From Serene To Surreal – Leicester 21st September 2014

Just in case anybody was getting too carried away after last weeks performance and result, this will calm down all those who were suddenly expecting a charge and challenge for the league. Whatever improvements occur over the next few months, title challenging sides don’t blow a 3-1 lead when beating a feisty pub side like Leicester City, no matter how unlucky the circumstances.

How it came to all this can be dissected by all but ultimately, it’s Louis van Gaal who is trusted to sort this out. After a sublime first sixteen minutes United were cruising with momentum gained from last weeks win against QPR. 2-0 up with a header from Robin Van Persie on 13 minutes and a brilliant chip from Angel di Maria three minutes later, Leicester looked lost and United looked like running riot. A minute later and Leonardo Ulloa was allowed a free header from five yards out with Jonny Evans and Rafael stood either side of him. Things calmed down for the remaining two thirds of the first half.

Three minutes into the second half, Falcao hit the bar after he was fed by Wayne Rooney. Nine minutes after that, Ander Hererra brilliantly diverted a di Maria shot past a helpless Kasper Schmeichel. This was the goal United to give a bit of breathing space. Now we could all relax as we expected United to see out this match with all the professionalism that teams managed by Louis van Gaal are renowned for. For travelling reds, things were about to get from serene to surreal. Boy were we in for a surprise!

Jamie Vardy first fouled Rafael Da Silva as they went for the ball on the left flank. With that foul having been missed by referee Mark Clattenburg, despite him being only yards away from the incident, Vardy then goes down like a sack of shit in the penalty area as Rafael went to challenge him for the ball. Vardy completely fooled the referee and he awarded Leicester a penalty which David Nugent smashed down the middle of De Gea’s net. Talk about falling for a three card trick? I look forward to Vardy getting the same vilification off the media this week as the likes of Ashley Young and Eden Hazard have deservedly received in more recent times for similar antics From there on in, United folded like a bad poker hand.

Three minutes later, former Inter Meelan midfielder Esteban Cambiasso smashed an equaliser hard and low to De Gea’s left hand corner for an equaliser after a Dean Hammond shot was inadvertently put into Cambiasso’s way. After the euphoria of the giddy Leicester City fans,*7,000 whom had come out of the woodwork for this game, United actually took control of the game in regards to possession. Things calmed down but we soon realised it was merely the calm before the storm.    

View from the away stand of Leicester’s identikit stadium (photo courtesy of Neil Meehan) 

Fifteen minutes later, former United defender, Ritchie De Laet set Vardy up for an easily slotted goal past a blameless De Gea with United’s defence nowhere. Leicester City fans shouted for five and got it four minutes later when Vardy fouled Tyler Blackett near the halfway line, only to yet again get away with it. Blackett fell into the same trap that Rafael fell into twenty minutes earlier and gave away a penalty on Vardy and also get sent off into the bargain. This capped off one of the most unbelievable games of football I’ve ever seen.


Suddenly boisterous Leicester fans after they’d made it 3-3 against Unartid (sic)  

Leicester deserved this win. To come back from two goals down with half an hour to play against anybody and then to win by two goals is impossible to argue with. The penalties won by Vardy have left a particularly sour taste in the mouth but looking at him in the grand scheme of things, he’ll never have another day like this again. Give it a year at best and he’ll be some forgotten no mark playing the second or third tier of professional football. Blackett is young and can be forgiven such folly. Rafael doesn’t have that slack anymore. He’s now 24 years old and should not be still getting caught out like this. What happened today is not the first time Rafael has fell victim to machiavellian skullduggery from an opponent. David Luiz of Chelsea lured him into a senseless sending off in May 2013. Frank Ribery pulled a similar flanker on him in April 2010 in a European Cup match against Bayern Munich, a team managed by of all people, Louis van Gaal. He’ll have to learn and learn quickly as I don’t believe van Gaal will tolerate this from what is now a senior pro United fans who travelled down here in the usual numbers have seen most things over the years, including losing two goal leads but never to lose so emphatically from such a position against such mediocre opposition. Next week, United play a West Ham side at Old Trafford who are buzzing off a very good win against Liverpool yesterday. Having seen what I saw today, I wouldn’t touch that match on a fixed odds coupon with asbestos proof gloves

*Figure based on Leicester City’s average attendance of 24,994 last season and today’s attendance of 31,784

Thanks to Lee Thomas for sorting the tickets out and Steve Gregory for the driving

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  1. You can’t take a defeat with any decency. This blog is full of one eyed bitterness from a typical man u fan who knows nothing about football.

      1. Well, for one, how many matches have you seen of Jamie Vardy? You seem sure that this was a one off and that he’ll be sent packing back down the leagues within a season or two. Why is this? Because you’re mad that he happened to have an incredible match against you, or because you didn’t know that he was an instrumental part of promotion season last year and this was his first start since his injury? Or perhaps neither of these options and you happen to possess more insight into a player’s talents than the people who have watched him play week in, week out for the past two years?

  2. How bitter are you? Man u came and were blitzed by an unstoppable City side and a passionate home support which showed your pathetic mob up for the gloryhunters that they are.

    1. Hi Lynex, is that your real name or have you used the moniker of that shit centre forward that played for your club in the 80s? Or could you be (please tell me you are) that shit centre forward that played for Leicester in the 80’s?

      My favourite bit though is the passionate home support you allude to. The thought of East Midlands people getting passionate is a pretty sobering one. People from your part of the world will say that the dog’s dead, the washing up needs doing or you’ve won a million on the lottery and they would say all three things in exactly the same tone of voice.

  3. Hi Murph. Great summing up. Them two twats have been waiting years to write on a BIG club blog. Try to understand. The glory hunting 7 thousand who topped up their usual meagre following, will still be celebrating that dubious victory, when we are challenging for Euro glory. Talking of which, will be in doubt if we give leads away, to crap like sunnerlun and leicester. We now know what we’re good at. But worryingly we now know what we’re bad at. Johnny Evans going off didn’t help. But the lack of cover for such scenario was startling, to this tele watching Red.

  4. Think we all know Trev and Lynex have been trawling the net with cock in hand for any write up against “Man U/re” and obviously Murph you’ve left them dangling so to speak with your write up.

