking, He does himself no favours with the stuff he comes out with. United should play like City … Liverpool are the favourites at Old Trafford. Unbelievable

  2. Moyes has to go. It’s not the defeats (although they don’t help), it’s the manner of those defeats. How many chances have we had against the top four teams never mind goals? Moyes has inherited an average and ageing side in key areas but has bought two players that we didn’t need for £70m, one of them was never good enough anyway. We are nowhere near the top teams. Mid table side with a mid table manager

  3. I thought Moyes’ luck was turning a corner, then when I saw who he selected to start in midfield he went down in my estimations. Cleverley has not had one good game this season, so how he could be selected against one of the favourites for the league is beyond me. I’ve got a sneaky feeling that we don’t want to qualify for Europe so we can concentrate on domestic competitions next season like the mickies have been able to this year. Either that or he is concentrating on the European Cup this season I know City fans passports are back in the draw for this season at least!

    1. I’m not sure we need to avoid Europe to concentrate on our mid-table battles next season. Believe me, this is not something that is going to turn around over night or with the appointment of a new manager…although we do need the latter and now would be a good time so he can have the rest of the season to assess as its a write-off anyway. (and let’s not kid ourselves we’ll overcome Bayern)

  4. The tide is turning against Moyes. That much is clear. What isn’t so clear is, who is responsible. At a club of Uniteds size, it never one man. But it’s gonna drop right outside his office door. He’s losing his fan base, if he had one. But the tolerant fan ( I include myself here) can not see a pattern of policy. They may well blow Villa away on saturday, but then what. Bayern. Up for it shows against mid table teams is simply not good enough. United seem to freeze against quality. Showing a lack of courage. The manner of these defeats is what get me most. There is some genuine quality at OT, but too many pretend Internationals. I will wait it bit longer before I spit me dummy out. But not too long. This about the future of United, Not any individual, Ask the very likeable Wilf Mc Guinness.

  5. Before we as Reds, start asking for the head of Moyes, we should establish some facts. It’s undeniable that United turn up only now and then. But the main reason most people are upset is because of the lack of midfield presence. Or the squandering of funds that will be needed in the summer. Well that situation has been with us for several seasons, before he came. And as for the buying of players, we don’t know enough about who sanctioned these signings. For Moyes to survive, he needs to stamp his authority, first of all on the squad. Then set about the real culprits of this fuck up. I, like all fans, want what’s right for us. But sack the wrong man, and you will end up with the same situation further down line. Tony Book at city was manager there loads of times. Then they got rid of him, hey presto, things changed for the better

  6. His general attitude really frustrates me. Coming out with comments like “we’ll have a go at them”when playing liverpool and “we aspire to be like city” are simply not comments you want from the manager. Hes got no winning pedigree. Hes come from a mid table side and brought his mid table coaching staff and his mid table views and expects the players to be happy with that? Videos of osman and jagielka being banded about the training ground to show the lads how its done? Is he for real??
    All this talk of transition is utter bullshit as well. A change of manager also happened at everton city and chelsea but they all appear to be getting on with things. For me, he expects everyone to immediately buy into his ideas which realistically are a complete opposite of the manchester united philosophy. We’ve become a laughing stock and it will continue to get worse.

  7. I have to agree with most of the comments above I like most Reds have started to lose confidence in Mr Moyes !!!
    Its his continued team selection of players like Cleverly and Young who are obviously not good enough !! The team play’s in a one dimensional way with no pace etc good players like Mata and Kagowa look average and ask for Fellani !!!

    Personally I would love a Dutch or German Manager someone who can inspire us and move us on to the next level !! A level I fear Mr Moyes will never each !!!!

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