In the cold light of day – Norwich City V Manchester United, November 17th 2012

I could be all philosophical about this. In the cold light of day, we are (give or take) a third of the way through the season and two points off the leaders, having beaten both Liverpool and Chelsea away and Arsenal at home. All said though, after this performance, pragmatic philosophy is of no comfort. I was convinced before the season kicked off that Chelsea and Arsenal were all talk and the title race was between United and City. The results today haven’t changed anything; Chelsea won’t win the title and unless United do something dramatic in January, say bring Roy Keane out of retirement or something akin, then this title race is City’s to lose. Man City, who have been having a post title winning hangover that we ourselves experienced in 1999 are, for all that, still unbeaten in the league. United have lost three times this season and for two and half of those matches, United’s performances have been a disgrace.



I was optimistic before kick off. United were starting with two centre forwards on form and whilst Norwich hadn’t lost since their 4-1 defeat at Stamford Bridge five weeks ago, I thought United would be too strong for them. United started with plenty of possession but it was still 20 minutes before a decent chance came when Patrice Evra couldn’t make contact with a free header. The only other chance for United in the first half came on 38 minutes when Ryan Giggs found Robin Van Persie with a brilliant pass but Van Persie couldn’t connect.

The United players came out early for the second half but it quickly became apparent that whatever bollocking Sir Alex Ferguson delivered at half time had no effect whatsoever. Norwich happily let United thread balls around the periphery of the final third without actually playing a meaningful ball forward. Rafael was the only United player who went forward with any intent of menace. The United performance reminded me of tactics that may be deployed in a Euro away; Monaco in 1998 or Real Madrid in 2000 would be a good example, when they were almost settling for a 0-0. This was all well and bad until the 58th minute when Anthony Pilkington found himself yards clear of his nearest United player. Chris Smalling (marker may be too generous a description…) Pilkington headed in Javier Garrido’s cross past a desperately grasping and blameless United keeper, Anders Lindegaard. As for Chris Smalling, this was the third goal in succession that United have conceded which I believe he was culpable for. You may have expected a siege on the Norwich goal from here on in, relentless pressure and such forth. That didn’t happen. For my money, Norwich’s keeper, John Ruddy, was the man of the match. That’s not because of the way he handled the United attack – there wasn’t one to handle. He was just in full command of his box and gave a good solid keeper’s performance.

In the second minute of injury time, Ruddy made his best save of the game when Norwich centre half, Sebastien Bassong, did what no other  player in a red shirt did this afternoon and that was nearly score for United. It was ironic and symbolic of a pathetically impotent performance that this was United’s best attempt on goal.

I can handle United losing. I can even handle seeing United lose to a staggeringly poor side as they did today, if it was just one of those days. I saw United lose enough matches in Ron Atkinson’s latter days and Ferguson’s early period to know that United don’t have a divine right to victory. What I find intolerable is the lack of urgency in a United team that is losing. At least when United lost 6-1 at home to City last season, they chased the match with an intent that was suicidal. Today there was no fight or apparent desire to pull the deficit back. I’m in the school of thought that Sir Matt Busby advocated to Tommy Docherty in 1974 when he said “If we have to go down, let’s go down with a bit of fight, a bit of style”.

I didn’t go to the match today. I tried to get a ticket but there was nothing doing and there was no way I was going down there on spec. I later found out from mates of mine at the game that there were plenty of tickets should I have wanted one. I’ve been to Norwich a few times before and it is a long, long way home at the best of times but to come home after a performance as toothless and spineless as that, my heart and respect goes out to those that went. The fans who went out there today will be lucky if they’re home before 2.30AM. Those United players out on the pitch today will probably be back at Ringway Airport before the pubs close tonight. They should hang their heads.

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  1. You conceited lot need to recognise that on some occasions you’re beaten by a better organised team. To call the oppositon staggeringly poor whenever you lose explains why united fans are hated the world over. Be gracious in defeat and people love you!