    Spot on though in all accounts. The ref changed the game but the main concern is the capitulation to hard working but very shit Leicester team. I am hopeful that this is a wake up call for LVG and the new imports as the leagues they come from at 3-1 its time to start thinking of what tapas you are ordering with the el vino later in the evening but not in the Premier league once a full head of steam is with any team even a pub outfit such as Leicester’s.

    Some moments of genuine class though from the likes of De Maria (again) and Falcoa to give us hope for the future but we need to sort the back out and hope Herrera and Blind realise they need to stand up in games like this rather than go missing (weren’t the only ones by the way).

    United should be on everyones both teams to score bets this season

  5. We could go on all day on how poor some of these sides are. A two lead in Spain against a team like them, may be the nod to save yourself an unwanted injury. But in our first division it ain’t. You have to keep at it. No other league in the world has that depth of competition. A lesson for us in this I think?

  6. This blog is just ridiculous.
    Calling Leicester a ‘fiesty pub team’
    Blaming the ref (shock)
    Not excepting the fact you have a hopeless defence who vardy ran ragged until he left the pitch.
    And lastly you don’t even know who assisted leicesters third let alone your own third goal!

    Understand what your writing about before sharing a blog like this, but first learn to take a defeat without winging about decisions and understand your just not as good as you think.
    You got shat on.

    1. Ryan – As with the other two you seem to be pretty upset for a team that won. Is that how you lot celebrate?

    2. If only we had been ‘winging’ (sic) a bit better, we may have scored a few more goals.

      Altho my personal fave is ‘learn what your (sic) writing about’. Just pips the other corker calling ‘man u’ glory fans in response to those new 7000 fans for today’s irony award.

      Sold out v burnley yet (at a cheaper ticker price, i might add)?

  7. The bit about the dead dog is the most likely. They’re not known for hygiene around there. Never mind wash the pots and having a go on the lottery, is a pipe dream for the deprived of Leicestershire. You know the one that no one from elsewhere can pronounce? Now stand by for a history lesson from another boring numbster

    1. Funny you should allude to dogs and hygiene in your post. On the walk to the ground yesterday after parking just off the decrepit wasteland that is Filbert Street, there was a fair amount of dog ‘waste’ on the pavement on the approach. It was quite literally a shithole.

      1. Right, because Manchester is just a haven of joy, wonder and perfect hygiene right? This blog is absolutely ridiculous. Insulting a team because they are not a massive juggernaut that has dominated world football for such a long time is absolutely stupid. Not everyone can be a billionaire club with mega rich owners, over paid players and huge fan bases, most of whom, have never seen ninety minutes of football in their entire lives. You must remember, that when a club like leicester, who have just returned to the top flight, give passionate performances and fill out their stands, it is all in compliment of your club. We are excited to face the mighty Manchester United and try our hardest to show them what we are about. The players give it their all, the fans roll in and are louder than ever because we are playing one of the most renowned clubs in the history of football. It is all in compliment of you. But fans like you have no respect. Just because you are a bigger club, you speak about leicester, in a patronising and condescending was, and in the end, have to reduce yourselves to childish insults, all because you are salty about the fact that you got beat by little old leicester. Yes this was one of the biggest days in the clubs history, yes it is a much bigger deal for us than it is for you, no if we had done it to someone like palace, the reactions and hype would not have been severe, but do you know why that is? It’s because you are Manchester fucking united. We idolise teams like you, simply because you are brilliant (for the most part). But of course, you guys have got your heads so far up your own arses, blinded by the fact that you are a much bigger, and better club than we are, that you are unable to be graceful about the defeat. You have to be so salty because little old pub team leicester beat you, and beat you well. It’s embarrassing I know, but it happens get over it. I love united for the most part, but fans like you are what’s wrong with football. Insulting Jamie vardys career? Grow up lads. All the best for the rest of the season, genuinely hope you lot get top four and back in to the swing of being a huge force again. But please, stop being bitches about it, it’s not a good look. Peace

      2. There seems an overly large amount of bitterness lost the game deal with it because if I am honest this isn’t going to be the last time your going to get turned over.. by a pub team..getting personal about hygiene and coming from a place like Manchester is quite funny… you haven’t been to Manchester or you wouldn’t come out with such a pathetic statement..i will agree there were more fans at the game than there normally is..but it was to watch your super stars mess it up like they have up to now… your glory days are long gone deal with city are the only team in Manchester now…

  8. PS to Ryan. Rhymes with whine. The word is shit. You know, that stuff that keep your ears on different sides of your head. Don’t go all Gary (l)vinegar on us delicate flowers. Well done Murph. These bumpkins, it’s almost worth dropping points.

  9. Hi Murph. Good read as always. Shame though, I always had you down as a home and away Red who knew his stuff, so it’s a shame to find you are not. Still, good to know you have so many loyal Leicester fans as readers.

    As for the game, I was discussing Rafael with my mate next to me during the first half. He said he was glad to see him back, I said I hope he is not still a hothead. Shame my fears were correct (yes it was a foul on him and never a pen, but he was stupid to even go near him in the box as he was always going to dive from there).

    The collapse was quite something though, think we really missed a leader or some experience in the middle, but I suppose that is what you get with new players. Credit to Leicester, they smelt blood and kept going at us and the fans got behind them for the last half hour. But we should really have seen that out.

    Before the game I told locals who asked my prediction that I had no idea any more. Seems I was justified. But we would have lost 1-0 last year, with no sniff of a chance most probably. Many were positive post match that there is a plan and we can see it developing, unlike last year. Although I prefer Januzaj wide for the time being. Only surprise was the lack of pressure from us even at 3-3.

    Interesting times, see you at West Ham.

  10. Some people seem to struggle printing words of crudety. As if their mummy is looking. The word shit, comes from the upper German, schitten. As in ‘schitten mien hosen’. As some of these foxy types may well do if they gob off near OT, with same carefree abandon, they do in anonimity, on this blog. Look forward to that.

  11. Attendance v Everton 31,603
    Attendance v Arsenal 31,535
    Attendance v Manchester United 31,784

    Perhaps you can tell me where this extra 7000 fans came from just to see the might Manchester united.

    Calling us a pub team displays not only a lack of class, but also a lack of any kind of football knowledge.

    Perhaps you should look at your own side and ask why a “pub team” managed to stick 5 goals past you, or why a pub team nut megged three of you players in a 10 second period?

    Or perhaps even why shit player like Vardy seemed capable of ripping your defenders a new arsehole.

    You were beaten by a better TEAM who wanted to win more than you.

