Joined The Choir Invisible

According to the fourth estate, the early part of Summer saw Manchester United rocked by Harry Kane staying at Tottenham Hotspur. We were shattered by David de Gea’s imminent departure (he hasn’t gone yet), snubbed by Paul Pogba and had more links than Houdini’s chains. United have been preparing, readying or launching bids for Uncle Tom Cobley, whilst at the same time getting rid of Paul Scholes’s replacement, Tom Cleverley… (having written that sentence, I suddenly had a choking fit).

In early July, Nani left United for Fenerbahçe. The Lisboan arrived in a huge fanfare of expectation in the Summer of 2007; some people claimed that he was better than Cristiano Ronaldo… (oh Christ, I’m off again). Nani looked like Michael Jackson but played football like Janet Jackson. A player of undoubted skill occasionally, he will always be remembered by me as a winger who took worse corners than Mads Timm and whose crosses would’ve been comfortably dealt with by a blindfolded Jim Leighton. To use the words of Brian Clough, he floated like a butterfly and he stung like one.

A seminal moment from Nani at the Estádio do Sport Lisboa e Benfica da Luz in 2010. Cristiano Ronaldo turned Gerard Pique inside out, his exquisite goalbound shot from was gliding over Iker Casillas’s head and into the net. Nani decided to add the finishing touch, from an offside position. Ronaldo’s reaction was priceless

Another player joining Nani in Kadiköy is Robin van Persie, who has left United after three seasons. He came to Old Trafford having turned down a better offer from Manchester City (quelle surprise), and Continue reading Joined The Choir Invisible

No Pleasing Some People – Manchester 22nd November 2014

This was a great win for United. Lucky, very lucky but a great win, and the luck has been overdue this season. Arsenal can (and knowing them, will) moan endlessly about the referee, Mike Dean, missing Marouane Fellaini’s push on Kieran Gibbs. This in turn led to United’s first goal, and then to Wojciech Szczesny’s rib injury. They will, like Match of the Day, conveniently ignore Jack Wilshere sticking his beak into Fellaini in the 30th minute. This was twelve minutes after Wilshere had sniffed at a chance of putting the home side in front when one-on-one with David de Gea.

United fans celebrating outside the stadium after the match

The longer Arsenal went without scoring, the more the anxiety rose within their team and supporters. United, with an inexperienced and makeshift defence, were in a state of siege in the first half. David de Gea was again outstanding. When United went in front with a Kieran Gibbs own goal in the 56th minute, the home side and fans visibly lost heart. The goal, which came from an Antonio Valencia ball which he just clobbered across the Arsenal box, was as comical Continue reading No Pleasing Some People – Manchester 22nd November 2014

Always Hurting The One He Loves – Old Trafford November 10th 2013

I sometimes think that the London press faint in orgasmic hypnosis to the words of Arsene Wenger. If you believe the press, you could easily imagine Wenger at nightime sitting serenely in his personal oak panelled library at his house in Totteridge, digesting Richard Feynman’s thesis on Quantum Physics with a background ambience of Bach’s Brandenburg Concerto No.5, whilst sagely sipping a glass of 2006 Bourgogne Chardonnay. Wenger is calm personified, an economics graduate from Strasbourg University and a man who invented modern urbanity. He also, for an educated man, talks an awful lot of bollocks. Continue reading Always Hurting The One He Loves – Old Trafford November 10th 2013

1-2 to the Arsenal – Manchester United V Arsenal 3rd of November 2012

What a mad week it’s been. First we see United for the first time in donkeys years get positive contentious decisions at Stamford Bridge. Chelsea themselves make a stand on racism, Chelsea of course are a club who’s supporters are well known for their passionate views on racism. We had Arsenal on Tuesday night taking part in one of the best matches I’ve ever seen as a neutral. I’ve only ever twice seen a match where teams recover from a four goal deficit and both of them games have occured in the last two years and both have involved Arsenal. On the same night as United played Chelsea again at Stamford Bridge in the League cup there was a report of children in Royton, Lancashire instead of being given sherbet dip whilst out trick-or-treating, were given Cocaine. Jack Wilshere’s rehablitation from a fifteen month injury lay off continued and also stagnated today when he was sent off two minutes after Patrice Evra had score what turned out to be the winning goal. Wilshere was given a second yellow card for a tackle I believe was a red card in its own right. Halfway through the second half, Patrice Evra had shown Uniteds wasteful forwards how to put the ball away when he headed United into a 2-0 lead. By that time, United should’ve been out of sight. As  it happened, Arsenal were outclassed and only with literally the last kick of the game did Santi Cazorla give the score a far closer look than merited when he made it 1-2 to the Arsenal

Doubled up: United got the second their performance deserved when Patrice Evra headed homePatrice Evra makes the score 2-0 on 67 minutes Continue reading 1-2 to the Arsenal – Manchester United V Arsenal 3rd of November 2012