    1. Thanks for your comment Fred,

      Some opponents who beat United, like Tottenham, Everton and City in recent times have won through being a better organised side and more game side than United. Norwich are a poor side to my eyes and I make no apology for saying or thinking that.

      Spread the love brother, peace

      1. The thing is that every club has its own way of measuring success. One of the things I dislike about the Premiership and about clubs like Norwich is that for them, the success or failure of their season will be defined by a handful of games against ‘the big guns’ like United, Arsenal etc. They are highly unlikely to win anything other than (maybe) a League Cup every 20 years or so but now that they’re in a different division to Ipswich, they will consider a season where they beat us and Arsenal to be a success. I suppose it’s that mentality that makes this defeat all the more disappointing – that plus the fact that you know that a very average Dippers team went there and slaughtered them by 5-2.

        I was there last year and we got away with it; Scholes scored early and then we just played ‘rope-a-dope’ with them for about 75 minutes until Holt managed an equaliser. Then, right at the death, Giggs nipped in at the back post and filched a winner we scarcely deserved. No such luck yesterday – and frankly, we deserved nothing more. We missed Rooney’s movement and invention, Giggs & Scholes both looked their age and our central midfield yet again looked the make-do-and-mend affair that will probably cost us the title this year.

        Having said that, we’re not alone in this – for reasons I won’t bore you with, I was at West Brom yesterday with an Albion-supporting mate and they pulled exactly the same stunt as Norwich did on Chelsea, who eventually had to bring on all the big guns they were resting and still couldn’t contrive even a point. Naturally, I was happy enough at that stage to celebrate the David vs Goliath scenario, but felt quite differently in the pub a few hours later after watching our tepid display.

        I guess there are days when you just have to suck it up and let the media and the ABU’s have their moment of glory. As you say, what hurts far more is the manner of our defeat and the fact that Ferguson just blandly accepted it and praised their goalkeeper. Maybe he’s lost his edge as well or maybe he knows that our central midfield increasingly just looks like a busted flush.

        It’s no great consolation, I know, but as I said at the start of this, you have a way of defining your own success and what elevates us above the likes of Norwich is reflected in this morning’s headlines – when we lose it’s news and when we win it’s only us that care. Like the banner says – ‘Not arrogant, just better’. Well, most of the time anyway. And at least all our fans don’t all look like extras from ‘The Hobbit’……

        1. Rope-a-dope is a great way of putting the United performance at Norwich last season. Since Norwich got promoted in the summer of 2011, United have played them three times and whilst winning twice, each performance from the reds have been lousy. I can’t argue that Norwich deserved the win but I’m royally pissed off at the lack of pressure that United applied after going behind. Norwich’s defence is not that good as to be able to restrict United to hardly any decent chances for half an hour.

        2. I think your derogatory comment about being “Hobbit like” quite hurtful. I would love to fit into your lovely city to, as Eric said, “breathe…..stab……loot……grenade and shoot the police”. Damn these big hairy feet!!

        3. Dear oh dear you two need to get over yourselves and your supremely patronising views. Our season isn;t made or broken by how we do against Manchester United. Our season will be made or broken by where we finish at the end of it just as yours will be. Most Norwich fans were extremely happy with the win on Saturday mainly because it was an unexpected 3 points against one of the better teams. It wasn’t our Cup Final and we don;t get any more excited about a game against your lot than we do about Wigan at home. Sorry if our little “stunt” has upset you but such is life.

          In my supporting lifetime I think i’ve probably seen us beat Man U more times than i’ve seen us lose to you. For that reason your manager shows us a healthy respect that perhaps some of your fans would do well to follow. We are improving and deservedly beat you on Saturday. We didn’t even have to play that brilliantly because you weren’t that good but that was partly because we did not allow you to be that good. We were able to keep you at arms length because we now have a very good defence and our team has a fantastic attitude and work rate. Staggeringly poor teams don;t generally beat Arsenal, Spurs and Man United in the space of 5 games.

