Beeping Reliant Robins Back Down The M5 – Manchester 16th Of August 2014

Swansea took the lead with a goal from Ki Sung-Yueng in the 28th minute. The goal was in my opinion against the run of play but United had hardly run Swansea ragged before then. I don’t think Yueng could believe his luck at being left completely alone by Ander Herrera and Darren Fletcher dead centre on the eighteen yard line. He just gently knocked the ball into David de Gea’s far left post in front of a disbelieving Stretford End. Swansea’s winner, scored by Gylfi Sigurdsson on 72 minutes was also against the run of play but despite Swansea catching United on the sucker punch twice, I believe they were good for their win.

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Juan Mata lining up a free kick in front of the Stretford End (Photo courtesy of Neil Meehan)

United whilst having lots of possession looked clueless when attacking. When Swansea went 1-0 up, I couldn’t see where a United goal was going to come from. Wayne Rooney however did what any decent skipper and centre forward would do and equalised in the 53rd with an overhead kick from a Phil Jones header. In the recent past, United would’ve been expected to pick the game up by the scruff of the neck and go on to win. Last season however changed that presumptious expectation. United certainly attacked with more menace after the equaliser. Rooney was unlucky to hit the post with a free kick in the 65th minute, with Swansea keeper Lukasz Fabianski well beaten. When Swansea scored the winner seven minutes later, United’s defending was hilariously naive. When Wifried Bony took a free kick near the halfway line, Chris Smalling was woefully out of position and Phil Jones was still in the Swansea half of the pitch! Out of nowhere United were stretched badly and as I watched through my fingers, chaos ensued in the Scoreboard End penalty area. Ashley Young attempted to handball the incoming Jefferson Montero cross having been caught out by the attack. With Young having luckily missed the ball, Wayne Routledge slipped onto his arse whilst still managing to cross back to Siggurdson, who was unmarked from eight yards out to score a goal straight off the training ground.

Juan Mata about to take a fee kick in the 25th minute in front of the Scoreboard End which forced a near post save from Lukasz Fabianski

After that United tried to get back into the game without appearing to know how to. There was some bad luck, Rooney got in the way of an Adnan Januzaj shot in injury time and further still, United were denied a certain penalty when the ball hit Angel Rangel on the arm from a Januzaj cross.

Until January the is year, Swansea had never won at United in their one hundred and two year history. Now their tone deaf fans from Cardiff overspill which is only known for being a place where people get their driving licences from, have taken their beeping Reliant Robins back down the M5 twice in the last nine months with a win from Old Trafford. Some might say it would be churlish to deny them their due credit but I disagree. Swansea fans may not be as bad as Aston Villa fans when it comes to half wit quota but they give the brummies a run for their money.

As for United, when all’s said and done, it’s only one loss and whatever else happens I would ask my red brothers and sisters not to panic tonight. I’m confident that this side is too good to go down.

11 thoughts on “Beeping Reliant Robins Back Down The M5 – Manchester 16th Of August 2014”

  1. You arrogant manu fans can never take a defeat with any good grace. It is well known and it is why the whole country is enjoying your downfall.

    1. Whining about a penalty decision that wasn’t given in injury time, typical manu. Blaming the referee when they lose, they can’t seem to accept that they are now shit

      1. Alex, by the whole country, presumably you mean Wales. Who’s ever cared what anybody from Wales says? Most people who don’t come from the UK think Wales is a region of England anyway boyo

  2. Put your dummy back in. Your shit team and even worse fans got all that they deserved yesterday. Man U are finished and I am loving it.

    1. This idiot talks about Swansea taking the lead against the run of pay, twice??? He does not have a clue what he is talking about

  3. You think you’re funny with your stupid comment about reliant robins on the M5? Man Us fall is music to everybody’s ears and it is through arrogant bastards like you that that is the case.

  4. Cardiff overspill??? What are you talking about you stupid man?
    This blog is full of shit written by a typical manure fan who knows nothing about football. Typical gloryhunter, he will be a Man City fan soon and hope that nobody notices. Wanker

  5. Arrogant? Dummy? Stupid? WHy all the negative comments? What’s arrogant about having to watch through your fingers at your team’s demise (again) to the driving licence capital of the UK? Good honest piece, they’re probably too good to go down, but is LVG ‘plane-proof’ or another dead man walking? Too early to say doubtless, but I look forward to your future posts.

  6. Cheers Murph.
    Yep, a bit flat and directionless yest, but i think the players are still learning how van gaal wants to play. And if you believe the stories from Moyes’ time, it may be a while before they shake off their past attacking hesitancies and restrictions.

    Januzaj looked good and prepared to beat his man, but wing-back didn’t suit him. To me the pen looked an elbow and was 50-50 but there you go. Althoug i’m not sure why the whole defence were backing off swansea’s sub like he was maradonna or someone?!

    As for the fans, i couldn’t hear ’em apart from talking about how they were all gona be sacked today (unemployment high there is it?) and a bit harsh on the town- it is also known as being a ‘pretty shitty city’.

    See you at Burnley.

  7. Well Murph, you manage to do what United couldn’t do. That get behind the defence of Swansee. Even when our team play shite, it’s always good fun taking the piss out these small time, small thinking leek munchers. But you got that bit wrong about the ‘Cardiff overspill’, it’s not that good. But instead of taking that compliment, them numpties with the made up names… started whingeing. What the f?@k will they be like when they get into their relegation battle. Things can only get better for us. But them, who really cares. Certainly no one outside their squalid little back water.

  8. Good to see the season and your blog back, Murph. How dumb I was to believe you when you said that United have a far less strenuous start this time!! Had I been in hibernation for the last 5 months and woken up today, I would have believed that we would still be playing under David Moyes. The football and the result were so similar to last year. Hopefully Van Gaal knows whom to bring in and where to strengthen, and we will see much better days. Sitting here at Bangalore, India, and watching the match on TV (switching occasionally to watch our cricket team being battered by Alistair Cook, of all men), it appeared that there were a lot of vacant chairs at OT. Was the attendance really less?

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