Tremendous Scenes Brian – Manchester 17th May 2015

The footballing silly season has already commenced. Constant speculation about David de Gea’s long term position at Old Trafford (clue, there isn’t one), Jake Livermore of Hull Tigers has tested positive for cocaine and this morning, the Daily Star had a front page lead about a player who had been keeping his teammate’s wife company. But none of that could beat yesterday’s drama.

This is a moment where rivalries are transcended, a moment where the football family come together to pay tribute to a legend. Steven Gerrard’s passing (particularly to his own goalkeeper) has been the source of many tears, and it’s with great sincerity that I send my condolences to our friends at Anfield at this testing time… Oh hang on, word has just got to me through my earpiece that Gerrard is alive and and well. Well, thank fuck for that. Such was the recent coverage that I thought he must have died. Tremendous scenes Brian.

The hilarious press conference that Gerrard gave the other day was of such magnitude that it dwarfed the historical context of Jesus Christ’s Last Supper, which brought the league title race of Anno Domini 33 to a close at Easter (this by the way is why so many football pundits think Easter is instrumental in the league title race). So Gerrard is, like Jesus Christ, resurrected. We can rejoice that this iconic ‘one club’ man says farewell to his Anfield flock before he…er…goes to play for another club. Anybody who has ever seen the film or read the book, The Leaving Of Liverpool, will know that it is a classic tear jerker. However after what I saw at Anfield yesterday, the story can be torn up and completely re-written. Gerrard, a very good midfielder, was sent off (no, not in that way you cynic) with a fanfare that Liberace would’ve thought excessive. The only thing missing was Elton John on the pitch with his grand piano at full time, singing Title In The Bin, his latest re-write of Candle In The Wind (“Goodbye Stevie G…”)

On this day, of all days, SKY Sports announce this. How could they do such a treacherous thing?

Liverpool’s loss to Crystal Palace in Steve Gerrard’s testimonial (it was, wasn’t it?) meant that United are now mathematically sure to finish in the top four this season. City’s win at Swansea in the early afternoon kick off meant that the highest that United could finish was third. If I was taking a harsh look at this game, then for my money, United have blown a good chance of a convincing win against a quality side. While Arsenal started well, a bit like City did a few weeks ago at Old Trafford, United soon got a grip on the game and should have been well in front come the half time whistle. As it came, United had to settle for a one goal lead with a brilliant finish from Ander Herrera after some great work from Ashley Young, a player who is clearly playing with a lot of confidence at the moment.

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Players end of season lap of honour in front of the Stretford End (photo courtesy of Neil Meehan)

Arsenal were their usual selves with the ball. Skilful and comfortable in possession but against a well marshalled defence like United’s today, they never looked like scoring. That all changed when Louis van Gaal, for some mystifying reason, took Marcos Rojo off in the 73rd minute for Tyler Blackett. The same sequence of substitutions saw Vitor Valdes replace the injured David de Gea and Theo Walcott come on for Héctor Bellerín. I would’ve been a lot happier with Rojo being up against Walcott rather than Blackett. Suddenly, Arsenal started to look dangerous and it was no great surprise in the 82nd minute when Walcott forced Blackett into scoring an own goal. Yes, it was jammy, and yes, it was bloody annoying but after that substitution, it had been coming. After this, I thought if any team was going to win this game, it would’ve been Arsenal.

Robin van Persie came on for Radamel Falcao in the 60th minute. Falcao played with plenty of effort, something he has never been found wanting for but, yet again, judging by the amount of times he landed on his arse, he looked like a player who had been kitted out with the wrong boots. Van Persie, predictably, received abuse from Arsenal fans, who displayed their usual lamentable lack of imagination in their insults towards him. They also came up with a very perceptive chant of “You’re gonna win fack all” towards the end of the match. The fact that Chelsea are both League Champions and League Cup Champions (© Glen Johnson) and United have been knocked out of the FA Cup by Arsenal themselves means that ’tis indeed true. United are going to win fuck all, but not to worry, a cup would’ve been nice this season. To me, speaking from an old school perspective, it would’ve been preferable to fourth place but if I had been offered this at the start of the season, I and I believe the vast majority of Reds, would’ve taken it.