          1. Fair point, well made and what have you. I have never said Norwich didn’t deserve to win on Saturday, I think that’s universally agreed, my disgruntlement isn’t that Norwich have had the temerity to beat United, I’ve seen that enough times over the past thirty years, it was and is at the inneptitude of the United performance. Whilst I’ve seen Norwich beat United seven or eight times in my years of watching United, I’m intrigued by your comment saying that you’ve seen Norwich beat United more than vice versa, really ?

          2. Murph – not sure if this reply will appear in the right place but yes I would say so. When I say “seen” I mean watched live though. I suspect over the period of time you edge it as I’ve only been to games at Old Trafford a couple of times but my basic point was that for fans of my generation (mid 30’s) its not that amazing for us to see us compete with and/or beat Man United because growing up watching us in the late 80’s and early 90’s we did beat you on a reasonably regular basis.

            To be honest i think the only element of your blog above that I would take exception to is the unnecessary and provocative use of “staggeringly poor” to describe my team which I just thing is completely wrong and smacks of sour grapes. I took more exception to the comments from Andy Cooper who seems to find it irritating that “lesser teams” should have the temerity to try and beat teams like Man U and Chelsea. Simple fact is we don;t really give a sh*t about Man United. Football has now become so ruined that we can probably never hope to compete with you for the title again and what you do and whether we beat you is generally not hugely relevant to us or our season other than as a source of 3 valuable points. I would argue that the fact its come to that is not a good thing for us or for you.

  2. I’m in the school of thought that Sir Matt Busby advocated to Tommy Docherty in 1974 when he said “If we have to go down, let’s go down with a bit of fight, a bit of style”.

    Hear hear – these two lines sum it up.

    1. Thing is James, I got a text off our kid at 80 minutes saying “it’s as if we’re trying to tickle them into submission”, he was spot on. United’s attack yesterday reminded me of the Monty Python sketch for the Spanish inquisition where the punishments were the comfy chair and the soft cushions.

  3. Without sounding like an arse – it has been coming. Disappointing that its against a side like Norwich
    Whilst RvP has provided much needed excitement up front. It is the midfield were we lack. In the past weeks Anderson has looked something like a player and drives forward surely last night was a game made for him but sir Alex thought otherwise.
    The good news is we’ve qualified for the knockout stages and its QPR at home next weekend.
    One final footnote I keep reading ronaldo is unhappy – ah to dream!!

  4. Be gracious in defeat so people will love us. Piss off Fred. Looking at United play this season, I think the Billy Bingham (Northern Ireland manager) sentiment of going for the equaliser before the opposition score is something we should consider. Then of course, score again before they equalise our equaliser. I would prefer that to the current system. The away support though magnificent, should occasionally remind the shirts that are in fact losing. Shooting from outside the box when a team defends as well as they did yesterday, would at least have a veneer of respectability. I agree that kind of result has been coming. But it still hurts. Yours, in search of luurrv Mussy.

  5. Bizarre, you comment on how well Norwich did and how we are unbeaten in four games and then refer to us as a ‘staggeringly poor side’. Why can’t you just admit that Norwich where the better and deserved the victory as Alex Ferguson did. We have beaten Arsenal and Spurs for a team of our size and budget that is massive. We are not performing as a ‘poor side’ at the moment.

    1. That Norwich deserved the win on Saturday is to me, beyond dispute. That doesn’t suddenly make them a good side, it just means that United’s performance was abysmal. Norwich have done well to beat Tottingham, Arsenal and United, fair play but they are for all that to me, a poor side who are playing well above themselves at the moment. I have no bad feeling or animosity towards Norwich, for what it’s worth, I wish them well I just think that they are a staggeringly poor side.

  6. Have some dignity you ridiculous man. Just being man Utd is no longer worth a goal… you actually have to score one.
    It says a lot about you, that you have to make the ‘Citeh’ comparison time and time again. I think perhaps you spend too much time looking at other results and too little time focusing on the job at hand.
    Lets hope we can damage you title ambitions even more when we travel north with lots of your London-based fans.