    1. Fair enough re the attendances, Leicester City fans didn’t as much come out of the woodwork for the Unartid match as have come out of the woodwork following the teams promotion. Still, give it a season or two and they’ll go back to where they’ve been yo-yo-ing from over the last thirty years. We’ll get it all SKY Sports with Leicester fans crying in the terraces because their team has just been relegated again and we can get back to the not thinking about Nottingham’s poor relation for another 10/11 years.

      As for Vardy, one thing I can say is that if he becomes any good, he’ll be out of Leicester as quick as Gary Linekar should a decent club come-a-callin’. Alternatively, he’ll (to use the words of Lennon & McCartney) get back to where he once belonged and bore all his mates for the rest of his life about his big day against Man U. I know where my money is on that one

      1. Tell me who Gary Lineker played for most in his career? Oh and who he scored the most goals for?
        One minute your saying Vardy will disappear into obscurity in a year now your saying if he comes good he will leave! Make your mind up you hypocrite!
        You have your captain acting like a lost angry toddler blaming all but himself for our third when it was his fault! Sort your own ship out before you slate others!
        Very bitter!

  12. my goodness me pass me that hankie, you have the stupidity to blame all and sundry for that defeat when you’re defence was troubled by pace all of the second half, and as for the penalties well I can recall a few red shirts falling over after a gust of wind hit them…take it on the chin, you have’nt a divine right to win games, this league is too competitive for anyone thinking like that.

    having said that DI MARIA goal was sublime in its simplicity but took only the best of skills to make it happen

  13. Just be gracious in defeat you reds. Your multimillion pound team shouldn’t cave in to a ‘pub’ team – talk about a lack of respect? No wonder everybody hates United and we’ll surprise a few this year. As for cheating Fergie, Ashley Young and even Mr Giggs – in the bedroom department – have been doing it for years. Poor old Shreck

  14. Lol, we are such bad losers.

    Leicester are nothing special and Vardy is no world beater but he tore Rafael and Blackett apart on Sunday. We can go on crying about Clattenburg or grow up and understand a shoulder barge is within the rules, a tackle from behind ain’t. Let Leicester have their day and accept we were outplayed in the last 30.

    At times we looked great going forward and I still back us to make the top 4. Plenty of football to be played yet.

    1. Crying about Clattenburg??? He was only mentioned by name once in the entire piece! (quoted below)

      “With that foul having been missed by referee Mark Clattenburg…”

      I actually think Clattenburg is one of the better referees, I just think he made a couple of bad mistakes on Sunday. If you look back on the thing, You’ll find that I’m far more critical about United than I am about the referee, but what do I do? Ignore the fact that Clattenburg fucked up? (still a decent ref mind)

      As for Leicester’s day. They can have it and I’m sure they did and by the looks of things, still are. They’re enjoying themselves by coming on here moaning about what I’ve got to say about them. If that’s enjoying their day then Christ knows what they’re like when they lose or get relegated. I suppose they mostly vanish when they’re back in the lower leagues where they belong. Looking at their attendances this season, compared to last, the evidence is irrefutable.

  15. Murph…very appropriate that this is the “ManUtdFansBlog”. You’ve summed yourselves up nicely here ‘pal’.
    Everton (H) 31,603
    Arsenal (H) 31,535
    Little Red Mascots (H) 31,784

    Those extra !100! supporters clearly still thought Man Utd knew how to stand up to a shoulder a barge and hadn’t become a Spanish mid-table team

    Have a little look back into your history to when you were in the second division mate. Have a close look at your attendances for a massive city like Manchester……. PATHETIC

    Our entire squad put together cost less than Luke ‘Fatty’ Shaw…..go back to furiously wanking over meme’s of Alex Ferguson shagging Beckham with a hairdryer running extra hot.

    Lot’s Of Love, feisty pub team supporter

    1. “Have a little look back into your history to when you were in the second division mate. Have a close look at your attendances for a massive city like Manchester……. PATHETIC”

      This is by a mile the most interesting thing you said. Any way, I took your advice and looked back at United’s average attendance in 1974/75 (2nd division). It was 47,781 and you won’t be surprised to know that United were the best supported side. After that Liverpool clocked in 45,966 but whatever else I think of Liverpool, they’ve always been well supported. God knows where Leicester was in the grand scheme of things. If I was around at the time, I could’ve probably worked Leicester out on an Abacus (seeing as you asked).

      Lots of love

  16. Leave them to it Joe, don’t upset him, he’s got school tomorrow and the other kids in Devon are probably taking the piss out of his shitty red shirt he wears while watching his mighty hero’s on the telly like the majority of plastic mancs.

  17. ha ha at least the majority of the fans came from Leicester. the sign that said you travelled 111 miles is a tad wrong.maybe a few of you but most would have come from London etc.
    just face it your shite and were well beaten,

    1. What do you mean by that? Are you saying that there are United fans that don’t come from Manchester? Nobody has ever said anything like that before

  18. This “blog” simply solidifies why every fan of the other 91 English football clubs despise you fucking lot… Youv e been getting the rub of the green for 20 years. It’s nice to see a ref break the agenda… And this pub team worth around 20 mill just spanked youre 200 million pound bunch of fuck heads.. Its Tuesday night and I’m still celebrating in my house that’s around 10 miles.from the KP… I’m pretty sure youre crying into your Cornish pasty somewhere near Bristol…

  19. This is brilliant. Infact, it’s so cliche of a plastic man u fan its almost too good. Any bad result and you just blame it on the ref or the opposition. Awkward that Vardy dived for one of the four goals. Yes, that means you let in four goals that Man u have to be accountable for. As for our support… our ‘boring… monotone…. non passionate’ fans outsang you on Sunday. Have another good weekend sitting in your armchair in London… (ironic that you says LCFC crawl out of the woodwork when we are doing well… eh?).

  20. A few points, Murph, which may have already been covered off in the comments.

    The comment on fans ‘coming out the woodwork’ is down the line incorrect, I’m afraid. Last Premier League season average attendance was 30,983 – and is only so low because of a 18,916 (against Manchester City, no less) when the game should have been cancelled due to weather. There isn’t a club in the world whose attendances would drop significantly after a period in the Championship, United included (let’s look at often lauded Leeds United, for example, who within two years being outside of the top flight had dropped 14,000 in average home attendance, or Nottingham Forest who dropped 7,000 last time they were relegated).