17 thoughts on “Tremendous Scenes Brian – Manchester 17th May 2015”

  1. Mutphy/Slade,

    In France we watch this game in the pub with a packet of crisps and a cheaky smile.

    For 60 minutes we maked the midfield tryangle of Herrera Mata and Fellaini ok. Then we lose control.

    Arsenal is a massif bag of shit. Giroud is moving about as quickly as my Great Dane dog who name is Molby.

    Last night I see a guy in a shell suit falls over in the pub. This remind me of Stevie Gee the scousing bastard.

    See you all in Europe in August.



  2. The manc obsession with Stevie goes on, still jealous and bitter that we’ve had the best midfielder ever at our club and you all you knobheads can do is talk about him. Even that french wanker has to make a mention to him. Stay obsessed

    5 times

    1. Hill,

      You dirty thieving rat munchering scousing bastard.

      Don’t forget Bro, you should not be racism towards people from France as one of your best ever player, Didi Hamann, is French.

      1. Ha ha, Didi Hamann French? Hes Finnish you knobhead. You havent got a clue and Gurney slade, how bitter are you? Typical manc lover who nows nothing about football.

        1. Oh dear, to use Poker vernacular, it looks like we have a live one here. I’m beginning to wonder who’s winding who up 😉

        2. Hi Baz. Not bitter at all. I save my energy for match days and genuine title challengers. Which next season I think United will be and you crumby lot won’t. Fact. When Sterling leaves, (his house is up for sale) you’ll struggle to find any invention in your ranks. The ‘Stevie G’ brand is all about himself. He is using you lot to pump up his profile and while the BBC et al play along, it will inflate itself and blown egg all over your collective faces. No not bitter. When I think of Bill Shankly, A bona fide legend of the game, then take another look a you lot, it’s not bitterness, it’s a kind of sadness. I can live with. Because most United fans have your number and no amount of insulting behaviour, scouse style will change it. Your dreams of winning the title are as far away now as they were when Souness left. You know it. You just can’t face it. Hence the fakery going on at your ground celebrating a quite good player. Come on, let’s see what you’ve got. More name calling one assumes. Get fucked. Legal that one Murph. Lovin’it just loving’ it.

    2. It was driving me mad. The building up of Gerard was annoying. I thought a great statesman had passed away. They put his achievments up on the screen, in the news, on sky, and MOTD. I was shouting at the tv Paul Scholes and Ryan Giggs, they were not mentioned. The media seemed upset Liverpool did not do better for his sake. We at Manchester United have been talked down all season. Pundits like Alan Shearer talking up others annoying.

      1. To be fair, it was nothing surprising. When has Alan Shearer ever said anything interesting? He’s that boring that when he reads a bedtime story to his kids, they fall asleep before he opens his mouth.

  3. Baz Hill, the first to bite. Obsessed? More baffled. The fact that a once famous club, could make such fools of themselves. A one club man leaves for another club, to a send off that should have embarrassed him, he stood there, hard faced as only a scouser could, and milked it for all it was worth. And then some. Was he grateful to Brenda? Was he fuck. He told any one who would listen, that when he gets his coaching license, he’d be more than happy to take Brenda’s job.

    On the day that Paul Scholes was voted the best midfielder in the same time lapse, was he parading his kids for media gratification? No! He just got on with his life. But he’s a real one club man. Not some self promoting hero that won some cups, with all his team mates just watching. The fan base at Liverpool have really gone down in my estimation. I would love it, just love it, if he came back as the fans choice, and make a complete bollox of it. In the same way that dog leash did. You remember him? One of the best friends of the one/two club fake. You know him. The one *** ********* *** ****** ** * ******** **(edited for legal reasons) in Southport. Then he did a Wenger and saw nothing. Yeah you know him. The one that hatched his plans, then got his old teams in the medium of TV, to get him some backing. Yeah that’s him. And all those gullible and self aggrandising went for it. While the rest of footballdonia, pissed them selves when he blew the Torres money on that fuckwit Geordie. You know the one. The one that makes Gazza look like Einstein. To paraphrase the great Oscar Wilde, if you can look at the down fall of Liverpool without laughing, you must have a heart of stone. No, not obsessed. Just having a fucking good laugh. Next please. PS a great piece murph. You got underneath the skin of that phlegm thrower nicely.