      1. Perhaps you would care to inform me when ‘playing above themselves’ becomes playing an organised system designed to counter a threat?
        There is no doubt that you have technically better players and little doubt that you will continue to win trophies (albeit only at a domestic level) but I recall years of nothingness during the 70’s and 80’s before you sold your footballing soul, to any organisation, nation, group or individual wishing to whore the name of your football club.
        Lets have a little honesty here and admit that you didn’t know how to approach the game on Saturday. Perhaps there is too much confusion with the need to constantly and significantly switch systems for European and Premiership games? Just a thought.

        1. I remember the same years of nothingness that you refer to but what intrigues me is your comment about United selling their soul. All the top clubs, Norwich included, sold their souls (whatever that is) the day they all agreed to form the morally abhorrent premier league. I don’t remember anybody making a principled stance on that. Maybe I’ve got it wrong, maybe Norwich City have, amongst this mass dash for cash, kept their purity and original raison d’etre. I trust that since the formation of Norwich City in 1902, their goals have always been in association with “Kettle chips” and they were trailblazers as well by always playing some song over the tannoy immediately after they scored a goal a-la Middlesborough, Bolton etc. My apologies for my prior ignorance to the unsullied integrity of your club

          1. We’ve only ever worn green and yellow scarves for historical reasons.
            Our club is in safe hands.
            When was the last time you could say that?

  7. Andy, in peace and with respect mate, we don’t and won’t judge our season a “success” if we beat you.

    We lost both games to you last season but it was considered a success because we finished in 12th place and, in doing so, gave ourselves a platform to build on for this season, one which, after a shaky start under a new Manager and several new players, we are beginning to see come together. We beat you at Carrow Road in 2005 but that was never a successful season because we were awful for the most part of it and were relegated. Equally, Saturday’s win, if we go down, will mean nothing.

    As for saying we are a “staggeringly poor side” Murph, that’s unfair-I could say the same about MUFC based on Saturday! But you are not and neither are we. I get the feeling that you resent out and teams of similar standings place in the Premier League-derogatory references to the support and their appearance, thats taken as read, you’ve fallen into the same trap as everyone else there, so I can understand that tired reference. But moaning about how long it takes to get there-its the same for us when we go to you, and, like it or not, we WERE better organised than you on Saturday, we would not have won had we not been-we weren’t against Fulham, Liverpool and Chelsea and paid the price accordingly-we were against Tottenham, Arsenal and yourselves and won. QED. The proof is out there.

    I suspect you thought we would capitulate and give the game and points to you and are put out that it didn’t happen, not only that, but a “staggeringly poor side” outplayed and out fought you. I’m not ABU-I support my side and don’t have time to think or care less about any others-but when you deal out the disrespect as you have done here, its hard to remain impartial. We played well and won-and your Manager was big enough to declare it.

    And if having to play the likes of us, West Brom, Swansea et al is such a trial, there is always the much vaunted Euro Super League that you and the continents elite are always threatening to join. The question is, if that is such an attractive proposition and if we and our peers are such a twice yearly trial, why haven’t you all gone there already?

    1. Ed,
      I remember the United performance at Carrow Road in 2005, it was one of the worst United performances in my memory.
      Can you tell me where in my blog do I slag off Norwich fans and also, what exactly makes you think I’m moaning about the distance ? I’m merely stating a fact.
      Regarding your feelings of my apparent resentment, there is nothing I can do about that, I certainly haven’t explicitly said that and trust me, rightly ot wrongly, I’m a man who’s known for making his feelings explicitly known. Your right to surmise acurately or not is your privilege. To use the words of Voltaire, “I may not agree with what you say but i will fight to the death for your right to say it”.

    2. Ed,

      Can’t take issue with much of what you say. Actually, I think it was United who were ‘staggeringly poor’ on Saturday but that’s a train that’s been coming down the line for a few weeks now. Even so, I hold to what I say about the importance of beating clubs like United to fans of ‘smaller’ clubs – it’s the next best thing to F A Cup ‘giant-killing’ for them and once they get past the 40 point barrier and secure their place in the Premier League, it is the thing that they tend to remember from one season to another – that and the outcome of local derbies – which, for you, would be……West Ham?