    Now, let’s look at the penalties. Vardy fouled Rafael before the first penalty; that’s a given, and a mistake from Clattenburg. We then have some terrible naivety from someone who should know better; he can’t challenge Vardy in the box there, and if that had happened the other way round you would be furious you weren’t given a penalty; that’s football. I’m curious as to why you highlighted the second penalty, though; there was no foul on Blackett (are you telling me Vidic or Ferdinand would have been muscled out by a relatively tiny Vardy last year?), and his foul was as clear cut as you will ever see. He has to go.

    As for Vardy; he is a good player. I would not be surprised, at all, if he gets capped for England. Bobby Zamora, Fraizer Campbell, Matt Jarvis, Jay Bothroyd, Rickie Lambert, Andrew Johnson, Francis Jeffers; even our own David Nugent; none of these offer more than Vardy, whose pace is absolutely electric. His finish was, put into the context of a man starting his first ever game in the Premier League and against the biggest club in the world, extremely well taken. Had he not gone down easily for the first penalty, you would have been sitting back thinking he looked like a bit of alright, even with that fucking hair.

    I’ll wrap up; this is not a pub team. Leicester City will be in the Premier League for a ‘long time’ – and by that, I mean three or four years, before a Newcastle, Everton, Villa come in for Pearson, and it all falls apart. There are at least two of that team, in Liam Moore and Vardy, who I would have money being capped for England in the next twelve months.

    1. I was furious at the Rafael penalty. From my point in the ground (at the opposite end) it looked like a penalty but the referee was closer to it than me. When I got home on Sunday night, I watched MOTD and as Jimmy Floyd Haselbank said, if that was a foul from Rafael then it was a foul by Vardy preceeding it. As for Blackett, he was pushed in the back prior to Vardy taking control of the ball. That’s a foul, end of story as far as I’m concerned.

      Apart from that, there’s no doubt that Vardy had a good game, if he’s still having games like that in six months then I’ll take back what I said. My money is on him being sussed out pretty soon after Sundays performance. We will see

      1. “Jimmy Floyd Haselbank said, if that was a foul from Rafael then it was a foul by Vardy preceeding it.” [I’ve not corrected your spelling]

        Read what Tom said. Every City fan will openly acknowledge that Vardy’s challenge on Rafael should have resulted in a free kick: Hasselbaink was stating the bleeding obvious. But the ref didn’t give it, and Rafael was stupid to make contact with Vardy in the penalty area: the fact that Vardy went down is largely irrelevant.

        I’ve watched replays of the build-up to the fifth goal loads of times, and Blackett was hardly touched by Vardy: he’s supposed to be a defender, FFS – someone should tell him to man up. And his foul on Vardy looked like sheer petulance – if he’d run on the inside, and Rafael had covered, I doubt if there would have been a goal.

        Your blog is, like so much of the comment from Man U fans over the past few days, unpleasant, mean-spirited and utterly lacking in class.

        I suggest you read the opinion piece published today in the Leicester Mercury: The last paragraph says it all.

        1. Thanks for bringing that link to my attention, I was wondering how over 4,000 people from Leicester had ended up reading this (I found out in my analytics)

  21. well I hope your sensibilities haven’t been too deeply wounded for these bad men Murph, I know who I would put my money on for the end of the season, chins up 😉

  22. Murph u sad fuck, I bet you still live with mummy at 40 years of age. You remind me of comic book guy. Love your posts 🙂

  23. From a Leicester fan…

    Man Utd were cruising till 20 mins and looking superior. The Vardy to Ulloa cross may have been out but it was 50/50 so was a fair goal to stand. Vardy undoubtedly fouled Rafael. The penalty decision was debatable but hardly a crime in itself, we’ve all seen them given for less. City then benefited from the morale boost and the third goal was partially a result of that. Man Utd’s defending was at best very poor, at worst shocking. Leicester played a very straightforward tactic, rigid formation, heavy pressing then counter attack. It was not World Class football but Leicester are not a World Class side and was entirely to be expected when a team stacked full of quality on paper comes to town.

    Man Utd are a better side on paper. Leicester don’t have a single out’n’out World Class player, Man Utd have several. I still fully expect Leicester to stay up, but anything above 12th would surprise me. Man Utd I expect to finish top 6, and top 4 is perfectly achievable, if not odds on. However Leicester deserved the win as bad penalty decisions are part of football and ALL clubs have to deal with them. But when you’re 3-1 up and you concede 4 unanswered you can only blame yourselves.

    That is my view. No doubt people will agree/disagree to varying levels. That’s football.

    However this blog is something else. The writer is a Utd fan, so bias is to be expected. I would no doubt be pissed off in the same scenario. I’ve no problem with that. But it’s so riddled with bitterness, untruths and fatuous insults it just embarrasses the author.

    The attendance comment (7k) is false. But regardless of that it’s silly. Virtually every club on Earth would have an attendance spike following promotion. You suggest the Burnley match won’t sell out, well I can inform you it has. No tickets left. Sure we have some fair weather fans, but I will assume no Man Utd fan would have the gall to criticise a team for this. This article suggests we had hardly any supporters, now we have loads. Drivel.

    The Vardy insults are just odd. Man Utd fans pride themselves on being multiple champions of one of the World’s best leagues. But Vardy scoring in it seemingly doesn’t count for as much when top players do. I saw there was no mention that Van Persie’s (an outstanding player) goal was deflected and would have probably been saved if not. I wasn’t annoyed by that, because it happens. But City’s goals were all lucky and so bizarrely resented.

    As for the Leicester are a pub side comment. It’s obviously a small minded bit of nonsense. But let’s look at how small minded. Multiple FA Cup finalists, multiple League Cup winners, the provider of numerous England stars and until a few years back one of only 8 English clubs never to have dropped outside the top two tiers.

    As for our players. We have European Cup, League and FA Cup winners and numerous internationals in our squad. Again, not the best squad. But no one is claiming we are. We are however better than the majority of clubs in England.

    Leicester are not a major club. We are nowhere near Man Utd’s stature or successes. But we have a proud history that is better than 85% of football League teams. If that makes us a pub league team then it, by definition either cheapens Man Utd’s stature or makes almost every side outside the top 6 ‘pub league’ sides.

    Be pissed off your club self destructed. Be embarrassed a weaker side on paper beat a side of galacticos. That’s fine. Point out that some of Leicester’s fans have gone OUT with the crowing. But that’s just a reflection of how high Utd’s stature is and a cause for pride, not bitterness.