  4. Re the game – would have been great too get 3 points and put a real sweat on the Gooners for the Sunderland game. It’s a shame that Wilson didn’t get on to replace Falcao, would have liked to have seem him legging it at the Glummers central defenders. I thought that was the best game from Herrera, lovely to see his speed of thought when taking possession and laying it off.
    As for Baz, poor sad delusional. Has Gerrard been one of the best midfielders, undoubtedly, better than Scholes, no way, dream on.

    1. Anybody who remembers Graeme Souness or Terry McDermott playing for Liverpool would find the whole thing risible. Not only is Gerrard not the best midfielder ever, he’s not even the best midfielder Liverpool have ever had. In fact come to think of it, he’s not even the best scouser I’ve seen play midfield for Liverpool. Jimmy Case was, he was a better player, a harder man and he’s a more decorated player with medals. The mind boggles…

  5. Is that Baz Hill taking the piss. He’s falling head first into this. I think he must be United supporter having a little fun. He accuses people on here of knowing nothing. Then proves he knows nothing. He’s taking the piss. By the way if he’s not TTP, what is he doing on here in the first place? Is he ‘obsessed’ with our opinion of their little party, for a player who served them.

  6. You know what I think Murph, I think we need to do more to encourage opposition fans to come on the blog and give their opinions.

    Some of the informed, razor sharp analysis from fans of feisty teams such as Norwich and Leicester has been memorable, but rarely has someone with as perceptive a take on the game as Baz ventured into these waters.

    Fair play to him, he makes a string of excellent points, this man clearly knows his onions.

    As a reward for his musings, I have penned him a song, first aired in the Anfield Road section one Sunday afternoon late in March….

    Are you any good at singing Baz?

    If so, join in mate! The words are not at all difficult to get the hang of.




    I know you’re probably busy doing whatever it is you and your mates do on a Monday night, probably robbing your own grandparents, stealing slates off the church roof, or slow cooking a rat, but if you get chance practice it a few times and then maybe send in a clip of you performing it.

    As I say, cheers for your contribution, you are always welcome here old boy.

  7. Murph,

    I think you’re being a bit unreasonable on Gerrard. He’s a great player who played for the same club for 17 years. I was there on saturday and we celebrated all that he gave us. What’s wrong with that?

    1. I don’t think so to be honest. If you think that all that palaver on Saturday was justified then that’s your lookout and I have to respect it, even if I found it laughable.

      I’ve no problem with clubs celebrating long serving players and there’s no doubt that Gerrard has been a great player for Liverpool. Allowing for that, I’ve heard people saying recently that he’s only second in the pantheon of Liverpool’s greats, behind Dalglish (now he was a player!!). I think that’s a load of bollocks for reasons I outlined in a previous comment.

      As for the abuse Gerrard gets off United fans, to quote the gospel of Matthew (26:52), you live by the sword, you die by the sword. He knows the score, he doesn’t like us, we don’t like him and that’s fair enough. We could go all soppy on him leaving Liverpool and talk about him in a respectful best of enemies type of way, but who the bleeding hell wants that apart from pious BBC reporters?

      I can tell you this, when the likes of Silva, Aguero and Kompany leave City, I could probably talk about them being fantastic footballers (which they are) and be reasonably magnanimous about it. That’s because (despite their best efforts), they haven’t got up United fans noses like Gerrard has. If anything, that’s something for Liverpool fans to celebrate, you don’t want us to be nice about you do you? That will be the time to worry la

    2. To be fair, the crap that occurred on Saturday was not the fault of the match going mickey. It was the television companies. The nonsense served up by them was embarrassing. To everyone in English football. The only mistake the fans made was to fall for it. They bathed themselves in flood of bull shit. But who can blame them for that? They’ve not had much to celebrate lately. I doubt if Sterling will get a similar send off. But like Gerrard, he is a one club man……….for now.

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