      I have mates who support a range of ‘smaller’ clubs and I have heard them in the pub reminiscing about the day they beat Arsenal or United or Chelsea. I have even heard City fans – prior to their recent elevation to the plutocracy – talking fondly and too frequently of the day they whupped us 5-1 at Maine Road. No doubt if the day ever comes when we take Barcelona to the cleaners, we will be celebrating in exactly the same way.

      I think clubs set their own standards in this respect and because we have become serial trophy winners in the last 20 years, we inevitably set our sights higher than a team whose greatest aspiration is to stay in the division. Quite possibly it does make us arrogant – but it also means that we just expect more of our overpaid prima donna squad than we got from them on Saturday. We needed a bit more of the ‘esprit de corps’ and organisational strength that you displayed.

      I don’t know whether Murph is right to describe your team as ‘staggeringly poor’, but I do know that as things stand, in 9 out of every 10 NCFC v MUFC encounters, we ought to have the skill and the firepower to win the games. The fact that we failed on Saturday is, in my opinion, actually more down to our shortcomings than it is to your strengths. If that makes me sound arrogant, then so be it. I just see it as being realistic..

  8. This article sums up why glazer united are by a distance the worlds most hated team, you think you have a divine right to come to teams with less financial backing and stroll away with 3 points well you don’t, and if we are a staggeringly poor team what does that make you? if a club are defined by their fans give me a loyal bunch of bumpkins over a load of east end mockney plastics that make up the majority of your fans, your attitude is a disgrace and sums your lot very well, and why so many fans of other teams are loving seeing man city doing so well, they are the real manchester team and will be champions for the forseable future so get used to it!

  9. Having read the debate which is raging above I feel it’s time, as a right minded, sober, sensible & responsible match going United fan, to inject some balance into the equation.

    Norwich City deserved to beat United on Saturday. Fair play to them.

    Norwich fans are generally composed of illiterate, six fingered, own children eating inbreds

    Norwich aren’t a good team, they’re shit & perennial bottom feeders like them & Bolton Wanderers should be consigned to the nether regions of Division Two

  10. What an absolute pile of horse dung. Your manager was gracious enough to acknowledge that we played well, I’m sorry I must have missed your tenure as Manchester Utd manager. Chin up, on the bright side you are only 1 point behind Man City, not 2 as your article states. I’m sure you’ll be able to turn things around against QPR next week.

    1. Correct call, it is one point difference, thanks for pointing that out. In the spirit of conciliation, may I point out that dung is not the correct descriptive word for horse scat.

  11. The sheer arrogance of UTD ‘fans’ is hilarious.

    Many away tickets were returned because ‘the biggest club in the World’ couldn’t sell them!

    The train coming in from Manchester had its usual handful of away fans whereas the Cambridge, London and midlands trains were full of them.

    In the pub beforehand these ‘fans’ were suggesting how it would be 4,5 even 6-0 to Utd. The funny thing is, these people were right, Utd should have beaten Norwich heavily, the 20 years in the prem, the hundreds and hundreds of millions of pounds spent on transfers and wages, it should not have even been a contest. So of course it will be a big deal when Norwich win. Our whole squad would have cost less than Van Persie.

    The fact that some Utd fans called it Norwich’s cup final was hilarious… Our ‘cup final’ will be when Man City come to Carrow Road. THEY are the champions of England and therefore the biggest side will face, likewise Chelsea are the Champions of Europe and we look forward to that. The home match against Utd falls into a category alongside matches against Everton, Liverpool, Spurs and Arsenal as the pool of sides battling for 3rd place.

    1. It says something that even Sir Alec Ferguson could bring himself to acknowledge our performance, yet these plastic mancs think they have a right to win each and every game against clubs in the lower half of the table. Delusional really isn’t the word!