    Just behave yourself author. Try not to get supporting your team confused with just being a dick. Easily done.

  24. I couldn’t get my hands on a ticket for this game, but I’ve seen Leicester beat Man U before and I’ll get other chances to see it happen in the future.

    I watched it on the telly and I have to say the first pen was a shocking decision, but I’ve watched the highlights over and over and I’m not seeing the supposed ‘foul’ by Vardy on Blackett in the lead up to the second penalty incident.

    Please enlighten me.

    In addition United are weak at the back and Nigel Pearson’s tactics were spot on for exploiting that. A deserved win for City.

    P.S. Leicester City’s attendances, stadium capacity and fanbase are larger than quite a few other Premier League outfits so I think referring to them as a ‘pub team’ is just sour grapes. Man up and get the fuck over it.

  25. As a lifelong LCFC fan, may I offer my sincere apologies for what happened on Sunday?

    As a newly promoted team, just finding our feet in the dizzy heights of the Premier League after a ten year break, we have clearly forgotten that it is Manchester United’s right to win every game, by fair or foul, no matter what, ever.

    Our players and management must have forgotten this regulation and as punishment all LCFC fans, players, friends, families and all Englishmen must suffer a prolonged period of winging, excuses and reasons why MUFC should not have lost.

    If we could just rewind the clock and have got the ref to blow after MUFC 3rd goal then the world would have been in peace. But since we cannot do this, maybe you could all just crawl back under your rock and shut up!


  26. Nice blog, nice account.. loved the “feisty pub side Leicester City” moniker.
    Broadcast on TV all across US & Canada – even on TV the crowd was electric from the start, travelling Red Army & Leicester home support.
    Amazing game, which showed the passion & excitement of the premier league. Let LCFC enjoy their day of glory (they played aggressively and fully deserved the come-from-behind win), Reds will have a good season with Falcao, Rooney, RVP and diMaria up front!

  27. Reads like the kind of whinge you’d get in a primary school playground from plastic Man U fans after a defeat. It’s always someone else cheating.

    Remember when Benjamin won that pen at Old Trafford it was the first away penalty given there in years. How many ‘dodgy’ decisions do you think United got away with during all that time? Needless to say Izzet scored it, so had to retake it until he missed.

    One of the main things you’re lacking now Fergie has gone is the intimidation of referees which you’ve benefited from for years.

    You seem to think Man U will be a massive club forever and Leicester a shit second tier side but football is cyclical. United were no more successful than us in the 60s and 70s if anything we were a more consistent top half side competing for silverware. United were shit in the 80s as were we. You’re obviously too young to remember life before the Ferguson era.

    Real United fans have had it with your new breed of supporter and all the anti England bullshit and converted to FC.

    1. I do remember life before Fergie. In the sixties United won, 1 FA cup, 2 league titles, and European Cup. In the seventies, 1 FA cup, and several finals. In the eighties three FA cups, if you include 1990. If not, two. Now, bozzy, kindly put your glorious record on here, so we can have look. So if your going to put on here, your FA cup final defeats, we had some of those too. Also finishing runners up to an excellent Liverpool side of that era. Well, we’re waiting

  28. This has got to be one of the funniestvthingsbi have ever read from an ever gracious Manchester United fan. Let’s cut to the chase that the ‘Mighty’ Red Devils were a shower of shite.
    I have never seen such a disorganised defence. None of them knew their jobs, and we’re squabbling like kids in a playground. You need to face facts that Leicester pissed all over you. Be gracious in your demise from forever being champions, to an average side. You can spend all the money in the world, but you won’t have the desire or passion like those lads at Leicester currently have. Teamwork beat hefty investment that day. As for Jamie Vardy… If I was England manager, Wayne Rooney would be replaced with someone who had a desire to perform, as well as actually performing, like Vardy. I find it astounding how the fearsome defence you have can get pushed off the ball by little Vardy, but the reason is, he wanted it, and they didn’t.

    Good luck next year, the Championship is a difficult league to get out of. Mind you, you’ll love Rotherham away

  29. Leicester have played Everton, Chelsea, Arsenal, Stoke and United, they have 8 points.

    United have played Swansea, Sunderland, Burnley, Qpr and Leicester. They have 5 points

    So not only have Leicester (a shit pub team) actually beat United they are doing better than them in the league having played much better teams. surely this makes you realise that you are not as good as you think you are and that leicester may be better than you are giving them credit for. That’s without taking into account the hundreds of millions of pounds worth of players in the United team and the 3 ex united players in Leicester’s ;).

    As for the attendance, it’s dissapointing that we sell out in the prem and not in the championship but that happens everywhere it’s a football problem not a leicester one.

  30. I think enough people have argued against this ridiculous ‘blog’ so I will not go over the same points again.

    However, I have noted that one fan said something about not hiding behind an anonymous internet identity and coming to OT and saying stuff. I don’t think that would be a problem; not a united fan that has the balls or strength to take me on I am afraid. I used to have some respect for your away support but their behaviour after the game – all big men and words protected by a police cordon – left me wondering what happened to you boys. Not only are you now shit, but you’re a bunch of pussies; please get in touch if you would like me to come and discuss this in person – the internet offers anonymity but is not my choice.

    Finally, I am not sure it was a foul by Vardy, Rafael went down like a sack of shit because he was weak and it was a shoulder to shoulder challenge. Look at Costa vs Kompany that same day; did Kompany go down under a harder challenge from a bigger player? No, he battled, won the ball and no goal was conceded. Same for the Blackett challenge, a referee could have called a foul on either one but it was probably 50/50 at best.

    your boys (supporters and defenders) just need to toughen up somehow and get themselves sorted. When you do that, you might win some games and earn some respect.

    Finally, (again!) you seem to have dropped a lot of points to ‘pub teams’ like Leicester this season. We seem to have more points having played Everton, Arsenal, Chelsea and Stoke (away). It is never going to happen in a million years but what if…….you don’t get any better and we don’t get mullered by injuries and our small squad? Would that make you lot a pub team?

    the kindest of regards,


    1. Monty, there are plent of people of my acquaintance, who would accommodate you and your empty boastings. So be very careful what you say, in print or out loud. As you say Manchester United, have support in every corner of this country. So if that is your real ID, ‘Monty’, the dogs of war will be on the case now. I suggest you don’t get physical. This is sound advice. No body wants that nonsense. Regards Joe

    2. Hi Monty. Think you might be referring to me. I was simply passing you and your kind, some advice. But resorting to threats of violence. You over estimate your ability. The chaps who would interest you, either can’t or don’t go to matches. For various reasons. GMP, figuring largely in this. But trust me, they will be available. They give no warning. Like your bullshitting self. It will just happen. Please take this advice, some of these fellas do it for fun.

  31. Presumably you were feasting on sour grapes when this was written? If the admittedly dodgy penalty hadn’t been given there is no way man utd would have held on for the win. Leicester would have continued to come at them for the remaining half hour and even a ‘pub side’ will eventually break a defence that had all the quality of an under 5s team. Your attack wasn’t a great deal better than that either once di maria went off. Van Persie spawny deflected goal aside did nothing all game, whilst captain Chav, on the few occasions he escaped cambiassos pocket, did little but shout and look angry although really that’s par the course for the useless tosser these days.

  32. Your city is blue! Your city is blueeee, just like leicester your city is blue!

    Oooooo his name is leonardo!
    He’s are number 23
    Yes he cost a fucking fortune
    But he scores goals and that’s alright by me!

    What a result! Still laughing at every man utd fan I see. Who cares what this muppet thinks in his silly blog. This silly man with his pathetic excuses! They never threw the game away, we took it from them! Hahaha 5 games 5 points! I don’t care what happens to us at the end of the season! The fact that we made you look abysmal will stay in my mind for a very long time indeed! Thanks for the 3 points hahahahahahagaha

  33. Remember away attendance also took into account, last season usually less then a thousand turned up, so it is more like 3-4k new fans, and Vardy is a very good player who I believe will shine this year. Not a foul on Blackett, foul on Rafael I will give you.

  34. We scored 5, they scored 3. We took the piss on Sky TV.

    Rooney was useless, all he did was moan.

    When the fifth went in, they f?cked off home.

          1. again laughable, as im sure you need some sort of sense to become millionaires, maybe they could lend you a few bob to buy some decent defenders 🙂 or you could always ask the famous Essex boy and Utd Fan Olli Murs ! x x

          2. “…as I’m sure you need some sort of sense to become millionaires”

            Oh really? So the size of a bank balance is a barometer to the sense a person has? That says more about you than it does about me.

  35. You forgot to mention the ref giving you 6 minutes fergie least our fans are leicester city fans you mugs have never even been to manchester .you will be buying leicester city shirts next season or will it be chelsea lol..can we play you every week

  36. I have never heard such one sided bull muck in my life.
    Like all Man u fans you expect things to go your own way all the time as the prima donna’s don’t expect supposedly lower more inferior opposition to be allowed to get away with what they do every week .
    I am reminded of the time Leicester played at Old trafford when 2goals up with 7 minutes to play allowed Man U back into it with the help of a referee who gave 7 minutes of Fergie time when what appeared to be a foul less game only to have a discussion with one of the one sided wonders spouting off that they (man u) had been unlucky.
    May I also note the referee on sunday gave 6 minutes of van gaul time for no apparent reason (words of Sky presenter)
    Now get over it, dry out your hankies and realise that the glory days may be over for a while and that some Pub teams can play football

  37. Murph is without doubt the bitterest and least knowledgable person on the planet!

    His blog shows exactly why ‘real’ football supporters in this Country; hate Man Utd so much.

    There are some many ridiculous points made by this joker that it’s blatantly obvious he’s not a lover of football and like many of the other so called Man Utd fans is blessed with such a tiny brainbrain

  38. Calling a blatant foul “machiavellian skulldugger” whilst stating Cambiasso’s former team as “Meelan” – pretty similar to spending 140 mil on a shirt, then forgetting about trousers.

    1. “pretty similar to spending 140 mil on a shirt, then forgetting about trousers”

      Could be a good call that but believe it or not, you’re not the first person to say it

  39. His comments are like that of a child at school.

    how many pub teams have a player who has won the champions league?

    how many pub sides have several international players?

    You are as embarrassing as your team and showing a total lack of respect to others; really just highlights you as the spineless, small minded glory hunting idiot you are.

    p.s why not let us know where you’ll be when we come up to old trafford, so you can insult us in person, or you could perhaps stop off at Leicester on your way up from Cornwall

    1. It would be a bit inconvenient to stop off at Leicester on the way to Old Trafford coming from Cornwall. It would be well out of the way and having been to Leicester a few times, I would rather go out of my way to avoid the place than to actually go there. Geography is obviously not a strong point of yours.

  40. right from the off. I would like to say that not only am I a Leicester fan but I am also a football fan. This person who thinks that Leicester are a “pub side” obviously knows nothing about football. “Pub sides” do not win championships in the emphatic style in which WE did last season. And as for the so called fans that came out of the woodwork for this game. Can I please remind you that average gates also include away fans. Of which not a lot of teams brought a lot of away fans with them last season. All credit to your fans for bringing as many as you did. Everyone who looks at teams without their tose tinted glasses on will tell you that LAST season Manchester United had a leaky defence. So what do they do in the transfer market. Go and break the club record for an attacking player. And then top it off with a 20 million pound loan deal for an injury prone striker. It was not difficult to see what the outcome was going to be this season. Yes you may have a lot of fire power going forward. But you still haven’t rectified your back line. No team can lose defenders with the quality of Rio and vidic and not think I need to replace these players or we are in trouble. Your current back line has no pace and no “FIGHT”. You were out muscled and outpaced by our front line. Then to try and compensate for this you give away two penalties. The first one granted was a bit dubious in the buildup. But. Like you are taught in school football. Play to the whistle. Rafael got annoyed he didn’t get a decision and then fouled Jamie inside the box. The second penalty was a clear foul inside the area by a desperate defender who couldn’t catch the attacker. The fact remains that you were out CLASSED in the 20 minute period by in your words a “pub team”. All fans around the country have had to put up with Man U fans gloating for 20 ish years. Getting dodgy decisions and just putting up with it. Now the tables have turned you suddenly don’t like it. BOOHOO. grow a pair and admit it United are not the force in England that they once were and this sort of result will happen again. More than once this season. You haven’t played any of the top six sides from last season yet. Sort out your back line or they will end up like rugby scores. Thanks for reading. Now I’m going to sit down. And wait for the reply which I know will come and piss myself laughing at the shower of shit that United have become.