    2. MCO 83. Are you a footy fan or a train spotter. Having lots more fingers on your hands than the average Brit may give an advantage counting. But how the fuck can you be in several places at once. Loitering round railway stations may classed as good fun in scatsville, even pretending to count the opposition fans. If you have any pals, go to the pub, talk shit about football, and have a laugh. The standard of moaning on here, sums up why most savvy fans laugh at you lot. If finishing 12th is something to build on, you ain’t gonna be buikding very high. When United are challenging for cups, this season or in seasons to come, you lot will still fondling yourself while watching the highlights on MOTD, and being patronised by the crisp muncher. We’re gonna score 4,5, or six on Saturday. So take your mitten of and count ‘em. Great coverage Murph, spot on.

      1. Gurney,

        Bearing in mind the proximity of the train station to Carrow Road, it’s feasible that he was actually stood there doing a head count, then he’s probably gone down to the Compleat Angler and canvassed the views of reds in there and waddya know, we have the same old sweeping generalisations that Nick Hancock was peddling years ago until he was “gently” put right by a couple of reds on train back from Euston after a match at Highbury a few years ago. If it’s not that then the likelihood is that MC083 could be telling porkies. That’s where my money is, say it ain’t so, MCO

  12. Fans moan when their team lose, it happens, but why abuse the winners? When we beat Arsenal they were the same and even Stoke fans wanted to sack their manager for the shame in losing to Norwich, Stoke ffs. We are a bottom 8 team but not staggeringly bad. We had better chances than Man U during the game.

    You said Raphael was your best player. Where was he when Garrido had half the pitch to himself to put in a quality cross for Pilkingtons quality header? He had gone missing so Smalling had to go towards Garrido leaving the space for Pilkington. Smalling made a great block to stop Holt scoring after Snodgrass had easily gone past Ferdinand who to me was far the weaker of the 2 CB’s. Scholes is brilliant on the ball but his chase of Howson who missed a sitter was an embarrassment.

    Perhaps if you are not getting enough glory from Man U you should swap your allegiance to Celtic, they don’t have any realistic league opposition at all.

    1. Where in the quote below do I say that Rafael was United’s best player ?

      “Rafael was the only United player who went forward with any intent of menace”.

      My abuse of Norwich amounts to a desription of them being a “staggeringly poor side”, if you class that as abuse then that’s your look out. I’m to the way of thinking that you may be just a wee bit too sensitive, you need a bit of love.

      1. I think you like the sound of your own voice a little too much Murph.
        The only thing that is staggeringly bad, is your lack of good grace.
        If I’m being honest, I’m guessing that there are at least half a dozen teams capable of looking very ordinary in the Champions League and a couple who (dare I say it) will make you look ‘staggeringly poor’
        Take your medicine son.

        1. Coming from a man who has to date, made seven comments on this post, the irony of your opening comment is more delicious than anything Delia Smith has ever made. Come on now Buckscanary, let’s be having you

          1. Have the good grace to echo your manager’s sentiments.
            You were undone by a better team on the day. ‘Staggeringly poor’ was clearly a comment made out of frustration and bitterness and designed to generate a response.
            You, and people like you are the reason that many opposing fans actually take delight in watching you trounced by European club-sides.
            There is an arrogance behind your argument which has no logic or basis. You are carrying players who are playing on reputation alone and whose best days are long gone.

  13. Erm, hello, is no one taking note of my most important points here??

    Norwich are an entirely pointless team that no-one at all cares about, not unlike other eternal relegation battlers like Stoke and Aston Villa, but at least they do have comical fans.

    I have never attended a Young Farmers barn dance, but imagine my latest trip to Carrow Road was something roughly akin.

    Weathered looking peasants selling bunches of asparagus instead of burgers and fanzines, all rather quaint I have to say.

    Norwich played some neat stuff on Saturday and I re-iterate my point – they deserved their win.

    We wish them the very best of luck in their battle to avoid the drop.

    1. Would you settle for third this season Lionel?

      I fancy Man City to retain the title, they seem to be playing with a lot more flair than either Chelsea or United.

      That Ballotelli makes me smile, what a player! He can do things with a football that many players can only dream about.

      What do you think Lionel?

      1. Both sides will end up with no trophies this season and both will be in the Premier League next season… Norwich having spent around £10m-£15m on transfers and Utd having spent several times that.

        1. The outcome of trophies this season remains to be seen, you may be right but I’ve seen United in worse positions than this and win titles. As for Norwich, I’m not mithered one way or the other if they win something or not, as for going down, they probably won’t and I hope they don’t

  14. As a neutral at the game Saturday there was one very honest and hardworking ‘team’ on show and one collection of highly paid ‘individuals’ with a very large conceit of themselves. The ‘team’ wore Norwich’s yellow and green and it was heartwarming to see their collective commitment to the cause. I’ve watched football many years and support Derby County through thick and thin. Norwich are not a poor team by any stretch of the imagination. They are an honest and improving team of players who have come through the lower leagues – no disgrace in that either – and to a neutral its good to see an committed underdog play good football and have a well deserved win.+ If United supporters can’t accept that then I’m sorry but you reflect the problem of arrogance at your club……and surprise surprise your players share the same damaging traits of feeling there’s a divine right to success. It was great to see their total bewilderment and dejection as they came off at full time. Many thanks for such a great day Norwich and good luck for the season. Don’t worry about the sour grapes on here……it just shows how much you are getting to them.

      1. Told you last week what to expect from these shit kickers. Play United, get seen all over the world, then suddenly they are authorities on all things football. They talk about our arrogance. Do you lot read what you send. Small time bile at best. Us Reds turn up everywhere to support our club. All the time. Not just when a BIG team comes calling. Lionel, I’m taking notice. Always good for the craic. Don’t go near your bridge tho’. I think they’re onto us. Keep batting Murph, your wicket still intact. In spite of some wild bouncers. All too easy to see coming.. Predictable or what.

        1. Nice try Gurney, but you are making yourself look even more foolish than Lionel and Murph.
          You clearly have social issues.

          1. Gurney, this has got to be probably the most damning criticism you’ve ever faced. A man who’s made 11 postings on this blog without adequately getting his point across once has said you’ve got “social issues”. Is there anyway back from this ?

  15. This is great motivation for other teams to stuff you. Lots more teams like Norwich just looking and learning how its done. So keep digging the hole because from the evidence of Saturday your crew of self appointed ‘superstars’ are flawed and gutless when the chips are down. Enjoy.

  16. This blog is great motivation for other teams like Norwich to stuff you too. Don’t doubt that lots of others will have seen how easily its done. Get in the faces of your self styled ‘superstars’, knock them aside, put them under pressure for the 90 minutes and they soon show they are basically flawed and gutless. Their faces were a picture as they trooped off eyes down at the end and well worth the admission price alone. Enjoy. Man City are the most genuinely skilled side in the Premier, not you.

    1. Your scatter gun approach to insults tells you’re just a kid who has found time in between popping pimples. Try to figure out what you want to say and say it. Don’t be jumping at shadows you small time prick. You’ll wear your pinky out. Then you will have stick where they make new ones. Ask ya ma where that is. That goes for gary as well, you stuttering bone ‘ed. How dare the likes of you lot criticise our club. We do it much better ourselves. Cos we know what the problems are. Not one of these canary fans have come anywhere near saying anything but usual small town club cliches. Get back in your wirey home and shut the f@?k up. Love and peace man.

  17. Wow!
    Tony – I can access the website again – not sure I’m pleased or not! ; )
    As ever a good and “entertaining” read!

    (More comments needed from baggins!)

  18. Hi Guys! Well what can I say but “Ridiculous”.
    I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog today Murph and the comments made fans from both sides.
    Keep entertaining! Can’t wait for the next installment!! Love to Gurney xxx

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