    1. “Everyone who looks at teams without their rose tinted glasses on will tell you that LAST season Manchester United had a leaky defence…”

      Last season in the Premier League, United conceded 43 goals. The champions, Manchester City conceded 37. With a difference of six goals, That is hardly a leaky defence (although I concede it could be better). United’s problem last season was scoring goals, hence the (probably) top heavy spending spree on forwards this summer.

  41. This is unbelievably bias! One Leicester are not some bog standard pub team, they are a well managed TEAM not an assortment of players that can’t play together and play with passion and determination. Ok yes the first penalty was soft and it was possibly a foul but raffle should have been stronger from a defensive point of view and then not lost his temper. The second penalty however was never in doubt, there was a simple out muscling of Blackett followed by a reckless challenge which rightly deserved his red card. This blog is quite poor really.

  42. So many sour Man Utd fans that can’t take defeat you got bullied about by leicester cambiasso kept Rooney quite all game and bar rvps goal he did fuck all all game Utd fans need to take a look at your selves pathetic bunch you only sing when your winning and when you lose you moan like fuck haha muppets

  43. ok for starters man united are shit, they have always been shit, even when you won everything you were shit. the reason your team is where it is today is the 10 billion worldwide fans you have that pump more money than most people see in their lifetimes into the club.
    you have been the brand everybody wants to wear for the last 20 odd years, you had good times and bad times like every other football club. your time at the top came to a end when fergie retired, now its time for you to move over for the ‘pub teams’ who can actually play football.
    Leicester are on the up man u is on the way down, and i for one will be grinning from ear to ear when you eventually get kicked out of the premership to where you belong in the championship.

    we wont be a yoyo club anymore that tag will be take by you.


    few more years and all you glory supporters will be wearing different shirts, face it man u will never be the same without fergi.

    we didnt just beat you at the weekend we embarrased you as well as playing you off the pitch.

    and there is more to come, we will be taking 3 points off you again this season when we come to your place.
    get used to the fact that you are now a mid table side, if you finish above 10th i will be gobsmacked.

    enjoy the rest of your season you sore losers, and i think you need to learn how to take defeat on the chin.

    1. I think that your opening sentence sums up what you know about football – nothing! Either that or you are just completely blinded by media-created bias against Manchester United. In the 10 years you have been absent from the Premier League LOL!), we have won the league itself 50% of the time and also played in 3 Champions League finals, winning one. Oh, and since you were last in the league, it has changed name from Premiership to Premier League. But obviously, you were unaware as you were only concerned in the second tier if football.

      Again in your opening paragraph, 10 billion worldwide fans?! That just shows your lack of knowledge and complete ignorance because there isn’t even that many people in the world!

      Don’t you worry, Manchester United are not on the way down by any stretch of the imagination. If you had any idea of the club, you would know we are rebuilding and adjusting to yet another manager with a massively overhauled team. On the other hand, you have kept a consistent team for the past year or so, hence why you mounted a comeback, albeit spearheaded by the referee. I fully expect Leicester to play well for a couple of months but eventually struggle as the team’s fitness levels decrease. You’re playing in a bigger league now and you seem to think you are still in the Championship. Although you were there for 10 years so I’ll let you off.

      I guarantee Man United will finish Leicester. Anyone who says otherwise is deluded, and probably all Leicester fans.

  44. When you think about it, United were lucky to be 3-1 up anyway, 1st goal a deflected header that the keeper had covered before it hit the head of Morgan. I’m also sure there was a foul on Nugent in the build up to Di Maria’s goal, Blind pulling him by the shirt to let Herrera nick the ball and start the attack. Why are you not angry about that one?

    You then got a free corner that Rojo almost scored from, would United fans be complaining and blasting Clattenberg if that went in? I highly doubt it!

    The 3rd goal was all good though, as for Leicester, only the 1st penalty was dodgy and there is no excuse for the collapse after that went in. A lot of united fans are even saying De Leat should have been sent off, again if it was the other way around and one of your players were sent off for the same fouls it would be “very soft”. Some are even saying he fouled Mata for the 4th, how bias can you be? De Leat nicked the ball and he fell ffs!

    1. “You then got a free corner that Rojo almost scored from, would United fans be complaining and blasting Clattenberg if that went in? I highly doubt it!”

      I remember that and you’re right, it was a wrong call by Clattenburg which gave United a corner. What interests me is “when you say complaining and blasting Clattenburg”. Clattenburg is named by name once in this blog for two mistakes that I said and still say he made. I also said (in one of the comments) that Clattenburg is one of the better referees, he just had a bad game on Sunday. My focus was primarily on Vardy but while I wasn’t impressed with him, I can see why you and your brethren are. As disappointed as I was with the result and capitulation of United on Sunday (which I blame United for in the blog), the comments from Leicester fans on this blog are far more angry than I have been at any time after the match. That amuses me greatly

      1. I wasn’t directing it at you (or anyone in the blog) personally but comments from United fans after the game and not one was giving credit to Leicester, just wanted to put it out there!

  45. Shock and surprise, ManUre “fans” can’t take a defeat. Why do you think they’re Man U fans in the first place? ‘cos they picked them out in a Surrey school playground, when they were winning. They at least had some solitude from their pathetic little lives after all the Chinese burns and wedgies they were on the receiving end of, and as they wet their beds at night or wanked over a picture of their cousins, it provided a little ray of light that their team would win, oh the hollow victories to be had. King of all of these was a sad little, mouthy bedwetter called Murphy, how he longed for the days of the future when he could be a brave knight from behind a keyboard, of course he had to reach that time firstly, as even the teachers wanted to kill the smart arsed, sad little shoescrape. the present, still a sad little cardigan wearer. Manchester City are the dominant team in
    Manchester, Chelsea in England, should you be considering your options Murphy?
    Vardy went down in instalments after conning your little twerp in defence, nice one Vards, we’ll have that. United have won titles out of intimidating, conning and bribing refs, see how it feels now you’re shit. I didn’t see anyone handing City the corner that never was back. I’ll be thinking of you next time Ashley Young goes down like a United Girlfriend when you’re at the match. I get the impression United think they’re entitled to win by showing up, tough shit, you got done. When a team gets promoted it’s bound to attract a few more fans to see top tier football, but they are fans, I’ve never had a jot of respect for any muppets who say they support United, unless they’re from West Manchester. Your opinions as people don’t even count because of what you are. Murphy————– A Fucking Loser, next time, let us know where you are

  46. How many straws were you holding when u wrote this blog ?
    Why the massive blog and excuse finding ?
    Are you forgetting the corner that was given that wasn’t a corner for yourselves that Rojo almost scored from ? If that goes in are you on here after the game writing a blog about how lucky you were ?
    Or the deflection for RVPs goal !
    As for the passionate fan thing you utd fans are a detestable bunch chanting Argentina ???
    Ever heard of the Falklands war ?????
    Our fans piss all over yours needing recordings to get an atmosphere going at home games ! Embarrassing !!!!
    Cockneys outside our ground asking for spare tickets !
    5-3 mate 5-3 you can spout shit and blog in your bedroom all day and all night you lost so just deal with it !

  47. I’ve read this blog a few times. Where did this lot come from? Bitterness, badly informed, needlessly aggressive and so deluded. And they fucking won! Can’t imagine what would happen if they lost. Worse still if they ever won anything other than the laborious League Cup. Murph you have little to worry about if this the standard of argument!

  48. Very amusing blog, to be fair we would be finding any excuses possible had we thrown away a lead in such fashion last season.
    However I take issue with the slagging off of the city, whilst it’s no oil painting near the ground ( not many grounds are in posh areas ) to make a sweeping statement about a city, its people etc shows a lack of class. If we were to lower ourselves to the same level We could mention half of Manchester having to use an outside toilet up till the 70’s, the inherent drug and crime problems, bad soap operas etc.
    Yes you gave us the stones roses, hacienda etc but we gave the world the Attenborough brothers, not bad for a city covered in dogshit.

    1. The Stone Roses were good but I’ve reached saturation point with them, there were far better bands than them to come out of Manchester whom only got a fraction of their acclaim. Hacienda, overated, ended up being full of tourists though you could have a good time in there. The Boardwalk which was pretty close by was a better gaff in my opinion. Bad soap opera’s??? How dare you.

      As for dogshit, walking down Burnmoor Street towards the ground, there was an abundance of dogshit. I didn’t take any photographic evidence, you’ll just have to take my word for it (although you’re obviously not obliged to). As for the Attenborough brothers, what thanks did they give to Leicester? They became bleeding Chelsea fans. Salford gave the world Robert Powell & Ben Kingsley. Manchester gave the world John Thaw. All are (or were) good reds

  49. Great result for us on Sunday and I don’t agree with a lot of things said but not going to repeat whats probably been said already!

    Just one thing though, I noticed that you are adamant that Vardy fouled Blackett for second pen. Looked very similar to the tussle between rooney and tomkins last season when he scored that brilliant goal from past the half way line??!!

    Definite pen for that one. And a sending off. Got to agree that the first was very dubious!!

    1. I was and am adamant that Vardy fouled Blackett in the initial challenge for the ball near the halfway line. That Blackett fouled Vardy in the box seconds later and correctly got a red card is not disputed. I’ve read a load of pony from people on here about how Blackett should’ve been stronger. A push in the back is a foul and can knock the strongest man in the world off balance.

      As for the Wayne Rooney goal at West Ham, having just looked at it again, you’re probably right even if the angle on the link below isn’t conclusive.

  50. Sorry, got bored after the first few deluded responses. Fair play Murph, an empassioned defence of your team by a proper Man Yoo fan (you’ll have to bear with us, we don’t get come across many) but somewhat wide of the mark.

    A soft penalty for sure, but the fact is that we wanted it more. Your dismissal of Leicester City may make you feel better but it doesn’t alter the material facts, maybe if you’d have spent as long studying the game as you did researching our attendances you’d have found the answer that you’re evidently trying to bury – namely that, despite the ludicrous expenditure, United are destined for an extended spell out of the top four. Why do you think SAF retired?

  51. Leicester City in all their glory may seem like a pub team to you, but they know who they are and how to play. Manchester United are 50% over rated mercenaries claiming an extortionate wage compared to performance with the other half being a defence even a pub team would sack off. Jamie Vardy’s shoulder barge on Rafael was dubious at best, but the one on Blackett was perfectly fine. Not a very balanced opinion but then again who says it has to be.
    Maybe stop crying before you write your blog…. just a thought.

  52. Man United were dreadful and you go on about vardy diving but all he has done is play you at your own game and you dont lile it unlucky!!!!

    1. Congratulations Luke, you are the 100th person to have commented on this post, five days after the match ended.

      You should pick up a cricket bat and point around the four corners of the room/bunker you are in whilst imagining the applause you’d be getting off an adoring crowd.

      Now, here’s a little treat for you

  53. Grapes anyone?

    It’s a could job we’re only a pub team, a top team like Man City for example, would have put 10 past you.

  54. The funniest part of the day was when Leicester fans started mimicking those IRA-loving traitors from United with their own ‘Argentina’ chant after the Cambiasso/Ulloa goals.

    I notice the author took a photo of the family stand from a few yards away so it’s clear he was over chanting at the children on the other side from Leicester’s main end. Saying that United didn’t bring any lads this time for some reason (except 50ish ticketless who got themselves marshaled around Freemens Common by OB all day).

    7/1 on West Ham to win at Old Trafford today worth a punt.

  55. Just revisiting your blog. I noticed you said give it a year and Vardy will be some no mark. How did that work out for you?

    And our feisty little pub team top of the premier league.

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

    1. Welcome back Simmo and may I say what a pleasure it would be if I could remember you.

      Anyroad, I indeed did say Vardy will be some no mark and he has admittedly gone on a decent scoring streak recently. In fact, so decent is it, that he has broken a record which was held by Ruud van Nistelrooy and a record that I and the vast majority of my red brethren had completely forgotten about until Vardy got close to it.

      However, he has broken it and fair play to him and all that. Is it true that the scoring record has now joined the three League Cups and the 1971 Charity Shield on Leicester’s honours list?

  56. Guess what you Muppet?

    Since the last decent manager you had left (Fergie) Leicester City have spent longer on the top of the league than the boring shower of shite that is Man Utd

    Simply not scary anymore ?

  57. Man utd have come a long way in a year under van gaal, being able to hold Leicester to a 1-1 draw instead of getting pasted.
    your sour grapes looks even funnier one year on. especially your wonderful knack of spotting a talented player or rather your inability. who’s the no mark now?
    vardy eh?

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